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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Valentine's Day Card from USA

V-Card, Postcard and little gifts
After I joined the project "Letter of the Months 2014" as posted in my previous post, I have received some letters and postcards from USA. This Valentine's card and some gifts are from one of the new pen-pals. Her name is Lana.
As I written about the Double Valentine's Day in the Letter of the Months forum, I received a V-card from her then. I think it is so sweet of her. Besides the card, she also sent me postcard of Arizona, some lovely stickers and cat pictures. Moreover the stamps on the envelope are beautiful too. I like them very much and I also thank Lana very much for the letter. I was surprised to receive the mail. :)
Anyway, I have written a reply to Lana and hopes she would receive my letter safely and soon. Then I could hear from her again.
Lastly, I would like to thank Lana again for the lovely mail. Thank you!!! ^.^

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  1. Hello! Your lovely letter and gifts arrived yesterday. Thank you very much. I have a return letter ready to post to you. See you in your mailbox. Lana