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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vampire Heat

It is July! While the FIFAWorldCup fever is still going on, there is another heat is coming. The VAMPIRE heat is coming!

Vampire is defined as a person comes out in the night to drink the blood of the living humans according to the Oxford dictionary. In more details, vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the blood form) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are a living person or undead. Transylvania is the famous vampire place. It is a territory of central Romania.

In the old time story, people will be freaked out upon hearing or seeing the vampires. But as time goes by, the vampire is now a fixture in popular fiction, and people are enjoying the stories of vampire instead. There are many tv series or movies about vampires. Eg. : Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Twilight, Sherlock Holmes, Interview with the Vampire : The Chronicles, and the popular vampiric series, the 'Twilight Saga'. It has been made into the triology movie series. Guess what?! This movie is really CRAZY by the people all over the world.

Besides the English tv series and movies, I have found out that there is a heat vampire animation from Japan. It is called the "Vampire Knight". Well, this animation is adapted from a comic and it is very popular in Japan nowadays. The animation is very well demanding too. There are 2 seasons of this animation, ie. "Vampire Knight"and "Vampire Knight - Guilty". The fans of the comic/animation are request for the third season of the animation. Well, if you are interested in such comic or animation, you can enjoy them online. Personally, I myself really enjoy this Japanese animation, and I am also looking forward to the movie 'Twilight 3 - Eclipse'. Thus, I believe the vampire heat will on again sooon!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Niece's Hip-Hop Dance

The videoclip of my little niece's hip-hop dance performance.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shinkansen Snapshots

Shinkansen Snapshots

View of Mt. Fuji inside the train

The staff selling the snacks in the train

The seats of Shinkansen

The seats of Shinkansen

Japan Trip - Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Ride Experience

Bullet train also known as Shinkansen (新干线), is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. The speed is about 581km/hour.
I took my first bullet train ride was back in year 2008 while I travelling in Japan. I was very excited for my ride as I used to hear how the speed of bullet train is. I took the bullet train ride from the Shizuoka Station to Mishima Station in Tokyo. The ride was about 30 minutes if I'm not mistaken.
While I was waiting for the train, I saw there are souvenir stores which selling small souvenirs and bento (lunchboxes). I also saw the bullet train passed the station, wow, the speed was fast and very loud sound. When the train arrived, we hopped in the couch, it was very spacious and clean. I started my bullet train rider journey then. I saw the outside views, I could see the Mt. Fuji, and I could feel the speed as it was fast. There was a staff pushing the trolley to sell some drinks, snacks and newspapers in the train. I guess the passengers could buy their breakfast during their ride to work.
Although it was a short journey from the Shizuoka Station to Mishima Station for the bullet train ride, I enjoyed it very much as I have experienced it in my lifetime.

My Niece's Hip-Hop Dance Performance

My 10 year-old niece was having her first hip-hop dance performance at last Saturday evening. My family and I went to see her performance and we enjoying the performances very much. There were other groups of kid performers too for various dances. But i think my niece group of performers are the best due to they are the most energetic group and also had the most applause from the audiences.
Well, these young hip-hop dancers are danced with the song of "Sorry, Sorry" by a Korean boy band named Super Junior and it is a hit song of the year. All these young hip-hop dancers were enjoying it very much. Guess what, they have only learnt for 2 months (once a week for the dancing lesson) and developed a good performance. I guess all of them are having the potential of being a good dancer in future. Haha!
I was seldom to see my niece to practice the dance at home, she only showed me a few steps of the dance upon my request, she would not show me the whole dance before her performance. So, my mother and I were managed to see her whole hip-hop dance performance was at the nite of her performance. It was a nice performance indeed. My family and I are happy and proud for my this little niece! You are the best! :) Keep it up and do your best for your dancing and we all are looking forward for more performance from you, my lovely niece! We love you!!

Japan Trip - Snowing Experience

Enjoy the videoclip of snowing that I took at one of the big temples in Japan.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Japan Trip - First Experience of Snowing

My first experience of snowing is during my tour in Japan in Feb 2008. I remember that I was so excited when it was started to snow in that morning. At first, it was only snowflakes, and eventully it became snowing. Wow, I think it was really beautiful althoug the weather was getting cold.

As I am the person who comes from a hot weather throughout the year, I have no experience of snowing. I was really happy and excited to see the snowing. I can't forget my experience for it. I remember I was trying to catch the snow, and of course took many snapshots for the snowing. When I visited the places and saw that the rooftops and trees were covered with snow, it was really an amazing view. As I could always see such views on TV or pictures, when it really shown in front of my eyes, it was really amazed me. That is why I have posted some of the snowing views and videoclip in my blog to share with others.

I always wish that I could have a White Christmas since i was a kid. As I'm still young, I am looking forward for my wish and someday I can celebrate White Christmas. I am also looking forward to travel to the Finland to meet Santa Clause! :)

Anyway, here is a videoclip to share with you all that I took in Japan for the snowing. I will share with you all with my another first experience in Japan next time. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi! I am with dull brown-green skin and has bright green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black edible seeds. I have fibrous. Can you guess what am I??
My name is Kiwifruit aka. kiwi. I can grow in most temperature climates with adequate summer heat. I am containing multi vitamins, eg. rich source of Vitamin C, has Vitamin A and E. There is a study from the University of Oslo shows that I am serve as a natural blood thinner. It shows that consuming 2 to 3 Kiwi daily for 28 days significantly will thin the blood, reduce the risk of clots, and lowers fat in the blood that can cause blockages.
In addition, my skin is edible and has high amounts of dietary fibre. Many of the vitamins are stored immediataly under my skin, leaving the skin intact will increase the Vitamin C greatly consumed by eating a single piece of kiwi when compared to eat me peeled.
As I am good for the health, I don't mind to be 'eaten' by you everyday as I can help you to have strong and good health. Thus, please do not forget to bring me home while you do your shopping in the market.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FIFA Worldcup 2010

11/06/2010, FIFA WorldCup 2010 started in South Africa. This is the football game that is held every 4 years. The whole world is mad for the whole game for about 1 month! 22 players running for the ball for 90 minutes.
I started to watch FIFA WorldCup in year 1998. My favourite teams are England, Germany and Italy. My favourite goalkeepers are Oliver Kahn (Germany) and David Seaman (England). My favourite players are Steve McManaman, Michael Owen, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney (England), Michael Ballack and Miroslav Klose (Germany). Well most of them are not in this year worldcup already except Rooney and Klose. I am not the huge fan of FIFA, that's why I would not watch every matches. I only watch the match if my time available. But I will watch the last match, to see who would be the champion. Thus, in year 2006, both of my favourite teams were in the finals and I was happy to see it. :)
This year, it seems like my favourite teams would have less chances to become champion as they are not playing well. I just wish that one of them would be in the finals. Perhaps, this year, the Argentina or Brazil would be champion of FIFA WorldCup? Well, we have to wait and see until 12/07/2010.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japan Trip

All the pictures are taken at one of the big temples at Japan. It was in snowing while I took the shots. Do you think it is a beautiful view?!

Pudu Jail - A History Now

21/06/2010, 10pm, 394m of Pudu Jail wall was started to demolish. The wall which has once set for the longest mural in the world. This is more than a century of history landmark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was built in year 1895.

Many people had witnessed the demolision of the history landmark. Some people even took the pieces of rubble as souvenirs, some also grabbed the opportunity to take photo and video as memories.

Although the government not considered it as the heritage site as "it was not something to proud of". For me, it is a heritage site for Kuala Lumpur as there are not many history landmarks are left in this town. I wonder why is the Government did not consider to move the Pudu Jail wall to other place and turns it into a tourism place, so that it can make some profits and also be able to keep the history landmark. Of course, this is just my own suggestion. No matter how, the Pudu Jail is a history now, and it is sad to see it was demolished.

Father's Day

Last Sunday (20/06/2010) was Father's Day. It is the day of celebration for all the fathers with their families. I did not celebrate Father's Day since year 2005 until now, due to my father had passed away in 14/9/2004. The last Father's Day celebration for me was in year 2004.

The cause of death of my father is ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). He was admitted in the hospital due to dengue fever, had been warded 7 days in the normal ward and then been trasferred to the ICU for another 2 weeks. Since then he never returned home. After he has been transferred to the ICU, he became very weak and needed to put on the ventilator to keep him breathing as his lungs had been 'damaged' by the virus. According to the doctor, there was 1 in 100 to have such case that from dengue and led to serious sickness and caused to death.

I'm the youngest child in my family and my father loved me very much and treated my whole family well. I remember he used to take us for a vacation during the school holidays when i was y0ung. My father liked to eat all the delicious food, if he had known if there is any delicious out there, he sure would take our whole family to go to the place to have a taste, regardless travelling to the outstations. All of us were enjoying at that time. Maybe due to this reason, I become very picky on the food! :P

Anyway, I'm still remember the time that I spent with my father although he is not with us now. May every members of my family and including myself to have good health and happy always!

To all the children out there, if your father is still with you, please love and treat him well as you never know when he would leave you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Cute Little Niece

My little cute niece is doing her mouth excercises. I think it's very funny and would like to share it out to make people to have a laugh as it's good for health. Do you think she is adorable?! By the way, my this little cute niece has another twin sister. Have a happy spirit!

A view nearby the roadside at Japan. People walking under the rain and snow, seems romantic!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The view from Japan. This was taken in Yr.2008 while i was travelling Japan. It is the first time that i'm experiencing snowing. I was very excited for it. :) I'll post more shots in my next blog. I'm kinda miss my trip. I wish I could travel Japan again soon!

My First Blog Writing

Today's the day for my first blog writing in my life. Wish i could have a good start with it. :)
Today is my mum's birthday too, i'm wishing her happy birthday and happy and good health always! I also would like to wish all the fathers outthere, Happy Father's Day!

今天是我成为新部落客新员的第一天,请大家多多支持我。希望这事一个好的开始。今天也是我妈妈的生日, 在此我祝她生日快乐与身体健康。我也祝爸爸们父亲节快乐。