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Friday, January 27, 2012

Have a Great Week End !!

“Do not Worry if others do not understand you, Worry only if you can not understand yourself"

Baby giraffes never go to a business school. But they learn a very important management lesson early in life. A lesson that all of us would do well to remember.

The birth of a baby giraffe is quite an earth-shaking event. The baby falls from its mother’s womb, some eight feet above the ground. It shrivels up and lies still, too weak to move. The mother giraffe lovingly lowers her neck to kiss the baby giraffe. And then something incredible happens. She lifts her long leg and kicks the baby giraffe, sending it flying up in the air and tumbling down on the ground.

As the baby lies curled up, the mother kicks the baby again and again. Until the baby giraffe, still trembling and tired, pushes its limbs and for the first time learns to stand on its feet. Happy to see the baby standing on its own feet, the mother giraffe comes over and gives it yet another kick. The baby giraffe falls one more time, but now quickly recovers and stands up.

Mama Giraffe is delighted. She knows that her baby has learnt an important lesson:

Never mind how hard you fall, always remember to pick yourself up and get back on your feet.

Why does the mother giraffe do this? She knows that lions and leopards love giraffe meat. So unless the baby giraffe quickly learns to stand and run with the pack – it will have no chance of survival.

Most of us though are not quite as lucky as baby giraffes. No one teaches us to stand up every time we fall. When we fail, when we are down, we just give up. No one kicks us out of our comfort zone to remind us that to survive and succeed, we need to learn to get back on our feet.

If you study the lives of successful people though, you will see a recurring pattern. Were they always successful in all they did? No.

Did success come to them quick and easy? No, You will find that the common streak running through their lives is their ability to stand up every time they fall. The ability of the baby giraffe!

The road to success is never an easy one. There are several obstacles, and you are bound to fall sooner or later. You will hit a road block, you will taste failure. But success lies in being able to get up every time you fall.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Today is the 4th day of the CNY. I am wishing all of your to have a Happy and Prosperous Dragon Year!!! J
For those who have been following my blog would know that I was celebrating my Chinese New Year in the hospital. Well, on this CNY, I noticed that there were more Chinese patients in the ward than last year. So, I was not the only Chinese patient here. Anyway, I have the permission from the doctor that I could go back home on the CNY Eve, 1st and 2nd day of the CNY, i.e. 22/1 until 24/1. I went back home by 9:30am and then came back to the ward latest by 4:30pm. So that was meant I managed to have about 5 hours per day at home during those 3 days.
I was so excited to go back home after waiting for sometime. I was put on my new red T-shirt on the morning of CNY Eve and got ready to go back home after my morning IV. Gosh, it was so good to be at home after I was in the hospital for a month. Once I reached home, I felt relieved and happy. I was lying down on my own couch and felt so comfortable and my own bedroom too. I miss the “smell” of my pillows and bolsters of my bed. I was watching TV and chit-chatting with my family members. I miss my niece very much. I noticed that she has grown taller. The happiest moment for me at home is that I was having my reunion lunch with my family on the 2nd day of CNY. This is due to I was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t have the reunion dinner with my family in last year as I was also in the ward at that time! L Anyway, having a meal with the whole family is great regardless of time or venue.
After returned to the ward in the afternoon, my mother also given the Angpow and mandarin oranges to the nurses and staff of the Chest ward and all of them were happy to receive them. They were also wished all the Chinese Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! The ward was in a lively mood on those days as there was CNY decorations too. I also took a picture with the nurse. I even had a mandarin orange for my served breakfast on the 1st day of CNY by the hospital.
Lastly, I want to wish all of you to have a healthy year as health is the most vital for humans. I wish that I would not have my CNY celebration in the hospital again!  Anyway, GONG XI FA CAI!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


2 more days will be the Lunar New Year as it is the year of Dragon. All the people, especially the Chinese are very exciting for this New Year. Many families will have their baby dragons in this year I believe.
Anyway, I will have my Chinese New Year celebration in the hospital again for this year. Yes, I said “again” as I was having my CNY in the same ward in last year too! L Well, I will not feel sad as before as I thought of the positive side, I will have my treatment here until my recovery and then I would have a healthy body. So I would not blame anything for it.  Moreover, all the nurses here are very friendly and I am already familiar with them as we always joke around.
Although I could not go back home for the CNY, the doctor allows me to go back home for few hours in the day time on the CNY Eve and 1st day of CNY. It is called home leave but it is an exceptional case for me as it is not practice always. So I manage to go back home for few hours in the daytime. Well at least I could see and feel my own bed after staying here for 32 days. Although it is only few hours to be home, I am also very glad for it.
So, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year Eve, the Rabbit year is ending soon, and the DRAGON is coming! I am wishing you to have a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year. May the year of Dragon brings you good health, happiness, success and prosperity!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Audit at the Hospital

Today is the day 22 for me at the hospital. It is still the same for me, to have antibiotics treatment by IV and orally everyday. However, since this Monday, I have seen some interesting scenes in this hospital, at my Chest ward here.
The interesting scenes are there are auditors have come to this hospital for the audit. Back to 2 days ago, (Monday), I have seen there were many auditors in the ward here. There are Malays, Chinese and Indians auditors from young to seniors. Some of them were rounding the ward who accompanied by the staff nurse or sister nurse, some of them were interviewing the staff or nurses, and another 2 young Indian auditors were checking on the medical reports and also looking at the patients’ beds. I am wondering if those auditors are from BNM or some other audit firms.
Anyway, I heard that auditors who were interviewing the nurses if there was any written policies for their procedures as they would like to take a look for it. I wasn’t ears dropping for their conversation as they were having the interviews at the aisle which was next to my door. Then I saw the auditors who did the rounding of the ward were looking at the rooms and toilets that attached to the room and then one of them were written something on the folder that he was carrying. Then he went into a vacant isolation room (which is opposite of my room) to check and then he was asking the sister nurse about the red light which placed at top of the front door of the isolation room, and there was also a machine next to the top edge of the door, so the auditors were asking the nurses about it and the sister nurse was answered to his questions and the auditor written down something on his folder again.  I could see all the nurses or sister nurse were nervous when answering to the auditors. I could understand their feelings as the job of the auditors is to point out the mistakes of the works. I think the auditors were at the ward for about 2 hours and then left.
So, on the following days, the sister nurses were at the ward very early as I wake up at 7:15am and I could see them around the ward. I could see and hear the sister nurses were busy instructing the staff and the nurses about their work progress and also busy checking all the rooms of the ward and calling the cleaner to clean here and there wherever there is dirty. The cleaner is also busy cleaning the place by sweeping, mopping, and washing the toilets. Wow, the cleaner sweeps every corners of the place. Moreover, there are some technicians also here to check the lights and repair if there are any things that needed to be repaired. After that, one of the sister nurses come to my room to check the toilet and also the beds. She told us (my next bedded patient and I) to keep the place tidy and she instructed one of the staff to help my next bedded to keep some of her belongings in the little cupboard (it is next to the patient’s bed) to avoid the untidiness. Then the nurse also came to my side to do some tidiness for me. Then in the afternoon, there is a cleaner here to wax the floor, so the floor looks shining and clean.
When the nurse found out that I didn’t have any name tag with me, she quickly made one for me to wear on my wrist as every patient should wear it. FYI, I didn’t have my name tag since the first day I admitted here, and the nurses also didn’t say anything to me until the auditors are here. Then when I take a walk at the aisle after my meal, I could see few rooms have been labelled which there were not before. The whole place is very clean and without any bad smell. Based on all those scenes, it seemed like all the nurses and staff are preparing for a “WAR”! :P I could see that they are frightened that mistakes would have been found out by the auditors as they all are very nervous for this whole week. One of the nurses told me that the audit would be held here for one whole week.
Some of the auditors also interviewed the patients but I didn’t interview by them. I wonder what would the auditors ask from the patients if they came to me, how and what should I answer them? The truth or be on the side of the hospital as saying everything is good?! :P Another funny thing is about the served meal by the hospital. When the catering guy came to deliver the food to us this afternoon, he even told us that the food is tasted good if asked by the auditors. Then the next bedded patient told me that food is totally not tasted good, and how could we answer as tasted good if the auditors came to ask us?! I then nodded to her also agree with it and we just smiled to each other……. J

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Day 17 in the Hospital!

For those who have been followed my blog would have known that I had been admitted in the UMMC on 21/12/2011 due to I have diagnosed with mycobacterium abscessus. Well, today is the 17th day for me here, and I have to stay for another 10 more days at least. L
Well, the antibiotics treatment for such sickness is minimum 3 weeks. For my case as it is quite serious, the doctor wants me to stay for 4 weeks for the treatment. I am still wondering if I could be discharged for my Chinese New Year.  According to the doctor, if I have been discharged for the CNY, it only would be for a few days and then I needed to be re-admitted for the antibiotics treatment via IV. This is due to some antibiotics could not be taken orally but by injection or IV. Anyway, the doctor is yet to decide for my discharge date. I need to go through the chest X-ray and/or CT scan before my discharge in order to see if there are any improvements for me. After all those past 16 days of treatment, at least my coughing is better nowadays as I have reduced my coughing times, as I am only cough once awhile. However, I was having the side effects from the antibiotics, i.e. diarrhea. It really was a suffer for me, luckily the doctor given me the medication for it. Besides, I am also required to have blood test twice for checking my liver function in every 3 or 4 days. The reason is as I am on few types of antibiotics treatment, the doctor worries that it would affect my liver, therefore,  I have to let the “vampire”(which is the doctor) to “suck”(which means using the needle to take) my blood. This makes me that I am having many “bites”(the needle pokes) on my 2 hands! Sob...sob…FYI, it hurts!!!
The served food by the hospital is not tasted good and my mother cooked from the home and brought it to me everyday. Luckily most of the nurses here are with kind and helpful gratitude and some are also very friendly and they are treating me well. Some of them even have recognised me and said that I am back here again. Well, at least I would not feel so lonely here. But I still miss my home and my warm bed. Guess what? My mother brought my own pillow for me. :P  FYI, I was able to watch the fireworks displays from my ward here on the counting down of the New Year. So, I was celebrating the New Year with my mother, my next bedded patient and her nephew here at the chest ward of UMMC! We were wishing each other Happy New Year when the fireworks started! Guess it was the first experience for 4 of us that to celebrate the New Year in the ward. Haha!
So, I have to stay for some more days here, I wish I would have a speedy recovery and to have a good health for my own. I will stay strong to overcome all the pains and wish all of you to give me support for it. Lastly, may God bless you!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!! :)

Welcome and hello to Year 2012! Today is the 1st day of the new year and it is a new chapter for us. I bet you must have some new year resolutions.

Well, my new year resolutions are to have and stay in good health and happy always. Next is to wish all my family members to stay in good health.

Since it is a brand new year, a brand new journey, I wish you a joyous 2012 filled with love, peace, abundance and blessings. May there be a peace in your heart, good health, and joy with your loved ones. Lastly to have a great beginning for the new year 2012!!! Cheers!!! 