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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome our Made in Malaysia little panda Princess!

(Adapted from The Star paper)

Great news for the nation! In fact, it is a surprised! :D The two iconic giant pandas at Zoo Negara Malaysia have set a world record by being the first pair to naturally reproduce within a short period of time while in capti­vity. The female panda Liang Liang has delivered a Little Princess on 19/8/2015 at 2pm. The panda baby weights 175g and 5cm with the tail and the whole body with length 20cm. Can you imagine that such a little cute animal and would become a giant panda in years later?! You may see the picture above. 

Malaysian Zoological Society Giant Panda Conservation Centre and veterinary services director Dr Mat Naim Ramli said it took eight to nine years for pandas in captivity to reproduce, but even that was usually done through artificial insemination.
“We have set a world record for having our pandas reproducing within a short period through natural breeding outside of China.
“This is definitely a big impact on the research done by China.
“We are even considering keeping Xing Xing’s sperm in a sperm bank,” he told reporters here yesterday.
Malaysia’s very own giant pandas – Liang Liang and Xing Xing – which were given on loan by China, arrived in Malaysia on May 21 last year. 
Their arrival marked a 40-year celebration of diplomatic ties between both countries.
The pair from Chengdu, China, was loaned through the Giant Panda International Conservation Cooperation Agreement Pro­gramme.
Previously, there were concerns that the pair were not hitting it off despite attempts at mating.
He said ovulation occurred on May 7 and they monitored Liang Liang by observing her behaviour, checking blood hormone levels, genital physical changes as well as vaginal cytology.
“We suspected she was pregnant on Aug 7 as her progesterone level was high, so we tried to take another blood test the following week, but she did not allow us to do so,” Mat Naim said.
Mat Naim said the birth was unexpected by Zoo Negara as they thought it was a pseudo pregnancy, where a panda displays behaviour of being pregnant but is not.
He said Liang Liang had acted the same way some time in June last year.
On Tuesday, nine-year-old Liang Liang gave birth to a female cub weighing 175g, measuring 20cm, at around 1.45pm at the conservation centre. The gestation period was 104 days.
Both mother and baby were doing well, said Mat Naim.
“Liang Liang is very motherly and she is very protective of her cub.
“We could only separate the baby from the mother for four minutes to quickly weigh, measure the height and determine the sex.
“We are confident Liang Liang will make a good mother and can take care of the cub as she has given birth previously.
“She raised the first baby on her own and we hope she does the same.
“We feel there are better chances of survival with her taking care of the cub,” he said.
Coincidentally, Liang Liang’s first baby, Gong Gong, a male, was also born on the same date as his sister two years ago and is now at the Dujiangyan panda base in Sichuan province.
Mat Naim said both mother and daughter would be quarantined for two months before the public is allowed to view them.
He said that once Liang Liang was ready to leave her cub alone, the infant would be placed in a nursery room for public viewing.
He said the cub would be in Malaysia for two years before being sent back to China.
Zoo Negara deputy president Rahmat Ahmat Lana said children below 12 accompanied by their parents would be allowed in free on the first day when both mother and child were ready to be displayed.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Letters from the Worldwide!

Angela - The Netherlands

Tracy - Australia 

Mary - USA 

I have received some letters from the world wide in the past 3 weeks. They are from the Netherlands, Australia and USA. I was so happy and grateful to receive their letters, especially from Mary, USA.

Mary is the friend that I have met in the LetterMo in February 2014. I then written her a letter and I didn't receive her reply until 22/7/2015. Guess what, Mary is the founder of the LetterMo and she is also an author of some novels. Her full name is Mary Robinette Kowal. In her letter, she has given me some advice on the story writing as per my request. Anyway, I am really glad to receive her reply, moreover it is from an author. I really am did not believe it! 😛

The other 2 letters are from Tracy, NSW, Australia. In her letter, Tracy said that her country is very cold due to winter and she has an enjoyable trip in Sydney for a concert. Moreover, her daughter is going to England as a tutor soon and Tracy and her family are planning to visit her later and then travel to Iceland which is a country she is looking forward to visit. I am wishing Tracy's daughter all the best for her work in England.

The last letter is from my good pen-pal, Angela, from the Netherlands. Again, she has surprised me with her mail as she has sent me some small gifts and a wonderful letter. I am really grateful to Angela for her mail. I am yet to reply to Angela but I will write to her soon. I wish that I could meet Angela in person someday as I think it would be a nice meet up for us since we have exchanged letters for 2 years already.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mary, Tracy and Angela for their mails again and whenever I receive mail(s), it makes my day. Thus, a big THANK YOU to all of you. May God bless you all!!! 😀

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Polish & German Postcards

Kalina - Poland

Marie - Germany

I have received 2 beautiful postcards from Europe. The first one is from Poland and the next one is from the Germany. The Polish, Kalina is a 18 year-old lady and live in Jaworno, a small town in Poland. She also taught me some simple Polish words. 

The Beatles's postcard is from Marie, Germany. She is 22 year-old and she bought such postcard when she was traveling in London. Marie written in the card that Germany has many great food and they have barbecue nearly every weekend in the summer. Pretzels is the favorite of Marie and I am quite like suck snack.

Anyway, I am grateful to both Kalina and Marie for the 2 postcards as I like them very much. I will appreciate them very much. Once again, thank you to both of you. May God bless you all! 😀