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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's Celebrate Birthday together on 19th November by Exchanging Birthday Cards Worldwide!!! :)

Hello there! The celebrities Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Calvin Klein and Larry King and I are having similarity. Curious what is about our similarity?! Well, the answer is all of us are having the same birthday, ie. the 19th November. :)

Would you like to swap birthday card with me?! Well, if your birthday is same as mine and wish to swap birthday card with me, your are very welcome. Moreover, if you and I are having the same day, month and year for the birthday, Congrats, you would receive a mysterious gift from me! However, I need to see the proof for your birthday before we swap the birthday card. You may message me. So, let's celebrate our birthday together from different places!!!
Hope to hear from you, my friend from all over the world!!! Let's have a great and fun birthday together!!! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Wonderful Dutch Mail

Dutch Mail

I have received my mail from my Dutch pen-pal, Angela in last week. As always, Angela has given me surprise with her wonderful mail. From the pictures, we could see that Angela has spent much effort for the mail, for example, the packaging.
Angela is always enclosed some gifts to me besides the letter. She would enclose the Dutch tea as usual, and this time, she has sent me a Dutch birthday card, a mini toy and a bad hanger. Of course she has enclosed her wonderful letter too. I am really appreciate her kindness.
Angela has written in the letter that she and her family have went to Dubai for summer holidays for she did not enjoy so much. The reason was she has lost some of her friends in the flight #MH17 which was happened on 17/7/2014 that the plane was shot down by the missile. She was feeling sad to hear the news.
However, she has written in the letter that Dubai is a wonderful city and it is really luxury. They had stayed on the palm Jumeirah hotel which called Atlantis. In the hotel, there is a big aquarium and an aqua park. People could feed the sharks, dive, and swim with the dolphins. It is like a fairytale and so spectacular beautiful.

Dutch Gifts
According to Angela in the letter, Dubai has 35 malls and they had visited 3 of them. They also went to the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa with 839 metres high with 124 stories. The view was fantastic and they had seen the Water world show and boats in the Marina.
I am so jealous of Angela's Dubai holidays as I had been to Dubai for transit when I went to Italy for my trip in few years back. However, I have no idea that Dubai is such beautiful. Anyway, I would like to thank Angela for her wonderful mail and gifts. 

Dutch Letter and Gifts
Lastly, to Angela, thank you for your wonderful mail and wish we could be a long-term pen-pal.Once again, thank you. :)

Lovely Postcard from Belarus

A very lovely surprised postcard was received on 22/9/2014. It was sent by Luba who is from Belarus.
According to Luba, she is living in one of the oldest city of Belarus, Grodno. It was founded in year 1127 and Luba is a doctor and a mother of 3 children. Besides the lovely postcard, Luba also pasted with some beautiful stamps at the back of the postcard.
Thus, I would like to thank Luba for the lovely postcard. THANK YOU!!! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

German Postcard

Berlin Postcard

I was surprised to receive a postcard from Germany which is written by a group of kindergarten students in last week. The postcard is from one of the kids named Leon.
Leon written on the postcard that they are the kids from a kindergarten near the Baltic Sea. They have sent me a postcard with a cute red and white van. I think it is amazing to receive a postcard which is written by small kids as they would meet people from the worldwide.
Thus, I replied to Leon after receiveing the postcard to ask for their correspondence address as I would send a return postcard to the kids to intoroduce them my beautiful country. I am waiting for their reply at the moment.
Anyway, I will appreciate this postcard and would like to thank to the kids, especially Leon that he written for the card. I wish all the kids to have a happy life and thank you all and I love you all!!! :)

American Animation Postcard

Toy Story 3 Postcard

I have received an American animation postcard of "Toy Story 3" from Mary, Utah, USA ON 19/9/2014. Mary is from the South Jordan, Utah.
According to Mary, the South of Salt Lake City and between 2 mountain ranges are great fro hiking. She and her family had been camping there before. Mary has 2 sons. I bet she must have a happy family. Well, if I would have the chance to travel to Utah, I must go to the places she mentioned.
Anyway, I would like to thank Mary for the lovely postcard. THANK YOU!!! :)

Dutch Postcards

Anja's Card
I have received 2 Dutch postcards from Anja and Jordy on 19/9/2014 respectively. One of them is an animation postcard whereas the other one is with the winter view postcard.
I like both the postcards as they are lovely and beautiful respectively. Anja has written on her postcard with a phrase which I quite agree, it is "When you will have nice REMEMBERS later, you have to make them NOW"!
On the other hand, Jordy has sent me the postcard with the 2 Royal beautiful stamps, which are the new King and Queen together with the baby of the Netherlands. I like the stamps too.
Lastly, I would like to thank both Anja and Jordy for the postcards.

Jordy's Card

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Winning Prize :)

The Prize Gifts
Horray! I am one of the prize winners for naming the duo pandas who have came to Malaysia. I have won the prize for naming the male panda "Xing Xing". Frankly speaking, I also have forgotten that I have submittied the entries for naming the pandas contest after the PM has announced the grand winner.
However, on 25/8/2014, I have received an email from NRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) to inform that I have won a prize for naming the male panda. I have doubt about the email and thus called to the NRE to check and also to check online if this was a real email. Finally I have confirmed that I really have won a prize after spoken to the person in charge for sending me the email. Wow! I was so happy and excited to wait for my prize then.
I have been waited for about 2 weeks and finally on 15/9/2014, I have received my prize via courier service and it was a big box as shown on the pictures above. I then opened the box excitedly and OMG, there are many gifts inside, as you could see on the picture above. The gifts include a giant panda book description, bookmarks, wristbands, a mug with panda picture, a handmade red necktie, a thermol flask, and also a certificate for me for participate the competition.

The Handmade Red Necktie Cover Box


I am so happy that I have won the prize but I could not recall that I have submitted the name of "Xing Xing" as I have submitted many different names for the duo pandas! Haha! :P Anyway, since I have won the prize, I really am very, very happy!!! Thank you for the NRE too as according to the person in charge that I have spoken on the phone, some of the gifts are special made by NRE for the winners. I really appreciate the gifts and would like to thank NRE for the prize. THANK YOU!!! :)

Postcard from Finland


Pirjo from Finland has sent me a postcard. It is a lovely postcard with a cat and a granny. I like the postcard.
I would like to thank Pirjo for sending me the postcard. Thank you.! :)

Chicago Postcard

A postcard was received from Jennifer, Chicago, USA, in last week. The postcard is with the view of the Chicago Millennium Park.
Millennium Park is Chicago's prominent civic center and an important landmark on the city's lakefront. The 25 acre park was originally a part of Daniel Burnham's plan of Chicago in 1909. There are 3 major artistic highlights : Cloud Gate, Crown Fountain, and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, acclaimed as the most sophisticated outdoor concert venue.
According to Jennifer, she has moved from Florida to Chicago about 2 years ago. Her favourite things to do around town are to visit the Art Institute and to wander around the gardens and neighbourhoods. The Millennium Park is one of her favourite parks and gardens. She strongly recommended me to visit this park if I would have went to the Chicago.
Anyway, I would like to thank Jennifer for the lovely postcard. I wish I would have to chance to travel to Chicago someday. Thank you Jennifer! :) 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy Malaysia Day! :)

Happy Malaysia Day !!!

Happy 916 !!!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Mail from Portugal

My Portuguese  pen-pal, Edith, has sent me a mail which included a postcard of the Notre Dame of France and a transportation card from Lisbon. Edith written that I could use it for the bus or metro if I visit to Lisbon with that card.

As for the Notre Dame postcard, she was having the cruise trip with her family and visited Paris, London and Amsterdam. She     got it from the  Paris. Anyway, I would like to thank her for the beautiful postcard and as I like very much. 

Edith likes Asian and anythings about Asian, thus I have introduced some Malaysian culture to her. She is a master degree student of veterinarian. I wish her all the best in her study. Frankly speaking, I like Edith as my pen-pal as I think she is a nice and fun lady, thus I am happy to exchange letter with her.

Anyway, I would like to thank Edith for the wonderful mail, especially the lovely postcard. Thank you Edith!!! :)

Backview of the Lisbon Transportation Card

Notre Dame view Postcard

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Postcards from Estonia

Hellen from Estonia has sent me postcards. One is with the view of flower and another is with the view of the Estonian culture. Tallinn is one of the cities of Estonia. 

The postcard with the Estonian culture is a child wearing national costume, Song Festival on the arched stage and men dancing at the Dance Festival. It is a beautiful postcard. 

I like both the Estonian postcards as they are lovely. Anyway, I would like to thank Hellen for the lovely cards. Thank you.

San Francisco postcard from Ireland

I have received a postcard with San Francisco Highlights view on 10/9/2014. However, it was not sent from USA, from Ireland instead. The postcard is sent by Kodzo from Ireland. The reason he sent me such postcard was due to he has  went to San Francisco for trip in February. Thus, he has sent me such lovely postcard.

I like the postcard as I think it is beautiful. Anyway, I would like to thank Kodzo for the lovely postcard. Thank you!!! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

OMG! I Almost Celebrated My Mid-Autumn Fest at the Hospital!!!

9/9/2014 was the day of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It was considered as one of the major Chinese Festivals. However, on the early morning of 8/9/2014, 3:30am, I was having hemorrhage, i.e. coughing out blood and my mum has rushed me the hospital for treatment.
This was my third time of the hemorrhage since Year 2011. I was sent to the ER of the hospital for the treatment and then only been sent to the ward by afternoon on 8/9/2014. I was so shocked that I was having such sickness again as I was just having my chest follow-up on 13/8/2014 and the chest specialist has informed me that my condition has improved based on my Chest X-ray. The doctor even told me did not need to go for further tests except I have to put on some weight.
Gosh, I had not imagined that I was then having the reoccurance of the hemorrhage after about 2 weeks after my follow-up! :( So, when I was given treatment in the ER, again, my hands had been inserted needle for the line and taking blood for test, chest x-ray, etc.. I was put on the oxygen mask to let me breath smoothly.
The doctor has arranged me in an isolation ward as they suspected I was infected pulmonary tuberculosis. The room was for one person. All the nurses, doctors or any visitors who came into my room were required to wear the mask for protection. I was given antibiotic treatment. The doctors came to examine me after I have sent to the ward and he had postponed my CT scan to the next day and he told me to rest for the day. Thus, I was  postponed my CT scan to the following day as instructed by the doctor. I was thinking that how long would I be staying in the ward for this time as the next day would be the Mid-Autumn Fest. I was feeling a bit sad then when this crossed my mind.
I needed to take some medicines thrice before I went for the CT scan due to I was allergy to some medicines. Besides, I had to fast before the CT scan too. So, by 11:30am of 9/9/2014, I had sent for the CT scan and the procedure was taking about 10 minutes maximum. After that, I could eat my meal as I was hungry. My mother has returned home to prepare meal for me and I was alone in the ward. I was listening to the songs, surfing net or playing games on my mobile to pass the time. Of course I also took some nap to rest.
By 3:40pm, the doctor came to my room and told me that she could discharge me by today as I did not infect any tubercolosis based on my CT scan result and the reason for my hemorrhage was due to my heart problem. She told me that I could go back home already and I required to have regular follow-up then. I was so happy to hear it and I quickly called my mother to inform her that the doctor had discharged me and I could return home. So, I started to pack my stuff and waited for my mother to be here. By 5:30pm, we finally received my discharged documents and we left the hospital and to go home.
Finally we reached home by 7:15pm as there was traffic congestion on our way home. I was so glad to be at home even I was at the hospital for 1.5 days but it was still a suffer for me! Anyway, I was glad that I was at home for the festival as I was almost "celebrated" the Mid-Autumn Fest in the ward!

Lastly, I would like to thank all my friends and relatives who had sent me messages during my hospitalisation, I would like to inform you all I was fine and I would take good care of myself to recover from my sickness. Thank you all for your concerns! May God bless you all!!! :)