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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummy Postcard from Taiwan

Lily from Taiwan has sent me a yummy postcard. It shows the delicious food of Taiwan. I think it is lovely and wish I could have a try for the food when I travel to Taiwan next time. Thank you Lily! :)

Postcards from Europe

Dutch Postcard

Postcard sent from Harlingen, the Netherlands. It is the historians of Fries Fighter!

Danish Postcard

A postcard from Denmark, Hanne. It is a flower with snowdrops and is a very beautiful postcard. I like it very much indeed.

The postcard below is from Evgeniya, Moscow, Russia. It is a Monument to the Peter I of Moscow.

Russian Postcard

Finnish Postcard

Terhi from Finland sent me the postcard above. She is a nurse in Finland and I like this postcard too which is the bench is around with many maple leaves. I think it is beautiful scene.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Watching Live for the Panda’s Life

Panda, the animal with the colours of black and white with only hundreds of grams upon birth and then become hundreds of kilo grams when become adult. Panda, a vegetarian animal and only eat bamboo leaves and live in the China mostly.
Whenever the Panda goes, it becomes the popular animal for the country and most of the children like them very much. So, we only could see the Pandas in the zoo.
However, we could now see the life of the cute pandas everyday in anywhere, anytime. We are able to see the panda cubs, adult panda or giant panda from a website provided by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, China.
Through this website, we could watch the daily activities of the cute panda everyday if you are a fan of panda or interested in their life. I have been followed this website for about a week and I found it interesting as I could see the pandas’ activities.
For example, I have seen the panda always eating the bamboo leaves, and then playing with its friends, lying lazily on the table. I seen once that 2 pandas were sleeping on the same table but one of them was pushing the other away so that he could have the whole sleeping area. Another funny scene I have seen was the panda was pooing! Wow! Haha! J
So, are you interested to watch the life of panda, if you do, you may click on the
Please remember that panda is one of the animals that going to extinct soon as it is a very precious type of animal. For me, I think panda is cute as I have seen the panda in the Beijing zoo before. Thus, let us love and protect Panda as much as we can!
Lastly, hope you would enjoy the video clips of the Pandas’ life! Enjoy watching!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Paris vs New York

Jessica from USA has sent me a postcard which is very interesting. It is Paris vs New York. In the postcard, it shows the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. I think it is interesting.
Jessica written in her postcard that she was having summer holidays enjoying the sunny and moreover she has married on June in an island, called Saint Croiz. Thus, I would like to say "Congrats"to her even it was late. :)
I would also like to thank Jessica for the lovely card. Thank you! :)

Red Square Postcard

Another surprised postcard from Russia. It was from Liudmila, Moscow, Russia.
The postcard is the picture of the beautiful Red Square of Moscow. I think it is a magnificent building. The card is very beautiful. Again, this card has become one of my favourites.
I would like to thank Liudmila for sending me the beautiful postcard. Thank you.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The SWEET Postcard from Russia

A surprised sweet postcard received from Rita, Russia to me today. It is the card that has 3 different colors of the macaroons! Look yummy as macaroons is one of the desserts I like! :P I would like to thank Rita for the lovely postcard. I think it is "From Russia with LOVE"! :) Haha!

Anyway, thank you Rita!!! :)