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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Flight MH370, please come back, all of us are waiting for you! Do you copy?! 5 days have passed, the missing flight is yet to be found since 8th March 2014. The jet that has vanished in the thin air has become a mystery for the world now.

This news has become the world news now as many countries from the worldwide have came to assist Malaysia for the searching and rescue. They are from USA, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and India. This jet has carried about 239 passengers and all the people are praying for them to come back safely.

During the investigation, searching days, some media has reported the fake news, eg. The plane has crashed, suspected corpses, plane wreckages, hijacked by the terrorists, etcc.. Personally, I think now the most vital point is the safety of the jet passengers. 

Although there are none of the passengers i have known, I still feel sorry for their family and friends. They must be very upset and depressed now, especially when received the message "prepare for the worst!". :(

However, I want to tell all the passengers of MH370 that we all are giving full support to you all, please do not give up! Let us not forget, we also have to give support and thank to all the rescue and searching teams from the different countries. Thanks to their effort for the assisting! 

Lastly, I want to tell the flight MH370, please come back now. It's the end time for the game of hide and seek. We all are waiting for you here. Please come back!!! Let's keep on praying for MH370!!! Will you pray along with me?!

Do you copy flight MH370?! We are waiting for you to come back!!!

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