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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aurora Beauty

Do you know what is Aurora? Have you ever thought of to see aurora in your life?

Aurora is also known as the northern and southern polar lights. It is called Beijiguang (北极光) in Chinese. It is the natural lights display in the sky, particular in the polar regions, usually observed at night.

I am always have a wish that I could see the aurora at least once in my lifetime. This is because I think it is an amazing nature and it is beautiful lights. A few days ago, I found out there is a website has the featured videos of the beautiful aurora everyday. It is provided by the Canadian Space Agency. There are the information of the aurora, eg. tips of aurora viewing, pictures and videos of auroras. I have gone through this website and I found it interesting. It is provided the amazing aurora videos daily.
Well, if you are interested, you may click the website here, http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/astronomy/auroramax/default.asp

Well, I hope you will enjoy the video of the auroras.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful and Peaceful Lugano, Swissland (II)

Beautiful and Peaceful Lugano, Swissland

After visited Italy and Monte Carlo, my next stop was Lugano, Switzerland. Lugano is the 9th largest city of Swissland by population. This city is in the south of Switzerland, which borders Italy. It lies on the Lake Lugano. It is also situated between the lakes Lago Maggiore and Lago di Como, south of the Alps.

When I reached Lugano, I found it is a very beautiful and peaceful place. When I was walking along the Lake Lugano. I was feeling very peaceful. I also saw the snow mountain at the lake. I had my lunch at one of the cafe in the shopping mall on that day. It was kind of like pasta. It cost quite expensive. After my lunch, I started to walk around at the shopping mall. Thus, shopping time had started! :P

What do you think is famous from Swissland? Swatch? Swiss army knife? Chocolates? Bingo!!! I had bought those items. Since Swatch watch is from Switzerland and I am also a watch collector, how could I miss out such a good chance to buy those watches. Thus, I had bought 6 Swatch watches there, 2 belong to mine and the rest are for my family. The cost of the Swatch is cheaper than Malaysia.

Besides the Swatch watch, I also bought Swiss army knife. I bought a mini Swiss army knife and it cost not cheap too. I also bought some souvenirs too. The shopping mall was already started to sell the chocolates for the Christmas (it was end of November when I visited there). So, I also bought some chocolates there. Chocolates is my favourite too. All the chocolates packing were so beautiful and they were tasted good. My favourite is milk chocolate. I had bought many packs of chocolate there and I think they was weight for a few kilograms. Then I had to carry them to walk around, but since it is my favourite, I did not mind to carry them! :P

There are many branded shops in the shopping mall too and all the shops were having beautiful decorations for the Christmas. I was really excited to see those decorations as it has the feel of Christmas.

The Swiss are very friendly to us. They speak better English than the Italians. After my visit in the Lugano, I wish to visit Switzerland again next time. I think it is a beautiful country and I wish that day would come soon.

After this beautiful city, Lugano. I was headed to Nice and Cannes of France. So, I will tell you more next time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lantern Festival Nite

Last Saturday evening, my niece was having her Lantern Festival Nite at her day care centre together with her tuition teachers and her friends. There were barbecue, singing performance by the students, and games. All the students and their families, the teachers and their families were invited to attend for the night. Thus, there were many people and all the children were enjoying very much. Moreover, there was many food too, ie. chicken wings, grilled prawns, friend meehun, yam cakes, etc..

My niece was one of the performers for the choir group. By 9pm, the choir was started to perform. They sang 6 songs and their tuition teacher was playing the piano as the accompaniment. 5 Mandarin songs and 1 Cantonese songs. I was recording their performance, but I found that my niece was too shy to look at the camera and she kept on turning her head to aside. I think it was very funny and my elder sister (mother of my niece) also said the same thing as I were. After that, I kept on teasing my niece if her head was feeling aching for kept on looking at aside, and she was quite mad for it. She then told me that she was shy to look at the camera, therefore she did not look in front.

When I showed her the video clip the next day, my niece was laughing for herself for what she had done. I then told her to be a brave girl and do not be shy to perform in front of the people.

Well, I wish to see her that she would be braver in her next performance. Hopefully I could have her recording that she would be looking at the camera in a confident way. GO FOR IT, MY LOVELY NIECE!!! 加油!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Favourite Singer, Jacky Cheung - God of Songs

A few days ago, I have read the news on the newspaper about my favourite singer, Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau. The news was about that he has hold the records for the highest price of the concert tickets in the China. The highest price of the concert ticket costs around RM2000 each ticket. It is AMAZING!!!

Well, I started to listen to Jacky's songs since my high-school days. The first song that I got to know him is through the song '情已逝' (Qing Yi Sai). I found that song is nice and the singer was sing good too. Since then I started to listen to his songs. Jacky Cheung has released many albums and most of his songs are very nice to listen. Therefore, he has been known as the Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) or the God of Songs (歌神) by the media. I am sure most of the Chinese around the world know him. Overall, I think Jacky Cheung is one of the best performers.

Personally, I have been to his concerts when Jacky Cheung opened his concerts in my country since 90s. In fact, his concert is my first experience of attending a concert in my life time. So far, I have been attended his 3 concerts and a broad-way style musical show, Snow.Wolf.Lake (雪狼湖). I really enjoyed very much whenever I attended his musical shows.

As Jacky Cheung has performed many songs all these years, my most favourite song of his is '爱是永恒' (Oi Si Wing Hung). I just think this song has beautiful melody and I like it very much. Besides this song, I also like my other songs that performed by him. The lists is as below :-
  1. 只想一生跟你走 (Zi Xiong Yat Sang Kan Ni Zao)
  2. 每天爱你多一些 (Mui Tin Oi Ni Do Yat Seh)
  3. 你的名字,我的姓氏 (Ni Di Ming Ji Or Di Sing Xi)
  4. 吻别 (Wen Bie)
  5. 情书 (Qing Shu)
  6. 想和你吹吹风 (Xiang He Ni Chui Chui Feng)
  7. 朋友 (Peng You)
  8. 讲你知 (Kong Ni Ji)

Besides the list of songs above, there are many more songs are my favourite but I would not write them down as it would be a long list! :P

As Jacky Cheung is having his world-tour concert again in next year. I hope he would come to Kuala Lumpur for his concert and hopefully I could could see him again. So, will you go to his concert if Jacky Cheung comes to open his concert here?! Do you like his songs as I do?!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Magnetic Ornaments

Picture A (ab0ve)

Picture B (above)

My little niece and I had been playing with the magnetic ornaments lately. Both of us have designed various designs for the ornaments. Attached the pictures are the most beautiful of our designs respectively. Guess what, it was a competition for both of us for the design of the magnetic ornaments, and we were having equal votes from my family members.

In order to have the winner among both of us, I would like to invite you all to vote for us. Please vote for your favourite magnetic ornament design. To be fair, I would not specify the competitors' design. It was using picture A and picture B for the designs respectively.

The closing date for the voting of your favourite magnetic ornament is latest by 30/09/2010.

Thus, we are looking for your votes and thank you for voting!
PS: If you having problems to post the comment, please refer the link below.

Humour Corner :D


The main Reason of men created the Golden Rule : Ladies first?!

They learn from experience........


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, 中秋节快乐!

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, aka. Moon Festival, or in Chinese is Zhongqiujie (中秋节). It is also sometimes referred as Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival. The festive season is held on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calender. This festive season is one of the most important festive seasons for Chinese.

The traditional food for this festive season is the mooncakes. Nowadays, there are many varieties of mooncakes. For example, green tea mooncakes, Tiramisu mooncakes, Chocolate mooncakes, durian mooncakes, ice-cream mooncakes, etc.. Personally, I prefer the old traditional mooncake. which is the plain pure lotus paste or sometimes with a single egg yolk. I think it is the best type of the mooncake.

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the whole family is to have a reunion dinner and the children are playing lanterns after that. The reason is on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is in full and round and it symbolises the reunion.

For me, I will go to the temple for praying with my family after the dinner. I will not play with lantern due to there are no small children around me this year. So I might just watching TV until my bed time.

Anyway, I am wishing all the people out there to have a Happy Moon Festival & 中秋节快乐!