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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New German Pen-Pal's Letter from Letter of the Months

Anja from Gottingen, Germany is my new pen-pal after I participating in the Letters of the Months. Anja has sent me with the lovely writing letters and she also pasted cute stamps and stickers in the envelop (as shown in the picture above). I am surprised to receive her letter. :)
Anja is celebrating her birthday on today, 5/3. Thus I have sent her a birthday card. In the letter, Anja has written that she has stayed in Gottingen for 8 years due to her job. She is a nutrition scientist/dietitian. Wow, I can consult her for good diet then! :P Hehe!
Anyway, in the letter, Anja has also telling me about her interests and we both have some similar interest, eg. reading, exchanging mails or travelling. :) I wish that we could become long-term pen-pals!
Anja, I have replied you a mail and I hope to hear from you again! Nice meeting you!!! :) 

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