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Monday, April 30, 2012

May is Coming!

In a few hours more, we have to say “bye-bye” to April 2012 and say “Hello” to May.  The first day of May is already the public holiday for us, as it is the Labour Day. Hooray! A day that no works or schools!!! J I bet many people are happy for it. Haha!

Besides the Labour Day, I know that there is another public holiday is fall on May, i.e. the Wesak Day, 5/5/2012. Both public holidays fall on the same week. I guess some of the people might take leave on todate (30/4/2012) as it made a long weekend for them.

Anyway, besides the Labour Day and Wesak Day fall on May, the students would have their term break from the end of the May too. Bet all the students are looking forward to their school holidays!

Let’s not forget, May is the month for our LOVE to our MOTHER. Yes, Mother’s Day is coming!!! So, have you started to plan for your Mother’s Day celebration?! Well, if you are yet to plan, you may start now as it is not too late.

For me, in the month of May, I have to celebrate the Mother’s Day and also the birthdays of my niece and elder sister. So, I am started to look for the presents for them now. I think it is really the month of LOVE for me! J

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please Improve the Service!!!

On Monday, I went to a local bank, CXXX Bank to open a new current account due to I received call from its HQ staff that I have been selected as a special customer with the special offers and the benefits for opening the new current account. So I was interested for it and headed to the branch which was nearby my house to open the account.

I went to the bank together with my mother and I reached the bank at 9:40am. So I went to meet Mr. S (as informed by the HQ staff that he is the person to contact for the new account opening) and I found out that he is the branch manager of the bank. So I told him my reason and he explained to me for the new account again and then let me sign some application forms and he took my IC along for the verification. After that, he had given me a Q number and told me to wait for my turn and offered me to sit at the waiting area. So I did as per request.

I was waited and waited, and guess what?! I have been waited for more than an hour then only was my turn. My mother had gone to 2 other banks to do some banking matters while I was waiting at this CXXX Bank. She came back to me and I was still waiting for my turn. The branch manager saw me and told me to wait for awhile and he had told me twice for it.

I noticed that there was only one staff who was handling this current account opening and he had spent about an hour for a customer. This staff was a middle-aged Malay male staff and I saw there was a Malay lady staff was sitting behind him and she was doing nothing but just looking at her monitor. I was wondering why didn’t she helping her colleague and since there were other customers were waiting to open such current account?! Moreover, I also noticed that this middle-aged Malay male staff was walking into the office few times when he was handling the customer.

Frankly speaking I was started to feel angry and felt impatient for it too. The branch manager saw me and told me that my turn would be soon. So, I was waited again until 11:05am, the Malay male staff called my name after he finally finished handled the customers (a couple) that he had served in an hour. He was then started to process the case for me. Actually there should be a customer in front of me according to the Q no. when that customer approached him to check, he told her to wait for awhile as he would call her later. I did not say anything at that time as I think I was not cut queue as it was the bank staff to call and serve me. In fact, I was also quite mad at that time as I had been waited for an hour plus.

So, the male staff given me some more documents to sign and explained to me about the current account again. I finally understood why he had taken so long, the computer system was so slowed as I saw him keyed-in the information twice and there was a long pause for the respond. Then finally the staff told me that the computer system was having some problems and could not provide me the new ATM card on the spot and request me to come back for the card collection on the next day. Oh my gosh, I was thinking that what kind of computer system is the bank having and what kind of service is provided?! So no choice I have to go back home without my new ATM card and to go back for the collection in few days later. I left the bank at 11:40am (2 hours at the bank) then and I started to wonder if I did it right to open a new account from such bank?!  :P

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Lovely Twin Nieces

My cousin sister and her whole family had came to visit me in about 2 weeks ago. I could see my cute twin nieces again. I think I have not meet them for months. Wow, the first sight for me to my twin nieces,  I was like " OH my God! They have grown up a lot!"

I remember the last time I met them was the time they yet to speak, but now they could call the people and they are very adorable. I could not help but to take their lovely photographs. According to their mother (my cousin sister), these twins would fight among themselves always and are very naughty kids like little "evils" ! I think it is the fun for them! Haha! 

Thus, I would like to wish my these 2 nieces to have stay in good health and happy always!!! Cheers!!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

The story Behind the Beds – 2 Best Friends

During my hospitalisation, I saw many types of people (patients) in the hospital and all of them have different experiences/stories behind. Now I would like to share some of the incidents/stories that I encountered with some patients.
There was an aged 38-year-old Malay lady patient admitted into the hospital and she was next to my bed. She is a lung cancer patient. She is the lecturer of the UH Lab and can be said as a high management staff. She was admitted due to she was having mild stroke and fainted, she was having her chemo at home too. Due to she was having mild stroke and fainted at home, she was admitted. Her leg was hardly moving because of her mild stroke. Thus, she had to lie on the bed all the time.
When this patient was next to me on the first day, I saw her suffered so much. Luckily there was another lady to accompany and taking care of her very much. This lady is her best friend and also housemate. According to her, they have become friends for many years. She is a bank officer and she took leaves from her work to take care of the patient, who is her best friend and housemate.
This cancer patient was staying at the hospital for about a week and during those days, I could see that her best friend was really treated the patient very well. She was really taken care of her very, very much. Eg. When she was leaving the patient for a moment, like going back to house for wash-up or went for buying medicines, she would ask my favour to keep an eye of her friend (the patient). The reason was the patient could not walk and in case she needed help, I could call the nurse for her. Then she was always rushing back to the ward. She tried to take the shortest time for her own business. Moreover, she also washed the body for her friend and helped her for the toilet. At night, she did not return home and stayed in the hospital to accompany her best friend. The reason was that she wanted to take care of her best friend by herself and did not want to depend too much on the nurses.
This cancer patient was having the chemo-therapy at the ward. I noticed that she had lost her hair in 3 days. When I saw her on the first day, she was in short hair. Then few days later, her hair had lost, and when she discharged, she was wearing a hat to cover her hair loss. I heard her doctor advised her to stay at home due to she is weak for her body, the doctor also advised her to stay from the crowded areas.
On the day she was discharged, I told her to take care and I wish she could recover soon. She looked better when she left the hospital and I saw that her best friend was happier that at least she could take care of her at home instead at the hospital. I really am touched with such true friendship and both of them are really close friends and treated each other well. I wish they would be friends forever and it is not easy to find a true best friend!!!    

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You jump, I jump! – Titanic – 3D

Do you remember the phrases “You jump, I jump!”, “I’m the King of the world!” or the song that begins with the words “Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you….”? Well, if you do, I bet you are a BIG fan of the blockbuster movie of “Titanic” of year 1997. Well, if you did not know or remember those phrases and lyrics, it is okay.

I bet most of the people have watched the blockbuster movie of “Titanic” in the year 1997, yes, 15 years ago. As for me, I had watched it twice too and no doubt I was sobbing whenever I was watching this movie. This is such a disaster and sad romantic love story!!! I think I do not need to tell about the story of “Titanic” as it is a well-known for the world.

In this year 2012, the director of the movie, James Cameron has made the “Titanic” in 3D. Yes, you may experience the movie like never before. Guess what?! The “Titanic 3D” is started to show in Malaysia from 5th April onwards. All the fans of this blockbuster could watch it again and feel in a new experience for the movie.

All the actors and actresses are the same in the movie, except that the actress who acted as the “Elderly Rose” (aged 101-year old Rose); Gloria Stuart has passed way in year 2010 at age 100. No doubt we could see the young Leonardo Dicaprio as the Jack Dawson again. He has become the Heartthrob of many ladies since that movie; I am one of them too! :P

Let us not forget the theme song too, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. Actually I like all the songs or music of “Titanic”.

OK, let us refresh our memories of “Titanic” scenes at below.

I am looking forward to the “Titanic 3D” as it is one of my most favourite movies; even it is in sad ending.

Monday, April 2, 2012

My first 50 Postcards!!!

Hooray! I have achieved my goal. In my previous post, I made a goal that I would like to have exchanged 50 postcards with the overseas postcrossers by end of June 2012. Now I have made it by first quarter of year 2012.  I am able to achieve it earlier. Guess what?! I have received 56 postcards from many different countries by end of March.

The postcards that I received are from France, Canada, USA, Finland, Hungary, Brazil, New Zealand, North Ireland, China, Malta, Japan, Korea, Scotland, Spain and many more. Some of them have become my favourites and they are shown in below.

I received the postcards of China panda, Eiffel Tower, NY Statue of Liberty and the Hungary country map. I also received the postcard of the world's tallest building at Dubai. Moreover, i also received some animation postcards which I like too.

So, I would like to have another 50 more postcards by year end now. Hopefully I could receive those postcards soon. Well, if you are interested to exchange postcard with me, you are welcome to do so. You may also join the website of “Postcrossing” to join the fun as I do. You may click here to enter the fun!!! :P