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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Birthday Surprise of The Beatles' Collection for My Niece!!! ^.^

Hi all!
My teenager niece is a very big fan of The Beatles! Yes, a 13 year-old girl likes The Beatles!!! She is watching all the movies, animations of The Beatles always. Moreover she is playing the songs of the Beatles on the piano everyday, listens to their songs too. My niece’s birthday is coming in 2 months time I wish to go through this blog to collect the postcards, pictures, posters, badges, or anything which relates to The Beatles as the birthday gift for my niece from the worldwide. I will send a thank you card to you if you have sent me the Beatles’ stuff. Oops, kindly explain the reason for the Beatles’ stuff you send to me and write a birthday greetings to my niece. Her name is Jaycee, she will celebrate her 14th birthday in the mid of May. I want to give my niece a surprise, please help me!!!
Do drop me a line if you would like to help to give a surprise to this little Beatles' fan!!! :)

Thank you very, very much indeed!!! ^.^

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