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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Let's Pray for the Flight MH370!!!

8th March 2014 is a gloomy day for Malaysia! Although it is the International Women's Day, a sad thing has happened. An aeroplane, flight MH370 has disappearing after 2 hours departured from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The flight is supposed to reached the Beijing International Airport by 6.30am of 9/3/2014. However, the aeroplane did not reach its destination, instead it has gone missing or disappearing and lost contact with the control tower. 

It is found that the flight has disappeared on the sea above Vietnam area. The flight has 227 passengers and 12 cabin crews. The passengers are from various nationalities, and Chinese are about half of them.The flight  MH370 is a Boeing plane. 

After discovered the flight MH370 has missing, Malaysia has started to search the plane. The rescue teams then also followed with the help of China, Singapore, Vietnam, USA. Honestly speaking, I think this is the first time missing aviation for Malaysia.

The missing of flight MH370 has become a big news to the world, everybody are worried and wondering what has happened to such flight. Did it crash, hijack?! No matter what has happened, I wish the people in the flight are safe and nothing bad would happen to them!

I wish a miracle would happen to flight MH370! That is the flight has changed its route and has landed at somewhere and all the people are safe. They are only lost contact for the temporary and soon will be returned to their home safely respectively.

So, let us all pray for the flight MH370 and make sure all the people of the flight are safe! May God bless all!!!

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