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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome Wooden Horse Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜发财!!!

Today is the Chinese New Year's Eve, I will be celebrating the Wooden Horse year fom tomorrow onwards, to be exactly, it is should be started at 12am tonight. Anyway, wish you and your family a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!



German Postcard! Wunderbar! !!

Wunderbar! A surprised postcard from Kerstin, Germany, is received in this morning. "Wunderbar" is a German word that Kerstin has written on her postcard. It means " Wonderful "! This is her favourite German word too.

Anyway, i would like to thank Kerstin for sending me the lovely postcard. It is a cute animal. :) I like it. Thank you!!! 

Double-Decker Bus Postcard from GB

Another surprised for me in yesterday. It is the postcard sent by Anne from the Great Britain to me. The postcard is with the view of the red double-decker bus, a famous icon of Britain.

I like such postcard as i think it is beautiful. I wish that i would have a ride of the double-decker bus in London someday as Britain is one of the country that I am looking forward to travel.

Lastly, i would like to thank Anne for the postcard. Thank you! :)

Cute Taiwanese Postcard

I have received a surprised postcard from Chuan Hsu, Taiwan, yesterday. It is a very lovely postcard. She writes on the card that such postcard is issued by the post office of Taiwan. It shows the top ten attractions of her country.

I like her postcard as it is on my favourite list. I would like to thank her for the such cutie card. thank you! 谢谢!^_^

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CNY Card from USA

CNY Postcard
I have received a Chinese NEw Year postcard from Rose, USA, yesterday. It is a lovely postcard. Moreover, she enclosed the postcard in a self-made envelope and she also enclosed a Red packet with cash gift for me. I was surprised for it. Initially I was sending her the CNY card with the samples of red packets and telling her about the Chinese culture for the CNY. I have never thought of she would apply our culture! :p

Anyway, i really am grateful for the gift and card of Rose. I would like to wish her to have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Thank you again!!! ^.^

Self-made Envelope & Red Packet

Back of the Envelope

Postcard from Down Under!

I have received a postcard from Yoorala, Australia, yesterday. She sent me a postcard of Matthew Chimu. I googled about such person and found that he is a pride of Australia medal winner. He migrated from Africa and now is a fully-fledged lifesaver.

Anyway i would like to thank Yoorala for the postcard. Thank you! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surprise from Chinese Pen-Pal

Chinese Style Envelop with lovely stamps & self-made postcard

TieGuanYin Tea Bags (Chinese Tea)

I was surprised to receive the mail from my Chinese pen-pal, Cuzn, yesterday. She sent me a self-made postcard and also 2 mini bags of Chinese tea, called TieGuanYin 铁观音. Wow I like both the postcard and the tea bags very much as it it the favourite Chinese tea of me and my family. Thus, I will drink it during the Chinese New Year with my family and friends.

The postcard is self-made by Cuzn and it is very lovely. The envelope that she was using is very Chinese style indeed. So is the stamp. You can see it on the photo above.

Anyway, I would like to thank Cuzn for the mail and wish her to have a prosperous Chinese New Year. Thank you and GONG XI FA CAI!!! :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Surprise again from the Dutch Pen-pal ^.^

Lovely Dutch Stamps on the Envelope
OMG! My Dutch pen-pal, Angela has given me a surprised with her mail in last week. She has sent me many Dutch tea bags and cookies. Moreover, she made the tea card by herself which is very beautiful.

Angela knows that I will be celebrating the Chinese New Year on this coming Friday, 31/1/2014. Thus, she would like me to enjoy and share the Dutch tea and cookies with my family and friends. In her letter, she also writes that she has been to Berlin for her Christmas and she was enjoying there.
Lastly, I would really like to thank Angela for the gifts and I am really appreciate them. Thank you Angela!

Self-made Tea card

Different types of Tea Bags

Dutch Cookies and Milk Powders

Postcard from India

Dr. Amit from the India has sent me a beautiful postcard of Taj Mahal. He writes in the postcard that it is the symbol of India. Taj Mahal is built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. It took 20 years to build. After the completeion, he chopped off the arms of all thousands of the workers so that such building could never be made again. Gosh, there was a violence behind the romance!
Anyway, I wish to visit the Taj Mahal someday to see the beautiful building with my own eyes. Moreover, I would like to thank Dr. Amit for the beautiful postcard. Thank you. ^.^

Saturday, January 25, 2014

CNY Cards from Worldwide

Korean card
Korean card content

Korean stamp

For those who have been followed my blog would know that I have exchanged the Chinese New Year card from the worldwide. Here are some cards from the Asian countries. They are from Korea, Taiwan and Australia.

The Korean postcard is sent by Sinae. It is from Seoul. it is a beautiful card with the Korean words wishes. The meaning is wishing to have good health, good lucks follow along and Happy New Year. The stamp of Korean is also beautiful and I like both the card and stamp.

Korean culture is similar to Chinese culture that the children would receive Ang Pow or red Packet aka. Hong Bao (红包) with the cash gift. However, there is a different thing is that we the Chinese is using the red envelope and Koreans are using white envelop. CNY is also the biggest festive season for the Koreans.

The second CNY card is from Taiwan. It is from Yu-Pei. It is a lovely postcard, with the picture of a golden fish with the wishes "年年有余" means ' Years of Brimful Happiness'! Yu-Pei also sent the lovely stamps. Once again, I like both the card and the stamps. :)

Taiwanese card (front)
Taiwanese stamps

The third CNY postcard is from Andrea. She is from the Horbart, Australia.  It is a horse picture card which represents this year. I think this card is very meaningful. Andrea also given me some info of the places to visit in Australia and i am really grateful for it.

Anyway, i would like to give a BIG thank you to Sinae, Yu-Pei and Andrea for the lovely CNY cads and i am really like those cards and wish that we would keep it as a Culture to swap the card on the festive season as I think it is interesting and fun! :)

Well, if you also would like to join us the card swapping, you are welcome and just drop me a line. I am glad to hear from you. ^.^

Australian CNY Postcard

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Postcard from the Germany

A postcard from Kerstin, Germany. The postcard she sent me is the painting of Gotthardt Kuehl, a German painter. The card shows the Lubeck orphanage of 1894. It was founded in 1546 as written by Kerstin.
Anyway, I like the postcard as I think it is beautiful. Thank you Kerstin! :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Swedish New Year Card

I received the 2nd CNY card collection from my Swedish friend. Her name is Hilde from Sweden. Since she could not find a CNY card to swap with me, she sent me a Swedish New Year card instead.
In the card, she written the words "Gott Nytt Ar" means Happy New Year in Swedish. The objects on the cards are all associated with luck and celebrations. I think the card is lovely.
Lastly, I would like to thank Hilde for the card swapping. Thank you!!! :)

Happy Thaipusam & Happy Long Weekend! !! :)

Today is 17/1/2014, the Thaipusam Festival of the Hindus. Thus I would like to wish all my Hindu friends Happy Thaipusam. Since this holiday is fall on Friday, we would have a long weekend. Thus, I would like to wish all my friends here to have a happy and lovely long weekend or break! Enjoy the holidays!!!! :) ^.^

Happy Thaipusam!!!
Enjoy the long weekend!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

First Chinese New Year Card Collection

I have received my first CNY postcard for my collection on 7/1/2014. It was sent by Yukie-san from Japan. The postcard is lovely as there was a kid riding a horse. The coming CNY is the year of horse, so it suits this year theme and moreover, pink, my favourite color as the background of the card. 

Yukie-san also pasted beautiful Japanese stamps on the card. I also like them. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Yukie-san for the lovely new year postcard. Thank you. Arigato gozaimasu!!! :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

RIP Cute Little Brownie! :(

  Little Brownie (L)

I am very sad when i am writing this blog. The reason is that the cute little brownie puppy   (photo above) has dead in this afternoon. He was run over by a taxi as informed by the secutiry guard to us. We are sad and also angry to the taxi driver as he was driving very fast and thus run over the puppy. How could a driver drive so fast in the housing area?! He is a bad driver!!! 

Actually the two puppies shown in the photographs were borned at the guard house of my housing area. They are only few months old of age. My family and I named them Brownie and Blackie due to thier colors respectively. The Brownie is a bit smaller size than the Blackie due to he did not eat as much as the little blackie. Personally I prefer little brownie because he is cuter than than the blackie for me. :)

HOwever, the cute little brownie is a bit unfortunate in his life. A few weeks ago, he was having an accident and had been sent to the clinic for treatment for few days. After he came back from the clinic, i noticed that his back leg was injured and weaked and he could not walk well. Then he has recovered from his injury and always playing with the little blackie around my house area. 

My mother also feeding them food twice everyday. Thus, when the 2 puppies saw my mother opening the gate and holding the bowl, they would know it was thier meal time. Both the puppies were so excited and waving thier tails to us. Normally my niece and I would also follow along to see the puppies eating.

We are happy to see the puppies eating the meal because they would fight for the food sometimes and the little brownie would loose to the blackie most of the time. Thus, i given the little brownie a nickname too, it is 'little dumby'! It is fun to see the two puppies actions sometimes and they made us laugh and happy. 

Started from last week, the 2 puppies alreay became friends with my family, they walked towards to my door gate sometimes and even like wanted to come inside my house. We were joking that on the Chinese New Year, we would open our door gates and let them come into our house as dog enters the house considers good luck for Chinese.

My brother-in-law even patted the cute puppies after he came back from work. Overall, my whole family like the 2 puppies very much. The reasons are they are cute and interesting to see small animals.

I am a bit regret now as I did not take photo or the video clips of their cuteness actions esp. My favourite little dumby and now he is no more with us! I have only took abot 5 pictures of him during his time here and i share them with you now. Well, don't you think the Little Dumby is cute?! :p

I still saw the little dumby in this morning and said hello to him and he was waving his tail to me.However, in the afternoon, my mother has received this sad news and my whole family are very sad, esp my niece. She was crying so sadly! I also sobbing and very sad as i lost my favourite cute puppy! :(

Lastly, I am blogging for the little dumby here as a memory of him for us. I want him to know that little dumby/little brownie, you will be missed by us always and may you RIP.

Lovely Postcard from Minsk

Olga from Minsk, Belarus has sent me a surprised lovely postcard. In the postcard, she has written that 22.12.2013 was the shortest day in her country. The streets and windows of the houses and flats were decorated with lights and white paper snowflakes. I can imagine that it was a beautiful view. :)

Anyway, the postcard that Olga sent me is a lovely card that both the bear and the little girl are sitting on the tree with the lights decoration. Moreover they are exchanging gifts. I think it is sweet. Thus,  I would like to thank Olga for the lovely postcard. Thank you! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Card from the USA

A friend from USA, named Joe has sent me a cute Christmas postcard. I was surprised to receive it as i did not hear from him for about a year. We used to exchange postcards before. 

Anyway, the Christmas card that Joe sent me is lovely and he also provided a Santa Clause stamped on the card. The stamp is beautiful too. I like them very much. 

In return, I will send a Chinese New Year card to Joe as to show him the Chinese culture and i hope he would like the card. Lastly, i would like to thank Joe for the lovely card. Thank you! ^.^

German Snowy View Postcard

A beautiful snowy postcard was sent by Elvira from Germany to me. The postcard shown the beautiful snowy view. It makes me want to see such beautiful scene in person someday. 

Elvira also sent some beautiful stamps on the card which i like them very much. I would like to thank her for the lovely postcard and stamps. thank you! :)

Dutch Royal Family Postcard

I received a surprised Dutch ROyal family postcard from Dineke from the Netherlands on 6/1/2014. The postcard is the inauguration of the King William and Queen Maxima on 30/4/2013. Dineke also pasted a beautiful sticker on the card.

I would like to thank Dineke for the postcard. Thank you! :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Receipt of the Surprised Postcards in Year 2014

In the new year, year 2014, I have received 2 surprised postcards on 3/1/2014. They are my first receipt postcards of the new year. The postcards are from Belarus and Russia respectively.

Jane, from the Belarus has sent me a night view scene of the city Minsk (card above). It is a view of Troitsky Suburb and Upper town. I like the card very much as it is beautiful. Thank you Jane!

Another postcard is from Julia, Russia. She has sent me a season's card (card below). Julia written in the card that it is snowing and cold winds are blowing in Russia. All the people are preparing for the New Year and Christmas. I hope that i would have a white Christmas in Malaysia too. I would like to thank Julia for the card.

Lastly, I would like to wish both Jane and Julia to have a great and joyful new year. I also like to thank both of tem for their postcards.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014! Happy New Year! !!

Happy 2014!!!