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Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy N-Day!!!

August 31, it is the day of the National Day of Malaysia. Therefore, Happy National Day and Happy Merdeka!!!

How do you celebrate this day? Anyway,have a nice day!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our 55th National Day!!!

In less than a few hours, we would be celebrating our 55th National Day. Yes, Malaysia has independent for 55 years. During these days, Malaysia has improved many things in many ways.

Eg. Malaysia has held the Commonwealth Games before, won Badminton Thomas Cup, won some medals in the Olympic Games.

Anyway, I would like to wish all the Malaysians to have Happy National Day and enjoy the long weekend holidays!!! :)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twilight Series

Finally I have finished reading the “Twilight” series novels (4 books). I borrowed the series of novel from my friends and I have spent few weeks to finish them. Guess what?! I started to read with the last series, “The Breaking Dawn”.  The reason is I was eager to know the ending since I have watched the “Twilight” movies. The finale would be shown in November 2012.

Anyway, after reading the series novel, I have clearer story of “Twilight”. This is due to some scenes have missed or did not show detailed in the movies. From reading the books, I have better understandings.

Like I said, I started to read with the last book, “Breaking Dawn”, and then only I started to read from the beginning of the series.  From “Twilight”, “New Moon” and “Eclipse”. I am happy with the ending as I bet all the fans of “Twilight” series are having the same though as I am! J

Thus, I am looking forward to the movie “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” in this November. I would like to recommend the “Twilight” series (both novels and movies) to the people who are yet to read and/or watch it. For me, it is an interesting story and I am enjoying it very much. I hope you all would like it too! Enjoy reading/watching “Twilight” series!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

GCB & GBB??!

Wow! The GCB of McD is back! Hooray! It is my favourite! J
I called for the delivery for 2 sets of GCB last night for my niece and myself. Wow, it really tasted delicious, juicy meat! Yummy, yummy!!! Then my niece had threw out a question as she said why did not available for GBB, i.e. Grilled Beef Burger as my niece likes beef too. Thus, we started to think of the GBB, would it be as delicious as the GCB if there really was GBB?! Haha! We have a wish, that McD would available for the GBB in future!!! :P
So, what do you think of the GBB? Have you tasted the GBB before? If yes, where did you have your GBB? You may drop me a line for your reply!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Happy Holidays!!!

Hi there! It is the weekend, and Hari Raya is approaching soon.

I would like to wish all the Muslims to have a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and to the non-Muslims to have a happy holidays!!! :)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The First Diving Medal for Malaysia in the Olympic Game

Another great news for the Malaysia. The Sarawakian Pandelela Rinong becomes Malaysia's first ever woman's medalist, and first ever Olympic winner outside of badminton, when she won the Women's 10m Platform event on 10/8/2012.

Malaysia is now having a Silver and Bronze medals in the London Olympics 2012. No matter how, it is a good result for us. Of course, we could looking forward to a better result in the next Olympics.

I would like to say Congratulations Pandelela. She did Malaysia proud.  Let's continue to give support to her! :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Beautiful Polish Postcard

I have received a beautiful postcard from Justyna, Poland on 8/8/2012. The postcard is shown the picture of town hall of Rzeszow, a city of Poland.  

In the postcard, Justyna tells me that she likes her city, Rzeszow, and she just came back from her vacation from Dulka (a small city near Rzeszow. Overall it is a friendly chat.

I like the postcard and would like to thank Justyna for it! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Chest follow-up

I went to the UMMC for my chest follow-up yesterday. According to the chest specialist, the result of the bronchoscopy that I done on 19/6/2012 shows that there are still some bacteria in my lungs. As compared to my earlier bronchoscopy on mid February (during my hospitalisation), there were no bacteria found in my lungs at that time.

The Chest specialist also checked my chest X-ray and it shows okay. Thus, the doctor wanted me to continue my antibiotic medicines and he also prescribed a new type of medicine for my treatment. He advised me that I am required to do the bronchoscopy again in few months later in order to check on my condition due to I could not provide the phlegm for the test. My next follow-up would be 4 weeks later. I wish that the bacteria would go soon, otherwise I would be suffering! L

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well done Dato' Lee Chong Wei! Malaysians are still proud of you!

After watching the finals match of the Men's Singles Badminton in last night, China v Malaysia. I think all the Malaysians would feel sad, due to the Malaysia hero had defeated by China player, Lin Dan.

However, Malaysia still won for the Silver medal in the Singles Man Badminton in the London Olympics 2012 and I think it was a very great match for the both players as both of them were playing very well, especially our Dato Lee Chong Wei. We could see that he had a huge chnages as compared to 4 years ago in the last Olympics at Beijing in Yr. 2008. The score was so close yet so far ... 21:19 for last match ... Lin Dan won !!! Sigh ... But frankly speaking .... Dato LCW had done very very well this time ... So close ... So so so close :( I think he only lacked a little of luck for the last 2 points. :(

Although Dato LCW had lost the Gold medal, I still very PROUD of him. I bet all the Malaysian are very proud of his achievement to be on the podium representing Malaysia :) Well Done DLCW :)

DLCW, don't feel sorry and sad! We are still very proud for you and giving you the fullest support always!!! With your efforts,  silver or gold, have ensured a medal for Malaysia at the London 2012 Olympics, and have given us all our most memorable sporting highlight of the year.
Lastly, Congratulations Datuk Lee Chong Wei. You have done your country, your fans, and the world, absolutely proud!!! Cheers for you!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Who will win the Gold medal for Badminton in Olympics 2012???

Hooray! Our Malaysian badminton player, Dato Lee Chong Wei is in the finals for the badminton Olympics 2012. It is a repeat of the Beijing 2008 Olympics badminton final. Malaysia vs China, Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan.

Boy, the 2 top badminton players of the world will have the finals again in the Olympics and this is the last Olympics games for both of them in this year. No doubt, I wish that history would not be happened as Malaysia would win the GOLD medal in this time!!!

The semi-final results sets up a repeat of the Beijing 2008 Olympics final, which Lin Dan dominated and claimed victory, leaving Chong Wei with a bitter taste of silver in his mouth.
This time around, both players once again look to be on brilliant form heading into the final which takes place this Sunday (5th August, 2012).
Dato Lee Chong Wei will have a final shot at Olympic glory, a tournament that he's yet to claim gold on. This will also be the Malaysian hero's final involvement on the Olympic stage, as he looks to call it a day on his playing career very soon.

Lastly, I would like to wish Lee Chong Wei all the best and good luck and wish he would have a history for Malaysia in the Olympics Games. Let's give me the fullest support for this coming Sunday!!! Go for it!!!