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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RIP / Goodnight #370


8th March 2014, a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has vanished in the air. It is the flight #MH370. The flight was carried 239 passengers inclusive the air craft crews. Many multi-tasking involved and many foreign countries are given assistance to Malaysia to search the missing jet. Eventually, this becomes the world news for weeks. The reason is that all the people want to know the happenings of the missing jet.  

After 17 agonising days, the search for MAS flight MH370 has come to a tragic end. The Prime Minister of Malaysia has announced that "The flight MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean."
This is a tragic news to all the families and friends of #370. I bet the whole world is also shocked with such heart-breaking announcement on 24/3/2014. The announcement stated that all the passengers on the flight have sacrificed. This makes all the families of the passengers a heart-break and some even did not believe until they have seen the wreckage or debris, bodies of their loved ones!

Personally I also shocked with the announcement and could not believe it as the searching teams were announced that they have found some suspicious items hours before the announcement of Malaysian Prime Minister. The result of the suspicious items are yet to confirm and such heart-breaking news has been announced!!!

Anyway, I wish miracle would still happen to #MH370 and also want to thank and salute to the rescue and searching teams from the countries involved for assistance and also the volunteers helping the families of the flight passengers.

I wish that the black box could be found ASAP so that we would know the truth for the #MH370. What has happened during the flight? Cyber hijacking, hijacking, suicide, sabotage?! It is only known that the last conversation between the co-pilot and the control tower is "Alright, goodnight!" Anyway, I wish all the families of the 239 passengers of the #MH370 to stay strong, as life goes on. Please do not blame the country airline as this is the most serious tragedy for the aviation industry in the world and such airline is inexperience for such matter.

Here I want to borrow a phrase from an Anonymous which I quoted from The Star paper :

" No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye,
   you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why. "

Here is a song dedicate to #MH370 and the whole world!!! The title of the song is "Angel" by Sarah Mclachlan.

Lastly, Goodnight / RIP #MH370! May God bless you all!!!


Thank you Postcard from Germany

A return postcard is received from Dieter, from Germany on 24/3/2014. In the early days, I have sent a postcard with the Petronas Twin Towers night view scene to him and he likes it very much. Thus, he returned me a lovely postcard.
I like his postcard very much as it is lovely. Anyway, I would like to thank Dieter for the postcard. Thank you!!! :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Surprised Dutch Postcard

A surprised Dutch postcard is received in last week from Esther, who is from the Netherlands. In the postcard, Esther written that she loves writing letters with friends all over the world, similar to me! :P
Esther is a mother of 4 daughters and lives in a small town in the middle of Holland, surrounded by fields, park and wildlife. There is a tiny beach with small harbour. Wow, it seems like a very comfortable place to stay. Esther likes to cook, draw, knit, and letter corresponding.
I like the postcard that Esther has sent to me as it is lovely, a yacht. I will reply to Esther soon as I like to write to friends from all over the world. Once again, thanks for your lovely postcard, Esther!!! :)

Hello Kitty Letter

A Hello Kitty letter has received from Helena from Japan. Helena is originally from England and she is staying in Japan for about 2.5 years as an English teacher.

We met each other via the project of the LetterMo, this is the 2nd letter from Helena to me. I am really happy for it. She has written about the Hokkaido info to me in the letter. This makes me want to visit to Hokkaido someday as it is one of the places that I wish to visit in my life! :p

Anyway, I would like to thank Helena for the lovely Hello Kitty mail and I will reply to her soon. Thank you and Arigato Gozaimasu!!! :)

First Receipt of the Beatles Collection

Yahoo! I have received my first postcard for my Beatles Collection as I posted on 5th March 2014. You may read the post here. According to my previous post, I have requested for the Beatles collection for my niece's birthday gift. Thus I have received a postcard from Catherine, who is from USA.

In the postcard, Catherine has written that her 12 year-old son is also loves The Beatles as my niece. Thus, when she has read my message, she has sent me this postcard and she also written a birthday greetings to my niece.

Anyway, I really grateful to Catherine for her favour and I have replied her with a thank you gift as promised. Once again, thank you Catherine!!! ^.^

Special Postcrossing Stamp Cancellation from Czech Republic

Postcard from Zuzana (front)

Postcard from Zuzana (back)

Postcard from Radim
I have received 2 postcards from Czech Republic with the special postcrossing stamp cancellation from Zuzana and Radim respectively. The postcards are shown as above. Both of the postcards are lovely and I like them very much. I am really appreciate with the special postcrosssing stamp cancellation as it is meaningful.
Zuzuna has sent me a lovely little girl postcard. On the other hand, Radim has sent me the postcard with the night view card. It is the picture of Olomouc, which is a Town Hall, Holy Trinity Column , an UNESCO monument. I like both of the postcards and would like to thank both of you very much. THANK YOU!!! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thank you to all my CNY Card Swappers!!!

If you have been following my blog, you should have known that I have posted on my blog in the beginning of the January 2014, to request from the postcrossers around the world to swap the Chinese New Year (CNY) cards with me. 

I managed to exchange with some postcrossers who are from different countries. One of them even has sent me the First Day Cover of the CNY celebration of her country. Therefore, i would like to thank to the postcrossers below for their lovely CNY cards. They are :-

1. Tanya Woo -- Canada
2. Yukie Kurachi -- Japan
3. PostCardGal -- USA
4. Andrea Lewis -- Australia
5. Janne Pungar -- Estonia (FDC sender)
6. Hilde van den Bergh -- Sweden
7. Yu-Pei-chuan -- Taiwan
8. Kim Sinae -- Korea
9. Angela Rovers -- The Netherlands

Although there are less than 10 people for the swapping of the CNY cards, i think it is fun still. i hope we can keep it as a tradition as to exchange festive cards every year. i wish more postcrossers will be joining us too.

Anyway, it is very grateful to all 9 postcrossers above as every of your cards means a lot to me. A BIG thank yuo to you all again. Thank you! Arigato gozaimasu! Xiexie/谢谢, Kamsa Hamidah!!! :)

Suprised Letter from UK

After paticipated the "LetterMo", i have received many lEtters from different countries. This time, I have received a surprised Letter from Becca, UK. She is from Yate. 

Becca has sent me a peacock postcard with a long letter. The content of the letter is about her self introduction, hobbies and lifestyles. Becca is a housewife and enjoys reading. She is a mother of 2 children.

Anyway, i would like to thank Becca for sending the letter to me. I am sure will reply her a letter as I like to meet friends from all over the world. Thank you!!! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Flight MH370, please come back, all of us are waiting for you! Do you copy?! 5 days have passed, the missing flight is yet to be found since 8th March 2014. The jet that has vanished in the thin air has become a mystery for the world now.

This news has become the world news now as many countries from the worldwide have came to assist Malaysia for the searching and rescue. They are from USA, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and India. This jet has carried about 239 passengers and all the people are praying for them to come back safely.

During the investigation, searching days, some media has reported the fake news, eg. The plane has crashed, suspected corpses, plane wreckages, hijacked by the terrorists, etcc.. Personally, I think now the most vital point is the safety of the jet passengers. 

Although there are none of the passengers i have known, I still feel sorry for their family and friends. They must be very upset and depressed now, especially when received the message "prepare for the worst!". :(

However, I want to tell all the passengers of MH370 that we all are giving full support to you all, please do not give up! Let us not forget, we also have to give support and thank to all the rescue and searching teams from the different countries. Thanks to their effort for the assisting! 

Lastly, I want to tell the flight MH370, please come back now. It's the end time for the game of hide and seek. We all are waiting for you here. Please come back!!! Let's keep on praying for MH370!!! Will you pray along with me?!

Do you copy flight MH370?! We are waiting for you to come back!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Surprised Letter from America

A surprised letter is received from America after I participated in "Letters of the Months" campaign in February. This letter is from LIttlefield. She is from Texas. 

Littlefield has written in the letter that I reminded her of to send more actual postcards as she has many from her trips. Littlefield likes riding bikes, dogs, and  photography. She likes cooking too.

The letter that Littlefield sent to me is written in a very lovely card as shown in the picture above. Moreover, the stamps on the envelope are beautiful too. I like them very much.

Lastly, i would like to thank Littlefield for the lovely letter and I will reply to her soon. I hope we cold become good pen-pals!!! ^.^

Smiley Face Postcard

A smiley postcard is sent by Joe to me from USA. Joe is one of the postcard swappers of mine. We always exchange postcards. 

Well, I hope this smiley postcard is very effective for me. If you have been followed my blog, you have known that there is a flight has missing few days ago. However, the jet is yet to be found as at todate. I hope with this smiley card, it helps to cheer everybody and support to all the rescue and searching teams from different countries.

Anyway, I would like to thank Joe for the lovely postcard! Thank you!!! 

Lastly, please help me to pray for the missing flight MH370!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Let's Pray for the Flight MH370!!!

8th March 2014 is a gloomy day for Malaysia! Although it is the International Women's Day, a sad thing has happened. An aeroplane, flight MH370 has disappearing after 2 hours departured from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The flight is supposed to reached the Beijing International Airport by 6.30am of 9/3/2014. However, the aeroplane did not reach its destination, instead it has gone missing or disappearing and lost contact with the control tower. 

It is found that the flight has disappeared on the sea above Vietnam area. The flight has 227 passengers and 12 cabin crews. The passengers are from various nationalities, and Chinese are about half of them.The flight  MH370 is a Boeing plane. 

After discovered the flight MH370 has missing, Malaysia has started to search the plane. The rescue teams then also followed with the help of China, Singapore, Vietnam, USA. Honestly speaking, I think this is the first time missing aviation for Malaysia.

The missing of flight MH370 has become a big news to the world, everybody are worried and wondering what has happened to such flight. Did it crash, hijack?! No matter what has happened, I wish the people in the flight are safe and nothing bad would happen to them!

I wish a miracle would happen to flight MH370! That is the flight has changed its route and has landed at somewhere and all the people are safe. They are only lost contact for the temporary and soon will be returned to their home safely respectively.

So, let us all pray for the flight MH370 and make sure all the people of the flight are safe! May God bless all!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Women's Day 8th March! !! ^.^

3 8 妇女节快乐!!!

3 8 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Birthday Surprise of The Beatles' Collection for My Niece!!! ^.^

Hi all!
My teenager niece is a very big fan of The Beatles! Yes, a 13 year-old girl likes The Beatles!!! She is watching all the movies, animations of The Beatles always. Moreover she is playing the songs of the Beatles on the piano everyday, listens to their songs too. My niece’s birthday is coming in 2 months time I wish to go through this blog to collect the postcards, pictures, posters, badges, or anything which relates to The Beatles as the birthday gift for my niece from the worldwide. I will send a thank you card to you if you have sent me the Beatles’ stuff. Oops, kindly explain the reason for the Beatles’ stuff you send to me and write a birthday greetings to my niece. Her name is Jaycee, she will celebrate her 14th birthday in the mid of May. I want to give my niece a surprise, please help me!!!
Do drop me a line if you would like to help to give a surprise to this little Beatles' fan!!! :)

Thank you very, very much indeed!!! ^.^

Lovely Disney Postcard

Haha! A really very lovely Disney postcard has surprised me in last week. It is sent by Jae who is from California, USA. The postcard shows the "Princess & Villains" of the Disney animation movies. They are from "Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White" and "Cinderella".  
This Disney postcard is really very lovely and I like it very much. It reminds me that I have visited to the Disneylands of Tokyo and Hong Kong. However, I wish to go to the origin Disneyland, which is the one in the USA. Yes, I wish my dream would come true that I will go to the USA Disneyland soon!!!
Once again, thank you very, very much to Jae for the lovely postcard. Thank you!!! :D

New German Pen-Pal's Letter from Letter of the Months

Anja from Gottingen, Germany is my new pen-pal after I participating in the Letters of the Months. Anja has sent me with the lovely writing letters and she also pasted cute stamps and stickers in the envelop (as shown in the picture above). I am surprised to receive her letter. :)
Anja is celebrating her birthday on today, 5/3. Thus I have sent her a birthday card. In the letter, Anja has written that she has stayed in Gottingen for 8 years due to her job. She is a nutrition scientist/dietitian. Wow, I can consult her for good diet then! :P Hehe!
Anyway, in the letter, Anja has also telling me about her interests and we both have some similar interest, eg. reading, exchanging mails or travelling. :) I wish that we could become long-term pen-pals!
Anja, I have replied you a mail and I hope to hear from you again! Nice meeting you!!! :) 

First Day Cover of the Wooden Horse Year from Estonia

Janne from Estonia is one of the postcrossers that I exchanged the Chinese New Year cards during this Chinese New Year. Janne is also the only person that sent me the First Day Cover (FDC) of the Chinese Wooden Horse Year. Thus, the stamp is the picture with horse and the stamp cancellation is with the Horse too. Don't you think the stamp cancellation is beautiful?! It is very beautiful and I like this FDC very much. I will appreciate it very much.
Janne is also very happy to exchange the Chinese New Year card with me as she said she has learnt some Chinese culture. Anyway, I would like to thank Janne very, very much for the lovely FDC and I wish that we would keep it as a culture to exchange cards with each other during the festive seasons. :)

European Postcards

Slovenian Postcard

2 postcards from the Europe which I received, they are from Slovenia and Lithuania. The Slovenian postcard is sent by Karmen from a small town called Kamnik (the view of the postcard). Karmen has written that Kamnik is an old town and has many attractions, esp. mountains.
Personally I think Kamnik is a beautiful place from the postcard. Anyway, I would like to thank Karmen for the lovely postcard.

The Lithuanian postcard (as below) is sent by Kristina. The castle shown in the postcard is built in the 14th century. Anyway, I also would like to thank Kristina for the lovely postcard. :)

Lithuanian Postcard

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Postcard from China

A lovely panda postcard is sent by Wang Jue to me from China. In the postcard, Wang has written that this is his first time sending a postcard to Malaysia and I am proud to be his first Malaysian recipient. :)
Wang is a Senior Three student and he is preparing for his coming Chinese NCEE. Thus, I would like to wish him all the best for his exams and would like to thank him for the lovely postcard too.
This postcard reminds me of we would be welcoming the 2 pandas from China. I am looking forward to those 2 cutie pandas. Again, I would like to thank Wang for the postcard. Thank you/谢谢!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Letter of the Months Postcard

Another surprised postcard from USA after I participated in the Letter of the Months 2014. The postcard is sent by Rachel from California.
Rachel has written in the postcard that she is super excited to be participating in the Letter of the Months 2014. Actually I am also having the same feeling as her. I am trying hard to write and send postcards almost everyday. The I am waiting patiently for any surprise mails. Rachel's postcard is one of them for me. I like the card as it is lovely and moreover the envelope is a self-made with special packaging. I like it.
I have written a reply to Rachel and hope to hear from her again soon. Lastly, Thank you for the postcard, Rachel! :)

Valentine's Day Card from USA

V-Card, Postcard and little gifts
After I joined the project "Letter of the Months 2014" as posted in my previous post, I have received some letters and postcards from USA. This Valentine's card and some gifts are from one of the new pen-pals. Her name is Lana.
As I written about the Double Valentine's Day in the Letter of the Months forum, I received a V-card from her then. I think it is so sweet of her. Besides the card, she also sent me postcard of Arizona, some lovely stickers and cat pictures. Moreover the stamps on the envelope are beautiful too. I like them very much and I also thank Lana very much for the letter. I was surprised to receive the mail. :)
Anyway, I have written a reply to Lana and hopes she would receive my letter safely and soon. Then I could hear from her again.
Lastly, I would like to thank Lana again for the lovely mail. Thank you!!! ^.^