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Monday, May 28, 2012

Do Not Give Up your Live Easily!

There was some sad news reported in last week. Two university male students had committed suicide. I felt kind of upset for those guys as why did they give up their lives so easily since they were in the young age?!

One of the parents of the victims admitted that he had lack of communication with his son and therefore he advised the parents to spend more time to their children. Frankly speaking, I am absolutely agreed that communication is very vital in the family. Parents should communicate more to their kid(s) as not only concentrate on making moneys.

With the communication, the parents are able to understand their children more as they would able to know what was happening around the children, e.g. School life, friends, or studies. I remember that when I was in school days, I told my mother about the happenings around me in my school everyday and eventually she able to know some of my friends. Then when I started to work, I also told my mother about my work everyday once I was home, as what I had done or eat for the lunch for the day, or telling her about my colleagues. You may think I acted childish as “reporting” to my mother about my daily life, but I think it is fun as also a type of communication with my parents.

With the communication, my mother understands me and she knows my feelings. Thus I said communication is really very important. I feel angry for the people to give up their lives easily. Some people are struggle very hard to live on, e.g. the sick people or the poor people. Some people also facing or suffering from their lives, but they keep on living with the difficult life and never give up. Thus, for those who easily give up their live are very stupid I think. (Sorry for using such word but I really could not think of other word to describe). I think death could not solve the problem as you had to face it and then only find the solution.

Thus, it is advisable for the people out there, please do NOT act stupid or foolish as DO NOT give up your live so easily. Do remember, there is no Take 2 for your live!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

My First Royal Family Postcard

I received my first Royal Family of England postcard on 21/5/2012 from Monica, London, England. It is the postcard of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Catherine Middleton is very pretty in the card.

Monica just written a short message to me on the postcard. She said London is having summer soon. For me, this Royal Family postcard is in one of my favourite lists now. I would like to thank Monica for it.Thank you, Monica!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lovely Postcard from Belarus

This totally lovely and adorable postcard comes from Inna in Belarus. I know the country Belarus through postcrossing. Belarus is a country from Europe. This card is really very cute as it shows the Belarusian bears. Don't you think so?! :P

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Postcard from UAE

I received my first postcard from the UAE about 2 months ago. It is the postcard of the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa of Dubai. This building holds few world records:

·         Tallest building in the world

·         Tallest free-standing structure

·         Highest number of storeys

·         Highest occupied floor

·         Highest outdoor observation deck

·         Elevator with the longest travel distance and

·         Tallest service elevator in the world

Burj Khalifa is also where the Hollywood star, Tom Cruise shot most of his scenes on the movie “Mission Impossible 4 : The Ghost Protocol”.

I like this postcard very much and I like to thank to my exchange post crosser. I wish one day that I could see this real tallest building in front of my eyes and not through postcard. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Double Celebrations During Weekend

How was your last weekend and how was your Mother’s Day celebration?!

I was having double celebrations during my last weekend. I was celebrating the Mother’s Day with my mother on Saturday evening and then attending my niece’s 12th birthday party on Sunday.

On the Saturday evening, my mother and I went to dine at the Sushi King for our dinner. I paid for the meal of course as it was the Mother’s Day celebration. We ordered some dishes and we ate very full as we ordered chicken, eel and sushi.

On the next day, it was the Mother’s Day, so I given a Mother’s Day card to my dearest mum. By 12pm, I attended my niece’s 12th birthday party at the Little Pantry, IOI Mall. My mother also went along with me. We had buffet lunch there and the food was tasted good.

My niece was happy on that day as she had invited her friends for her birthday party and I also became the game organiser of her party. I was the photographer for the party too. I took their pictures and the video of the party. Thus, I was exhausted after the party. :P

Anyway, it was still happy for me as it was a celebration for my family. So, those were my double celebrations, i.e. Mother’s Day celebration and Birthday celebration during my weekend. :D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother’s Day (13/5/2012)

Mother’s Day is coming in tomorrow. Have you planned for the celebration with your mother yet?!

Yesterday, I have read an article about the time that you spent with our mother in our life. I am agreed with it and I would like to share it with you all.

“How long it can get along with my mother in this life?”

Take advantage of the eve of mother's day, I never get tired of recommending the book to readers: Rover culture published in March of this year the level of thinking that there is 20 years, you get along with their parents the time of only 55 days left. The 55-day is so calculated: If one of the parents is now 60 years old, approximately 20 years life left.

If the parents the rest of life, and assuming that the child back home for dinner every two weeks, and only on new year's Eve and the first two days, you can also talk to parents time to get along with only 55 days left. 20 x (26 x 2 hours + 2 hours a day x 7 days) = 1320 hours = 55 days.

Such algorithms may not be accurate, but you may wish to count them as parents how much time on average a year? I think that when calculating the time to get along with their parents, may make you to cry, because, parents may not have 20 years of life, or the elderly in the sick on both.

After grown up, separated with his mother, can only go home for one or two trips a year, to accompany the parents have lesser time. More people to go home only during the New Year, staying at home not more than 5 days at a time. Spent about two or three days or even 5 days with old classmates and old friends gatherings, socializing, to sleep in the rest of the time or by watching TV Online; one year, what will accompany her mother's time is not more than 24 hours.

And not to forget that our mother, has given up her own lives, spent more than 12 hours each day watching us. One of my colleagues said: "my mother is 55 years old, even if she long lives to be 85 years old! In her 30 years this lonely, I could by her side no more than 720 hours, almost a month!”

Calculate the results, a shock for her, she was tearing.

Thus, to get along with our parents with a long time is not as we expected. You would be regret if your parents were not with you anymore, even you have made money. Therefore, please spend more time with your parents from now.”

Lastly, I would like to wish all the Mothers “Happy Mother’s Day” and to my mother, “I LOVE YOU MUM!!!”

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Snoopy Postcard

I received a Snoopy postcard from Taiwan yesterday and I was very happy for it. It is a very lovely postcard and I like it. I like Snoopy since my college days. For me, Snoopy is a very cute character and I like that he is in white body and called 史努皮(shinupi) in Chinese.

I even have some collection of the Snoopy, e.g. Calendars, pencils, mugs, bags (from small to medium sizes). I used to carry it to my work and I was using the pictures of Snoopy as the wallpapers of my computers at office and home. I also put the Snoopy calendar in my workplace. I remember one of my male colleagues saw me using the Snoopy bag, and using the Snoopy wallpaper, and even with the Snoopy calendar, he used to give me the nickname “Snoopy”. Thus, he didn’t call me by my name but “Snoopy” since then, haha! :P

I still like Snoopy nowadays as I always surf net about Snoopy pictures and I try to draw it too. But I am not good in art; therefore it does not really look like Snoopy! L Anyway, I am glad to receive a Snoopy postcard and I hope I would have more collection of Snoopy!

How about you?! Are you a Snoopy fan?! :D