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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rich and The Poor

A few days ago, I have read 2 articles on the paper. These articles are about a rich young guy and a poor granny with her grandchildren respectively, overall, the articles are about the rich and the poor.

The rich young guy is come from a wealthy family and his friends are those celebrities in the US, e.g. Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohann. This rich young man has bodyguards and he alone spends for his living in a week is about millions of Ringgit Malaysia. He lives at a luxury hotel and eats and drinks well and enjoys his life in the clubs/pubs. He able to spend RM2 million in a night just for the champagne, and moreover, he breaks the world record to pay for the world champagne. To keep it short, this young man is enjoying his life by spending so much money in a very short time.

On the other hand, the poor granny who lives together with her 3 grandchildren are suffering very much in their life. The only income for these poor is from the granny. This granny collects the old paper or boxes and sold them then only managed to have some few ringgits. The stationery and the clothes that are using and wearing by the grandchildren are collected by the granny from the rubbish dump. 2 packs of instant noodles are sharing by 4 people as their meal. When they are run out of money, only drink water to fulfil their stomach. To keep it short, these poor people are suffering from their life due to no money.

So, what is in your mind when you read these 2 ‘stories’? Probably some people will say that some are borne to be rich as they are lucky enough, and for those who are lack of fortunate, tend to become poor. For me, I think for those who are kind enough or able to contribute, why don’t they give some support to those who is needed.

If I was the parent of the rich young guy above, I’ll feel ashamed. The reason is he has spent so much in enjoying his life! If he has spent that money to the people who need, e.g. the victims of the earthquake, the poor, etc. I’ll say he’s a kind-hearted man. Sorry, I have to say he’s a nobody to me but a useless man.

So, how about you? What do you think of the rich and the poor?!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Visit to the Old Colleagues

2 days ago, I gave a visit to my old colleagues, another reason for me to go back to my old company was that I wanted to pay for my insurance premium. When I reached my old company, I met all my old colleagues of the department that I used to work in. I even gave some of them a big hug.

I was so happy and excited to meet them due to I did not see them since my resignation in March. Some of them were glad to see me too. This is due to we have developed a good relationship for my 9 years of working together. The reason for my resignation was due to my health condition, thus when I met them on that day, they were concerned about my health condition and kept on telling me to take good care of my health. I am very pleased with them.

I was staying there for about 90 minutes as I did not want to interrupt their work. I am happy that I still keep in touch with my old colleagues as I know some people do not keep contact with their old colleagues after their resignation. Thus, I am wishing all my old colleagues to have a good health and enjoy the work.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Little House-Intruder -- The Squirrel

Oh boy! There was an intruder in my house yesterday afternoon. It was a little squirrel!! As there are always some stray cats around my housing area, my family and I are always worry that those stray cats would enter into our house. But we have never thought of the little squirrel was came to our house instead. Moreover, we have no idea where is it came from!

Yesterday afternoon, just when mum and I came back from outside, once mum opened the door, she saw a tiny thing ran under the cabinet in the living room. She then thought it was a mouse as the size was too small for a stray cat. My mum then used a stick to sweep under the cabinet in order to chase the 'mouse' out. Oh my god, when the thing came out, it gave us a shocked. It was a small squirrel, not a kitten nor a mouse. A small squirrel with long tail. I was freaked out when i saw it, and i was screaming for it.

Guess what, the squirrel did not go out from house, it went up to my living hall of my second floor of my house. It climbed so fast to the staircase and ran up to the second floor! :( Then my mum couldn't stand it and she straight headed to the upstairs and tried to chase the squirrel out from our house. But we failed to do so, as we had lost it within our eye-sights, as its action was very fast. The squirrel was climbing and running so fast.

So, as we did not know if the squirrel was still hiding somewhere in our house or it has already gone from my house (hopefully it is). Anyway, we had set a mouse trap in the living room now, if the squirrel is still within my house, hopefully it will get trap by it and then we would send it away. Don't worry, we are not so violence as to kill it as we are not so daring to do such thing!

One-Month Anniversary of My Blog

It's one month anniversary for my blog. Well, during this month, I've tried to post different types of articles in my blog. I have tried to post the short story that written by my own, my travel tales, some jokes and tests which adapted from the newspaper and magazines, my thoughts for some issues, etc..

I am wondering is my blog being attractive to you. Honestly speaking, I am wondering how many people have been reading my blog in this month. I would not give up easily! Anyway, I will continue writing for my blog to make it more interesting as I am learning to do it now. :) So, please give me your support!!! Cheers!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rainy Days for Weekend

It is rainy days during the weekend. Although it would be very shinny in the morning, it would start to rain in the afternoon.

When it was raining, I felt lazy and felt like doing nothing. Rainy day made me sleepy and lazy. :P I was just lied down in my bed by closing my eyes and listened to my favourite songs. By doing these, I could relax my mind.

Some people did not like rainy days, some people like. For me, I prefer rainy days than shinny days, due to I could relax my mind. After raining, I feel the air is fresher and the weather is just nice from the breeze.

So, what kind of weather do you like? Do you same as mine?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yummy GCB!!! :)

I was taken the GCB (Grilled Chicken Burger) set meal from the McD this afternoon. Well, this set meal was launched yesterday. Before that, I have tasted the GCB back in year 2006 when I travelled in Shanghai, China. When I was first tasted the GCB in Shanghai, I already like it very much as I think it was tasted yummy and the meat was juicy and soft.

So, I recall my experienced in this afternoon when I given my first bite to my GCB. Gosh, it was so yummy and tasted good! The meat was greasy! I could not resist it. :) I think it was tasted the same when i taken it in Shanghai. But I have been waited for a long time to recall my taste. Anyway, wish that this GCB set meal would be available for long and would become the favourite for everyone. Well, at least, it is my favourite now!

So, for those who had yet to try the GCB, please go and try for it. See if you and I are having the same thought for the GCB!!! Enjoy the BURGER!!!

Population and Housing Census

From 6/7/2010 until 22/8/2010, Malaysia Government is having the population and housing census throughout the country. I was just taken the census interview 3 days ago.

The census interviewed was taken by 2 census takers, Malay lady and man, they are married couple. They were very friendly towards my mum and me upon the interviewed. They showed us their working identity before the interview started as to proof that they are the government staff.

We were communicated in English throughout the interview due to my Malay is not fluent. The whole interview was going smoothly as the census takers explained clearly to us. So, it took us about 30 minutes to complete the interview.

After the interviewed done, all of us felt a relieved due to there were many questions required to be answered. The census takers then thanked us and left and went to another household for interview. I also would like to thank the census takers for their patience and friendliness to us. I think the success of the census exercise is depending on the cooperation of both the census takers and the respondents; otherwise it would be a very difficult exercise.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Humour Corner :D

Hello, I found this joke is funny and I would like to share with you all. I read it in Chinese version, thus, I also translated it into English version. Enjoy!!!




老公给情人带电话 :我老婆这几天要去北京出差,我们也出来玩吧。




秘书给老公打电话:这几天老总有急事, 我们不去北京开会了.

老公给情人打电话: 这几天不能出来玩, 我老婆不去北京了.

情人给辅导功课的小男孩电话: 这几天继续正常上课.

小男孩给爷爷电话: 爷爷,这几天还是要上课, 我不能陪你玩了.

爷爷给秘书电话: 这几天我还是带你去北京走走的, 你准备下.

Business Trip

CEO informs the secretary says: I'll take to you to Beijing for business trip for a few days, you do prepare for the trip.

Secretary calls her husband: I will go to Beijing with my boss for a few days for a meeting, you take care of yourself.

Husband calls to the lover by phone: My wife is going to Beijing on business for these few days, we can have fun together.

Lover calls to the counseling homework boy: No class for these few days, I have some personal business.

The little boy calls to Grandpa: Grandpa, my teacher has something to do on her own for these few days no class, you can play with me.

Grandpa calls to the Secretary: I cannot go to Beijing in these few days as I need to accompany my grandson.

Secretary calls to her husband: CEO is having an urgent matter in these few days, we will not go to Beijing for meeting.

Husband calls to Lover : We cannot come out to have fun for these few days, my wife is not going to Beijing.

Lover gives call to the counseling homework boy : The classes are resumed for these few days.

The little boy calls to Grandpa : Grandpa, my classes are resumed for these days, I cannot play with you.

Grandpa calls to Secretary : I'll take to you to Beijing for business trip for a few days, you do prepare for the trip.

(adapted from a-magazine vol.23)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bye-Bye FIFA WC South Africa and See U at Brazil in 2014

Congratulations to Spain, Netherlands and Germany teams. They are the top 3 for the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa.

10/7/2010, the Germany team had won the Bronze again since year 2006. It was sad to see that the Germans lost to the Spanish for the finals, but they did play a very well game for the third place match when against the Uruguay team. I was glad to see the newcomer, Thomas Muller (who is one of my favourite German football player) has got 5 goals in this FIFA WC 2010. I think Germany team would become a stronger team in next FIFA WC. I wish that they would be the world champion in the year 2014!!!

The champion of FIFA WC 2010 is Spain. It is a history for the WC as the Spanish had been waited for a century for this moment. I wonder if anybody had thought of Spain team would be the champion for this WC before the game started on 11/6/2010. Well, honestly speaking, I had never thought of the finals match would be the Netherlands vs Spain. :P

The Netherlands team, a team which had not lost any matches before the finals in this FIFA WC. All the fans of Netherlands team were enjoying all her victory. The team was just failed once in this WC and that was to lost the trophy, although the Dutch were also waited the moment for 32 years. The Dutch team was unlucky in the finals because they only had 10 players against the opponent in the last 20 minutes of the game. No doubt, the Spanish team was strong and also playing very well in the finals. I could see that the Spanish had controlled on the game against the Dutch.

When the extra time of the finals ended, I saw all the Spanish were all in the joy, but the Dutch were all sad even though they won the 2nd place. I saw Sneijder was having tears in his eyes, I bet he must be very, very upset at that moment.

Anyway, that is the way of the game, there was winner and losers. You only could be one of them. That was the life. No matter how, both of the teams were great, otherwise they would not be in the finals.

So, that is the end of the FIFA WC 2010, we have to say Good-Bye to South Africa and see the FIFA WC at Brazil in the year 2014. I believe all the football fans out there can have a rest and back to their normal lives now after chasing the ball for 1month. So, the FIFA WC heat would be end here.

Again, we will see what will happen in 2014 at Brazil. Bye-bye FIFA World Cup!!!

I.T Love

“Hello, Jason here. "

“Jason, Kelly here. Would you mind to come over to my place for awhile to check my computer as it’s not functioning properly. I need to submit an urgent report to my boss before lunch time!”

“OK, I’ll be right there!”

Jason then quickly informed his colleague who sat next to him that he would go to the Level One for assist. Less than 5 minutes, he reached Kelly’s workplace from Level 16 of IT department to Level One.

Kelly was pleased to see Jason as she really had to get ready the report for her boss before lunch time. After he finished checking Kelly’s computer, he managed to solve the problem and she was able to submit the report to her boss on time.

Jason was one of the IT technicians of the company, whoever was having computer problems, and he sure would provide assistance. Kelly was one of the executives for Admin Department.

On the next day, Kelly paid a lunch to Jason for his assistance on her computer for the previous day.

“If you didn’t come to repair my computer yesterday, I’ll be in trouble as I couldn't’t submit the report to my boss on time. Anyway, you really have helped me with it. Thanks!”

“It’s my pleasure as it’s my job duty.”

From that day onwards, Kelly would only call to Jason when she was having problems with her computer although there were other IT technicians available in the company. Jason was always there for her without any delay.

Both Jason and Kelly started to have lunch together everyday, went to movies and concerts together too as both of them were having the same interests. Whenever, there was any new movie released, they would watch together. At the beginning, they would join together with their colleagues for those activities, eventually; the group became smaller and ended up with just 2 of them.

A few weeks later, the staff in the company began to gossip about Jason and Kelly as they were a couple. But both of them denied it and said they were just friends. This was due to they did not hold each other’s hand and they did not think of couple relationship before.

“C’mon man, don’t tell me you don’t love her and only treat her as your ‘friend’? Otherwise, you wouldn’t go out with her alone for lunch and movie and the most important thing is that you are always rushing to her whenever she calls for your help! “

After listened to his colleague, Jason started to consider his relationship with Kelly.

Since the rumours started in the office, when Kelly and Jason met in the office, they felt awkward. Moreover, they had stopped going out for lunch and movies together. Kelly also did not call Jason for assistance for her computer problems; she would call for other IT technician instead.

2 months after the rumours started, Kelly got to know from her colleagues that Jason had tendered his resignation and his last day would be on the coming Friday. Kelly was sad and angry as Jason did not tell her about it and she was thinking that Jason did not treat her as his friend anymore.

On Friday evening after working hour, the IT department was holding a farewell party for Jason and they also invited the colleagues from other departments. Kelly was one of the invitees. Kelly gave Jason a present as the farewell gift, it was a tie pin.

After the farewell party ended, Kelly went back to her work station, while others had already left. She then checked her email before leaving the office. In her email inbox, there was an email from Jason. She was hesitated for a moment whether to open it. She then decided to open it as she thought it was just a farewell email from him to all the colleagues. Thus, she clicked to open the email.

The email was playing the song of ‘The Power of Love’ by Celion Dion. Kelly recalled that she had told Jason before that it was her favourite song. Then some words also appeared on her screen ‘I’m glad that I have met you, and I’m enjoying the days that I spent with you. I hope we can be together, will you be my girlfriend?’

“Kelly!” She startled, and saw Jason was standing behind. She jumped up from her seat immediately.

“I can’t stop thinking about you ever since the day you called me to help for your computer. You looked cute on that day. I remember every word you said, your likes and dislikes. I’m very happy to be with you when we were going for movies and have fun together. I wish we could continue to be like those days.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you have resigned?”

"I did it on purpose as I don’t want our relationship to be the gossips for others. Moreover, I have a better offer from the new company. I want to give you a surprise for this moment.”

Jason then handed over a gift to Kelly, and she opened it. It was a necklace for her.

“Will you become my girlfriend?”

Kelly nodded, he put on the necklace for her, and gave her a kiss on the lip and they hugged tightly while the song was still playing in the air……

Friday, July 9, 2010

Humour Corner :D

Hello there! I am giving 'medicine' to you all again. Enjoy !!!

I accompanied my husband to a reunion of friends he hadn't seen in more than 40 years. As he stood at the entrance to our host house, my husband searched for a familiar face. Finally spotting one, he went over stuck out his hand and asked "Änd you are ...?" The woman glared at him, and said "Your first wife ... "

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Few weeks ago, the government had announced that they intend to abolish the examinations of UPSR (for primary school, standard 6) and PMR (for secondary school, form 3). When the announcement had out, there were some 'disputes' from the country. Some were agreed and some were disagreed with their own reasons respectively.

For me, I do agree that the exam of PMR should be abolished and not the UPSR exam. The reason is UPSR could be set as the motivation for the primary school students to study hard, and it could also let the students to have the experience for the big exams. So that the students could feel the pressure from their young age.

If the UPSR has been abolished, the primary school students would not know and feel the pressure of the studies for the important exams until they are in Form 5 to sit for the SPM. I think most of the students would not able to face the pressure as they have not experienced it before. However, if they had taken the UPSR in the young age, at least the students would know how to deal with the pressure and know what were needed to be done for the exams. Moreover, they would have the thought of it would be another challenge for them.

I know some of the people out there would have the same thought as I am, but no matter how, the decision is on the government. Thus, we just have to wait and see what the decision will be in the coming days.....

Paul, the Octopus was Right Again!

Paul, the octopus was right again! :(

Germany team was defeated by Spanish with the goal of 1-0. It was a sad day for all the fans of Germany team over the world, of course I am one of them! But I think the saddest ones are the German players themselves as they had been playing well all along the matches.

Although they could not go back with the FIFA World Cup trophy, they are already the heroes of the country and the fans. Let's wish them all the best for the next match as I believe they could be the third place for FIFA World Cup 2010.

Let us not forget, the finals will be Netherlands v Spain. Who would be the champion in this time? No matter who the winner is for this year, it would be definitely a history for the FIFA World Cup. Thus, we are looking forward for the finals......

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FIFA Worldcup 2010 - The Dutch Won!

Hooray! The Dutch won and enter into finals for the World Cup. I am proud to see that the Dutch have defeated the Uruguay with 3-2. However, i think the Uruguay is a strong team too!

So, tonight will be the exciting game. Germany v Spain. According to the prediction of the Octopus, Spain will win for the game. I wish that the Octopus would wrong for this time! :P Anyway, we have to wait and see!! I really wish I would get a good news for tonight game!

So people, make sure you won't miss the game. Go Go Go Germany!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Humour Corner :D

Do you know what is the best medicine when are you are feeling sick, miserable or sad? Is it antibiotics? Pain killers? Viagra? Ginseng or Bird's nest? Well, the best medicine is none of the above. The answer is LAUGHTER. Laugter is the best medicine as it is FREE!

Well, i'll put a joke here as to keep you happy and smile and laugh always!

Husband says to wife at the zoo .. "Look at the monkeys, they resemble your relatives."
Wife then answers "Thank you, thanxs indeed. They resemble my in-laws."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Love Song

I believe everyone has his/her own favourite love song. When I am feeling miserable or sad time, I will listen to this Korean song. I will feel better after finish listening to the song. Although I cannot understand the meaning of the lyrics, I still like the song as I think the melody is very beautiful, especially the starting of the song, that is the solo of the piano playing. I really think it is beautiful.

Well, I am not able to post the song in my blog, sorry! The name of the song is called "Waiting for Your Love".

What would you do when you are facing your stress?

I have posted a psychology test (adopted the source from the Sin Jew Paper) last week in the Mandarin version. I think it is fun and now I would translate it into the English version for the friends who are unable to read Chinese.
It is a test for you that how would you do when you are facing your stress. Personally, i think it is very accurate.
Title : What would you do when you are facing your stress?
If the most spectacular meteor shower of the century is coming soon, where would you choose to see this meteor shower?
A. Rooftop B. Field C. Seaside D. Top Mountain
A. You usually like to think of their own living arrangements were full, so the work occupies most of the time of your life, so prone to interpersonal problems, you require to actively expand the scope of the social and integration among groups.
B. You do prefer fantasy to resolve stress and anxiety, although it might be useful in helping you troubleshooting and reducing stress. However in the long run, you require to exercise yourself in facing the reality and setback the capacity.
C. When setbacks or failures in life, or when there is too large pressure, the best consolation for you is love. So, found a man who truly loves you in your life, to a large extent, helping you to succeed and reducing stress.
D. You are a very optimistic person, no matter how great the problem, you can face with optimism,. For you, you are having many friends to talk to, and they are your most valuable assets.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

FIFA Worldcup 2010 - Semifinals

Yes, all my top 4 teams (except Brazil) are in. I was so glad that my favourite team, Germany had won beautifully last night, 4 - 0 against the Argentina team. I think the Germans had been playing well especially in the last 20 minutes of the 2nd half game. Moreover, my favourite player, Klose had scored 2 goals. Hurray!
Now that I have 2 new favourite players after watching the quarterfinals. They are Thomas Muller from Germany team and Wesley Sneijder from Holland team. Both of them are very young and energetic players. I think they will play again in the next world cup.
Well, I am looking forward for the next matches which started on 7/7/2010. Germany v Spain and Holland v Uruguay. I wish to see that the finals will be the match between the Holland v Germany and then my favourite team will be the champion of FIFA World Cup 2010. So, go Germany go!

Friday, July 2, 2010



A. 楼顶 B. 草地 C. 海边 D. 山上

A. 你通常喜欢把自己的生活安排得满满的,所以工作占据了你生活的大部分时间,如此易出现人际交往的问题,你需要积极扩大自己的社交范围,融入群体之中。

B. 你比较喜欢用幻想来排解压力和焦虑,虽然如此可能可以帮组你排解忧愁,减轻压力,但从长远来看,你还需要不断的锻炼自己,勇于面对现实,增强自己应对现实和挫折的能力。

C. 当生活中出现挫折或者失败的时候,以及压力过大的时候,对你而言最好的安慰是爱情。所以,生活中找到一个真心爱你的男人,能够在很大程度上帮组你追求成功,减轻压力。

D. 你是一个十分乐观的女人,不管遇到多么大的问题,你都能够乐观地面对,而且特别能够看得开。对你而言,拥有许多能够倾诉的朋友是生命中最宝贵的财富。

(adopted from Sin Chew paper dated 28/6/2010)

FIFA Worldcup 2010 - Quarterfinals

It's going for the quarterfinals matches of FIFA World Cup now. Brazil v Holland, Uruguay v Ghana, Germany v Argentina and Spain v Paraguay. I bet all the fans of football are more excited for the matches now.
Personally, my top 4 teams are Brazil, Uruguay, Germany and Spain. I think the most exciting match will be Germany v Argentina. I just wish that my favourite team will win.
Well, tonight will start all the matches, enjoy yourself for the games!