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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Winning Prize for Snap and Win Contest for "My Love from the Star"!

OMG! I have won the prize of the contest of the Snap and Win Contest of the Korean drama  "My Love from the Star". In the beginning of April this year, I have submitted some contest entries via email for the Korean drama. It has to snap the favourite scene of the drama and to give the reason of the favourite scene for the contest. 

After I have submitted the entries via email, I am very  nervous for the result release. But i have been waited so long and no news about it and it makes me have forgotten about it and also thought that I did not win for the contest.

However, on 20/5/2014,I have received an email to inform me that I have won for the "Snap & Win contest". Although I am not the grand prize winner and just one of the consolation prize winners, yet I am still very happy for it. This is due to I have won the limited edition of the merchandise of the K-drama"My Love from the Star". In the email, it is informing that the prize is sending from Singapore to me. Thus, I was waited patiently until 29/5/2014and I finally received my prize.

The prize includes a notebook and a set of 5 pieces of postcards of the K-drama "My Love from the Star". Moreover, these stuff are the limited editions and I am so happy, gladly to receive them!!! :D you may see the pictures below :-
                                                        Front View of Postcards
Back View of Postcards

I owould like to thank the organizer to have the contest so that I am able to win the prize! Thank you! 

Lastly, I would like to say "I Love You, Do Min-joon! I Love You, Cheon Song-yi! Sarang heyo!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome to Malaysia my Cute Giant Pandas!!! ♡

Fu Wa (L), Feng Yi (R)

On 21/5/2014, the 2 cute giant pandas named FU Wa (male) and Feng Yi (female) have arrived Malaysia from China finally after we long waited for them. These cute pandas would be staying from Malaysia for 10 years. 

The pair were welcome by a team of about 40 Zoo Negara staff and two people dressed in panda costumes. A group of schoolchildren were also present, chanting the names of the pandas. All the people were overjoyed about the arrival of the pandas.
The pandas would be required to quarantine for a month and then only to have public appearance at their newly-built house at the National Zoo of Malaysia.
The 1.6ha panda complex has enclosures with steep terrain, wooden playgrounds and ice blocks that mimic their natural environment.
The pandas' new names are set to be announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during the grand opening of the enclosure at the end of June. In the earlier days, we were  having a contest for naming the  2 giant pandas ans I also have participated. Thus, I am wondering would the names I submitted would be selected! Hehe! :p
The Malaysian and Chinese governments have signed a deal to loan this pair of panda for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary between the 2 countries. Personally i like the panda as i think it it cute with its colors, 2 small ears and the parts around the eyes are in black and the limbs in black and body in white. I have seen the real panda before when I have travelled to Beijing in few years back at the Beijing Zoo.

For me, I think panda is a lovely animal as it eats bamboos only and I consider them as the vegetarian animals. Well, both FU WA and FEng YI are 8 year-old, and they are borned on the same date and year. I hope they would have a baby soon as it is a "made in Malaysia" panda baby! :)

Actually the female panda Feng Yi is having the same name as one of my friends, in Chinese name, guess what my friend's birthday is the date of the pandas arrival in Malaysia. So, i was joking with her on the birthday online that her "friend" has arrived and then she replied as "it is expensive to see "her" in the National Zoo! Haha!

Anyway, according to the news, both the pandas are happy with their new house here. It is special built for them and it is one of the best panda houses of the world. You may take a sneak peek of the  Panda Conservation and Exhibition Centre below.

Well, since Year 2014 is the " Visit Malaysia Year", you are welcome to MalAysia and to visit these cute giant pandas too! So, see you soon!!! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Postcard from UK Pen-Pal

A lovely mail has received from Jodie, from UK on 8/5/2014. Jodie is one of my new pen-pals and she has written me a letter and also sent a beautiful postcard to me. The postcard is the view of the Victoria and Albert Museum of the London. It is a cut-paper work. I like the postcard very much, thus I would like to thank Jodie! :) I also like the stamps on the envelope as I think they are beautiful too.
In the letter, Jodie has written that she has 2 sons and living on the border between England and Scotland with her husband. Her interests are reading, gardening, reading, music and dancing. She is a member of the group dancers. Well, I think she is a good dancer!!! :P
Anyway, I will reply to Jodie soon as I was too busy with my personal matter lately and could not able to reply to her! Once again, thank you for your mail, Jodie!!! :P 

Monday, May 26, 2014

You have done your Best, Malaysian Badminton Team!!!

25/5/2014 @ 11:30pm is the sad time for the whole nation as the Malaysian badminton  team has  been defeated by the Japanese team by 3 -2. A history for the Japan as it is her first time to have the Thomas Cup in 65 years and Japan also has won the second place for the Uber Cup. Thus, I would like to say Congratulations to the Japanese team.
Gosh, it has taken about 6 hours for the 5 matches during the final game and the feelings is like riding the roller-coaster, ups and downs. Well, the first match has won by our first single player, Dato Lee Chong Wei, then followed by first double and second single have lost to the Japanese team. The result became MAS 1 - 2 JAP. Then on the following game, our second double player has won the match the result has became 2 -2.

Thus, the last match of the 3rd single match was the result of which country would bring back the Thomas Cup to home. Well, personally, I think our third single player was not playing as good as the other players. This may due to he was in the stress or he has injured and pretended not to the opponent.Moreover he is the captain of the team this time. When the match has to play 3 games, and in the final few points, it really was the stress for all the supporters and the players. I could see the all the supporters of the 2 countries were given their fullest support at that time in the TV in the stadium. I as the TV viewer also given the last fullest support to our Malaysian team. But unfortunately, the luck is not on our side again, as the Japan has won the last point. I guess at that time, the whole nation have a heart drop and so as the badminton players, especially the captain, the last player.
Anyhow, the final match of the Thomas Cup in last night is an amazing game as we could see all our badminton players have played very well respectively. The whole team, except our Dato LCW and one of the first double players, Tan, are the ones who always have competition in the international games, the rest of the players are new players and yet they still played very well.
Personally I like the player of the 2nd single player, Chong Wei Feng. I think he is a good player as he needed more training and maybe he could be the next No.1 badminton player of the world. Who knows?!
Well, I guess some people would blame some of the players for losing the game but to be honest, what if you put yourself in the shoe of the player during the matches time?! Would you be able to play as good as them?! Or perhaps you couldn't even gain so many points!
Thus, we need to give chance and time to those new young players as I believe the Thomas Cup will be returned to Malaysia soon. Maybe in Yr.2016?! Who knows?!
Lastly, Congrats to the Japan team again and also to our Malaysian team as we have 2nd place and won the silver medals. To our badminton players "Guys, you have done your best for the finals, and don't be upset for getting the silver medals instead of gold medals. You all will have the chance to bring the Thomas Cup back someday!!! Lastly, fighting Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Year 2014 Thomas Cup, Here We Come!!!

Today, 25th May 2014 @ 5:30pm, it will be the finals of the New Delhi Thomas Cup  Year 2014. The match is between Malaysia and Japan. It is a shocked news that the China team has been defeated by the Japanese team to gain the finals seat. Whereas Malaysian team has defeated the Indonesia n Friday night, 23/5/2014 by 3-0 to enter the finals after 12 years.

Malaysia has won the Thomas Cup in Year 1992, yes, 22 years ago. Since then, Malaysian team did not win until this year has entered the finals to play against the Japan team.

As a Malaysian, I am happy to see our badminton team has got the good results throughout the matches. Now, it is the last match for them and also the wish of the whole country that our badminton team would win the Thomas Cup and bring the trophy back to Malaysia.

Thus, I would like to wish all the best to our Malaysian badminton team and wish they would have the good results in this evening and bring the Thomas Cup back to our country after the long waited of 22 years!!!!!

Lastly, good luck, kanbatte, jia you 加油, fighting Malaysia!!! Let us all giving our fullest support to our badminton team. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Korean TV Drama Postcard Collections

Yahoo! I have received the postcards of my favourite Korean TV series from my pen-pals. They are Sinae from Korea to send me the drama postcards of "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" and CuZn from China to send the hit series "My Love from the Star"! 

I was so surprised when I received the drama postcards. I am very happy too as both series are starring with the same actor, he is Kim Soo-hyun. Yes, a very, very popular idol in Asia now after the TV drama " My Love from the Star" as the character of a cool alien professor named Do Min-joon. :P

Well, the actor, Kim Soo-hyun is one of my favourite Korean male actors as his acting skill is good and he looks cute too. He has also won many awards in his career. I got to know this actor from the drama "Giant" in few years back.

Anyway, I like both the drama of the postcards that my pen-pals have sent to me. Thus, I am very grateful for receiving them. Hence, I would like to say Kamsah Hamidah, Xie Xie 谢谢 to Sinae and CuZn respectively. Lastly, a BIG THANK YOU to you all!!!! :) once again, THANK YOU!!! :D

My Love from the Star

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Monday, May 19, 2014

Thank you for all The Beatles Collection

If you have been followed my post, you must be known that in my previous blog that I have posted Birthday surprise for my lovely niece for the Beatles Collection. Thus I am very grateful for my friends for all over the world for helping me to meet my objective, i.e. a surprise to my niece on her birthday. I would like to give a big THANK YOU for the people below :-
  1. Catherine -- USA ---> postcard
  2. Dieter41 -- Germany ---> postcard
  3. Sophia -- Sweden ---> postcards
  4. Nyani -- USA ---> magazine
  5. Megumi -- Hong Kong ---> postcard
  6. Kim -- Canada ---> postcard
  7. Bob --- USA ---> postcard
  8. Udo --- Germany ---> postcards
  9. Vivian --- UK ---> postcards & badges
  10. Kate -- Russia ---> postcard
  11. Andrea -- Australia ---> posters
  12. Scott -- UK ---> birthday card & postcards
Once again, I would like to thank all the friends above for the Beatles collection and Gracias, Merci, Xie Xie and THANK YOU!!! :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Surprise to my Lovely Niece! ♡

Yesterday, 15th May was my lovely niece, YC aka Jaycee celebrated her 14th birthday. I have given her a big surprise birthday gifts to her. Well, as I know she is a very big fan of the group band, The Beatles, I have made a collection of the Beatles from the world wide for her surprise.
The Beatles' collection include Birthday card, badge, postcards, magazine and posters. I requested from my pen-pals or postcard swappers from around the world started from February this year, yes, 3 months before Jaycee's birthday. :P
Well, the Beatles' collection is came from USA, Sweden, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and Russia. Thus I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends from the worldwide. I also mailed a THANK YOU token to them in return after receiving those collection from every one of them.
Anyway, I have to hide The Beatles' stuff everytime after I have received as I did not want to let my niece know about it. I just pretended that I was trying hard to look for her and told her not to have so much hope on it. Luckily YC also did not expect so much.
So, on the night before her birthday, I put all the small  items of the Beatles's collection in a gift bag, and the 2 big posters in a long round tube (as mailed as it was) and got ready to give Jaycee a surprise. I have put the gift bag and the poster tube along the staircase of the house. First, I have gave her a birthday card and then I was telling Jaycee to go to my room to get something as all of us were at the living room at that time. I also told her if she has seen something on the staircase, picked them up along. So, I heard she was saying "Wow!" Then I told her there were 2 items on the staircase and she carried them and came back to the living room. I then told her those are the birthday gifts to her from me.
Then Jaycee started to open the gift bag and "digging" her surprise! She found the envelope and opened it and found it was a The Beatles birthday card and then a pack of postcards of The Beatles. That mail was sent from UK. Jaycee then surprised and excited and kept on taking out the items from the gift bag one by one and opened them to see. From her reactions, I know that she is very happy for her gift and when she opened one of the mail which is a magazine of The Beatles, Jaycee was blushing and she was even happier! She was kept on saying "Wow!" "Wah!" when she was opening her gifts. I was taking shots and video clips when she was opening her gifts!

When she has finished taken out all the items from the gift bag, she started to open the big round tube. When she found out there were 2 posters, she quickly rolled to see them and she was so happy to see them. She likes the posters very much.Then she said she would stick them on the wall of her room. Moreover, she is also pined the badge in her pencil case.
When I asked her is there any particular The Beatles collection that she likes the most, she said she likes or I should say she LOVES them all and she is very, very Happy to receive them. She told me it was really a big surprise for her. She even told me that I do not need to give her birthday present for next year birthday! Haha! Such a silly girl of her. I replied to her that I did so much for her because I love her as she is my niece. I told her to appreciate those gifts as they are from the worldwide and she noted. I know Jaycee would do so. She told me that she would post The Beatles collection in her own blog too.

On Jaycee's birthday, we celebrated with her at a Japanese restaurant. She ate her favourite beef. We all have had a happy dinner and all of us very fulfilling. Thus, this is how my niece, Jaycee, celebrated her 14th birthday.
Once again, I would like to thank all the friends who sent the Beatles collection to Jaycee and I wish Jaycee has a happy 14th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YC!!! I Love U!!! :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Postcard of Macau

Last Saturday, my friend Affi came to my house to pay for a visit. We have not met each other for months. On the day she came, she even brought me a box of famous biscuit which is from Teluk Intan. It was so nice of her! :) Besides the biscuits, she also given me postcards of Macau which is bought by her during her trip in weeks back.

The postcard is very lovely and i like it very much. Macau is the place I have yet to travel, thus I wish to travel there someday.:) Anyway, I would like to thank Affi for the postcards and food. Thus, I have offered her a pair of RM40 off vouchers of the Legoland Malaysia in return. I really wish that she would use them for having a god holidays!!! :)

Anyway, i was very happy for her visit as we only have been chatted for about 2 hours. Our conversations included many topics as we really have not been met for quite a long time. Actually we are buddies. :) 

I wish we would have a gathering with my other buddies in someday as since we started to work, we have not meet often. Guess what?! I have not meet some of my old buddies in years. I guess it is called life!!! College times is the happiest time!!! :) 

So, if you are reading my blog, buddies, make sure we would have a gathering soon!!! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day! !! ♡

Happy Mother's Day!!!