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Sunday, January 18, 2015

My New Receipt of Euporean & Asian Postcards of Year 2015 January

Germany - Iris
Hello to all my blog followers! I am sorry that I have not been updated my blog for sometime. The reason is I am busy due to my personal matter. But I still could manage to squeeze out sometime now to blog about the receipt of my lovely postcards within the past 2 weeks since the new year, Yr.2015 from the worldwide. :)

I have received the German postcard from Iris. The German sentence written on the postcard means "A Good Husband Hears Although His Wife is Silent". According to Iris, it is a joke. For me, I think so too! :P
The next Snoopy postcard is sent by Joe who is from USA. Joe and I used to exchange cards sometimes. Although his cute Christmas card has reached me after the festive season, I still like it as Snoopy is one of my most favourite cartoon character. Thus, I was happy to receive such lovely postcard.
USA - Joe

The Netherlands - Evelien

Belarus - Margarita
The Dutch postcard is from Evelien. The postcard shows the street where she lives with her family. She was having snowing when she written the card to me.
Margarita from Belarus has sent me a postcard with a meal dish. According to her, it is the national dish which her country people usually eat during the summer. Well, I think I would give it a try if i have the chance to travel to the Belarus during the summer time. :) 

Germany - Esther

France - Laura
Year 2015 is here. I have received a new year postcard from Esther, Germany. She has written some new year greetings on the card and pasted some lovely stickers on the card too.
Another late Christmas card which I have received is from France. Laura has sent me a lovely owl Christmas card together with 2 cute Disney stickers. Laura is live in Paris, wow, a romantic city.
The next card is from Asia country. It is sent from Apple, who is from Taiwan. I like Apple's card very much as I think it is very beautiful. It is full of new year mood and I think it is a Japanese card as there are some Japanese words printed on the card. Apple is from Hsinchu city as she said that it is a beautiful place. Apple has also pasted some beautiful stamps on the postcard too. Overall, I like both the stamps and the card and her card has became one of my favourite postcards. :) 

Taiwan - Apple

Russia - Anna
The last postcard is received from Anna, Russia. Anna is live in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. She likes travelling who is similar to me. Anna has also pasted some beautiful stamps on the postcard. The view of the postcard is called "Night - A light blue wave.1876" by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 - 1900).
So, these are the postcards that I have received in the first two weeks of the new year, Year 2015. I wish I would receive and exchange more postcards in this year. I think my target is about 100 cards in this year. I wish that I could meet my objective. :)
Once again, I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the friends above to send those postcards to me. THANK YOU, XIE XIE, GARCIA, MERCI!!! :)
Wishing you all have a happy and prosperous new year. HAPPY 2015!!! :)