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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Boy is here!!! :)

22 July 2013 at 16:24 BST was the happiest moment for the Prince William and Duchess Catherine due to she has given birth to a baby boy who weighing 8lb 6oz at London. All the family members of the British Royal Family and the fans of theirs also feeling happy to the couple for this moment i believe. No doubt, i am also feeling happy for them, would like to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!!"
This Royal Baby Boy would be the third line of the throne. I think his whole life would be watching by the whole world or at least by the whole UK from the moment he is borned. Anyway, I wish he could have a happy life and stay healthy!
Lastly, congrats to Prince William and Duchess Catherine again! :) I wish you all enjoy the life of a new chapter which is as a parents now!
 The official bulletin announcing the birth

Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 Wonders of Ukraine

Oleg from Ukraine has sent me a surprised postcard. It shows the multiple views of the Ukraine. I like it as it is lovely. I would like thank Oleg for the postcard. Thank you! :)

Mariacki Church of Cracow, Poland

I received a lovely postcard from Paulina from Poland. It is a night view of the Mariacki Church of Cracow, Poland. I like the postcard very much as it is very beautiful.
Paulina is live in a small town in southern Poland, near Cracow. She has the same hobbies as I am which are reading and like science fiction movies.
I would like to thank Paulina for the beautiful postcard. :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Montreal Postcard

A surprised postcard was received yesterday. It was sent from the Montreal,  Canada. The card shown the view of the downtown at twilight of the Montreal during the winter. It is a lovely card.

I would like to thank for the card as I like it. I wish I could travel to the Canada someday. Lastly,  thanks again for the postcard.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Park At Your Own Risk

“Park at Your Own Risk!” I believe many of us have seen this phrase in the car parks or printed on the parking tickets. Well, I would like to share an experience here.
Last week, my mother drove me to the hospital for my check-up and she has parked her car in the car park. After my check-up done, we went to get our vehicle and we found that our car had been vandalised. All the 4 sides of my mother’s car, i.e. left, right, back and front had been scratched by somebody. Moreover, the scratches were long and deep. We were very shocked to see it. This was the second time for our vehicle.
Our first time was happened in February this year, when I was hospitalisation. My mother again parked the car in the car park and found out that the window of the car (the front passenger seat) had been smashed and stolen some small change (for parking purpose). My mother had make the police report and also informed the person in charge of the parking at that time. However, it was useless. The staff of the car park told my mother that it was already notified that all the vehicles are parked at our own risks and we did not have any compensation or apologise from them. In fact, one of the staff told us that he had checked the cc tv in the car park and saw it was an Indian guy whom smashed our car.
Both my mother and I are disappointed and upset with the parking of the hospital now. According to the staff of the car park, they have the rounding trips in the parking to check on the vehicles and how and why did such matter had happened twice to us?! Well, we could consider the first time as “accident” or we were the unlucky ones. But how about the second time?! I was really wondering are the staff of the car park have done their job properly or they are just have the irresponsible attitude for not doing the job done by the words “PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK!”
Thus, I would like to advice for all the car owners, just be more precaution when you are at the parking lot next time. You don’t know if you would be the next unlucky ones!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Spring Flower from the Netherlands

Another surprised postcard from the Netherlands today. It is sent by Anne.

The postcard shows the beautiful yellow flowers or spring flowers. I think the garden would be very nice scene with those flowers. Anyway, I would like to thank Anne for the card. Thank you!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Russian Cutie Postcard

Irina from Ramenskoye, Russia has sent a cute postcard to me. Ramenskoye is a town which is 20km from Moscow. I like this card very much as I think it is very lovely. I would like to thank Irina for it. Thank you!!! :)

The Ukraine Postcard

Oleksandr from Ukraine has surprised me with the postcard above. It is the Boim Chapel with a bit of snow on the street. I think it is a lovely view and I like it. Thank you Oleksandr!!!

Landscape Postcard from Poland

Susan from Poland has surprised me with the lovely view of the postcard above. I like it very much as I think it is beautiful. Thus, thanks Susan!!! :)

Postcard from Hannover, Germany

Claudia from Hannover, Germany sent the postcard to me. According to Claudia, Hannover is her hometown with a population of 525,000. Anyway, thank you for the card.

Rijks Museum of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Anita from the Netherlands has surprised me with a postcard of the Rijks Museum of Amsterdam. According to Anita, the Rijks Museum is one of the Hollands famous museums and she has just visited it in last week and it is very beautiful.
I would like to thank Anita for the postcard and wish that I could visit the Rijks Museum personally someday. Thank you!!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Big Ben Tower from USA

A surprised Big Ben Tower postcard has  received in this afternoon. However,  it is not sent from UK,  USA instead. Kyle from San Diego, USA has sent me the postcard.

Kyle writes an American phrase to me in the postcard. It is "YOLO" means 'you only live once'. It means try new things. I like the phrase as I am agree to it very much.

Anyway, I would like to thank Kyle for the postcard. Thank you! !! :)