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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

Today is 31 March 2012, let us celebrate the day of the Earth Hour. Thousands of cities and hundreds of countries in the worldwide would support and participate in the Earth Hour at 8:30pm tonight.

Please switch off the lights or the unnecessary electrical appliances at your house from 8:30pm until 9:30pm at 31 March 2012 should you want to support and participate the Earth Hour.

A little help from everyone would help to save our Mother Earth!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Donate RM10 to Help WWF-Malaysia Saves Turtle Eggs

What do you think you can do with RM10? A meal? The reload of your mobile? Have you thought of RM10 could help the WWF-Malaysia to save the turtle eggs?!

Since the Earth Hour 2012 is approaching on 31/3/2012, it is to encourage you to donate just RM10 to help rescue turtle eggs from being sold in markets.

Why do you need to contribute RM10?!

·         Every donation of RM10 can help save 5 turtle eggs

·         Marine turtles are endangered because of habitat loss due to unsustainable development as well as the sale and consumption of their eggs

·         Marine turtles play a key role in maintaining healthy coral reefs and sea grass beds. Green turtles are largely herbivorous, and their constant grazing on sea grasses increase the healthiness and growth rate of sea grass beds

·         Scientists believe that hawksbill turtles may maintain the health of coral reef systems by grazing on sponges, which if left to grow unchecked will outgrow the corals, cover them up and kill the reef

·         Leatherback turtles are the top predators of oceanic jellyfish, which in turn eat larval fish. As the number of leatherbacks in the ocean decrease, jellyfish numbers may increase locally and eat more larval fish, leaving fewer fish to grow. A wide variety of marine ecosystems are dependent on these fish, and even commercial fisheries may end up suffering from this cascading effect

·         By conserving our marine turtles, and therefore our healthy marine ecosystems, you can help to protect our livelihoods, food and water supply; ultimately securing our good quality of life and our children's bright future

So donate your share of kindness today to WWF-Malaysia. For more info, visit www.wwf.org.my.

 Thank you for your contribution! J

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Chest Follow-up

I returned to the UMMC for my chest follow-up on Monday morning since I discharged a month ago. Luckily I did not need to wait for long queue. I managed to see my Chest doctor by 9:30am. According to the doctor, my condition is OK as I do not have any more coughing and thus I have to continue with my medicines everyday. I still have to take 3 types of antibiotics for my treatment for at least a year and to have my follow-up in every 3 months time. My next follow-up would be in June.
Well, I wish that with the medicines I am taking, I would be able to recover soon. Here I would like to apologise to my friends that I would not be able to go to the public area for this period of time as I need to take good care and watch out my health carefully. The reason to stay out from the crowded area is to prevent any infection from others on me. So, I could not have any meet-up with you all at outside! :P
Anyway, since I am staying at home most of the time nowadays, I do many readings and also exchanging postcards or letters with my foreign friends. So I would not waste my time easily and feel bored to stay at home. If you have come across any interesting book, you may recommend to me! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Happened to Our Postal Service?!

I have sent a postcard to Russia on 28/2/2012 at a mini post office which is nearby my house. However, I have received such postcard yesterday, 6/3/2012. At first I thought the postcard had returned to me due to I have written the wrong address. FYI, I have written my returned address on the postcard. Then I noticed that actually it was not due to I have written the wrong address for my postcard, in fact the postcard has been sent to my home address instead of to Russia.

My postcard has been stamped by the post office dated 2/5/2012 and then delivered to my home address. Gosh, I am wondering what kind of postal service we have! Isn’t it a joke of the postal service?! Couldn’t the Post office staff differentiate the addresses of the sender and receiver?!  FYI, I was using a different colour pen to write the receiver’s address on the postcard, whereas my returned home address was written at the bottom left of the postcard. I even written “TO, MS.XXX” (the name of the receiver) on the first line and followed by the receiver’s address on the next few lines.  

Since my postcard had been stamped, I could only send the postcard to Russia enclosed with an envelope. I put my postcard into the envelope and have sent again. Of course it had cost me more for the postage this time! I wish that this time my postcard is able to reach my Russian friend, and would not be returned to me again.

I think if the Post Service staff were more responsible or careful with their work, such silly matter would not be happened. I think it is kind of wasting my time for rewrite the envelope and going to the post office again. Perhaps I am the “lucky” person to encounter such incident?! Then I should go for 4D! :P

So, have you encountered any problems/troubles by the Postal Service?! If yes, you are welcome to share your story with me! :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Sister and I are staying at home to Rest

It has been about 2 weeks after I discharged from the hospital. But a week after I have returned home, it was my elder sister who had admitted into hospital for her fibroid removal operation. But she had only stayed in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. Thus my elder sister and I are staying at home to rest now.
I guess my mother is the person who is suffered so much as she needs to take care both of us now. Moreover, both of us have to be careful for our diets. Mum is saying that she has problem of buying food from the market for us. In the meantime, I also knew that my mother is actually very worried about my sister and me. I feel sorry to her! L

So, my sister and I are staying at home to rest now. My sister is saying that she is bored to be at home as she rather works in the office. However, she could not do so due to her wound is still aching. She has to go back to the hospital for follow-up in this coming Thursday. My sister has realised the “painful” of staying in the hospital. She told me that how could I stand to stay for 60 days for my last admission. I told her that it was not a choice for me.

My niece is the one who is happy now as she sees her mother at home when she comes back from school everyday. Guess what?! My niece is so nice and cute that she becomes the little “kakak” for her mum (my elder sister) now. She helps her mother whatever she could, e.g. filling water, bring the water/fruit to her, helps her to shower…. My sister is saying that luckily she has a daughter.

As for me, I am still having short of breath sometimes. Of course I have to take 4 types of antibiotics everyday for my treatment. Some of my friends have given me some advices on taking my health. One of them recommended me to wear ionise clothes. I think I would consider for it.

Well, I wish everyone in my family would stay in good health. Thanks to my friends again for sending me the messages. Cheers!!!