Welcome to my blog! I have been blogging for years, and I find it is fun. However, please forgive me if there is anything which has been offended you. Anyway, I wish you will like my blog and keep following it! Cheers!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Well Done, Keep it Up, My Dear Niece! :)

My mother and I went to fetch my niece back from school on last Friday afternoon. Once my niece has bumped into the car, she was happily telling us that she has got no.11 as her class position for the semester and we all are glad for her too. No doubt that my niece has a big leap of improvements. Guess what?! Her deal with me is still valid. The deal between us is that I would give her a present if she has scored 85% and or above for minimum 3 subjects and she had made it. FYI, I have blogged about this deal before. Haha! I told my niece that I would buy her a present as per deal and I am waiting for her to tell me what she wants.
In order to give her more encouragement and support for the 2nd half of the school year, I have made another deal with my niece. I told her that if she could make it to the top 10 in class position in the coming semester, I would give her a BIG present. My niece is quite excited for it. I wish this would help her to study hard though! :P Anyway, after that, we went to dine at McDonald’s for lunch as her mini celebration for having improvements. The reason we dined at McD is that my niece likes to eat its double cheeseburger.
I am yet to buy the present for my niece as at todate as I am still thinking what I should buy for her. Moreover, she is also yet to tell me what does her like. Perhaps, do you have any suggestions for me?!     

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My 200th Post!!!

Wow! This is my 2nd 100th post. 2nd 100th = 200!!! 200 Posts!!! I can't believe it. I just celebrated my 1st anniversary of my blog 2 days ago and now I am celebrating my 200th post.

Well, I will continue to write for my blog and I would try ti make it more interesting. Although I only have few followers, I still glad that at least somebody are reading my blog. I would not give up easily as I wish to have my 3rd or 4th or more of the 100th post in the coming time.

Thus, I wish to have your support and if you have any suggestions/comments/advices regarding my blog, you may inform me anytime so that I could improve for the blogging.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for reading this and wish you all have a nice day!!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GCB is Back!!!

GCB is back!!! Oops, what I mean is Grilled Chicken Burger of McDonald's is back. I like this burger very much as it is very juicy and the chicken meat is very soft. It tastes yummy! I first started to eat GCB in last year and since then I like it very much. But it has stopped after selling for sometime.

Since GCB is back now, I could eat it again. In fact, I taken it in last Sunday. Boy, I like it! I think it is always delicious!!! I like the chicken meat very very much! I guess I will order GCB when I visit McD for the coming time.

For those who are yet to try GCB, I am highly recommending it for you. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!!! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is the double celebration for me. It is the first anniversary or the 1st birthday of my blog and it is also the birthday of my mother on today.

I started my blog in last year, and I am going to reach my 200th post soon after a year. I am glad that I started writing blog as through my blog, I have met some blogger friends. By blogging, I can release my own views or thoughts on some issues and of course I would not want to offend anyone else.

Anyway, I am glad that I did not stop in half way for the blog writing as I would continue to write and I hope more people would be able to read it.

Lastly, as I mentioned, today is also my mother's birthday. Thus, I would like to wish my dearest mother "HAPPY BIRTHDAY & STAY HEALTHY ALWAYS!!!" I LOVE YOU, MUM!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day is Coming Soon!

It's weekend again. I bet many people are happy due to today is the last day of work for the week. With the 2 days of holidays, they can do their own work, eg. shopping, cleaning houses, doing laundry, etc.. But his weekend is a bit different as this Sunday (19/6) is the Father's Day.

Thus, I believe all or most of the fathers are exciting for such day. I think they would wonder how their kid(s) would be celebrated such day with him. Haha! But I guess all the fathers would be having a reunion meal with his children and family.

No matter what the children give their father or how the Father's Day celebration are, I think all the fathers would have the same wish, ie. to see his children are in good health and happy and always wish his children to stay with him. Hence, I would like to advice the people out there, we as the children, should always treat our parents good and respect them, and most important is to LOVE them always!!!

Lastly, I would like to wish all the fathers in advance " HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! "

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's time to go back to School!

Time flies! 2 weeks of school holidays have passed and today is the day for the students to go back to school! I bet many of the students are still in the holidays mood and would  not be able to concentrate on the studies for the first day of the school.  Monday blues for both the students and parents! Haha! :P

Traffic will be congested again in the peak hours, especially in the morning when the school days resumed. I guess some drivers will be upset again.

Anyway, I wish all the students could enjoy their school days since the school has started today. Lastly, wish the students would study smart and study hard!!! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Daunwu Fest! 端午节快乐!!!

Today is the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, thus it is the Duanwu Festival (端午节), aka. the Dragon Boat Festival (龙船节; pinyin: Lóngchuán Jié). This is a traditional and statutory holiday originating in China and associated with a number of East Asian and Southeast Asian societies. The focus of the celebrations includes eating the rice dumpling zongzi (粽子; pinyin: Zòngzi), drinking realgar wine xionghuangjiu (雄黃酒; pinyin: Xiónghuángjiǔ), and racing dragon boats.

The origins of the Duanwu Festival is believed to have in ancient China. A number of theories exist about its origins as a number of folk traditions and explanatory myths are connected to its observance. Today the best known of these relates to the suicide in 278 BCE of Qu Yuan (屈原), poet and statesman of the Chu kingdom during the Warring States period.The best-known traditional story holds that the festival commemorates the death of poet Qu Yuan (c. 340 BCE – 278 BCE) of the ancient state of Chu, in the Warring States Period of the Zhou Dynasty. A descendant of the Chu royal house, Qu served in high offices. However, when the king decided to ally with the increasingly powerful state of Qin, Qu was banished for opposing the alliance. Qu Yuan was accused of treason.During his exile, Qu Yuan wrote a great deal of poetry, for which he is now remembered. Twenty-eight years later, Qin conquered the capital of Chu. In despair, Qu Yuan committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It is said that the local people, who admired him, threw lumps of rice into the river to feed the fish so that they would not eat Qu Yuan's body.This is said to be the origin of zongzi. The local people were also said to have paddled out on boats, either to scare the fish away or to retrieve his body. This is said to be the origin of dragon boat racing.

For the countries like China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the Duanwu Fest is the public holiday for them. However, in my country, it is not. For the Chinese who are celebrating the Duanwu Fest, they would have a reunion meal with the family and eating the zongzi.

I have already taken my zongzi, how about you?! Anyway, wish you all to have a Happy Duanwu Festival or 端午节快乐!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

OMG, What's the next Story of the manga (comic) Ouke no Monshou?!

I have blogged about the manga (comic) series of “Ouke no Monshou”aka “The Crest of the Royal Family” or “The Daughter of River Nile” (尼罗河女儿) in last October. I have mentioned that this is the manga series that I have been stopped reading for years since my high school time (only managed to read few volumes at that time), and finally I found it online and could read it again. I thought that I could have finished reading the whole story in this time. However, to my disappointment again, I did not able to read the whole story in this time due to it is only upload until the volume of 55 of the manga series and I think it is much more to the ending of the story! L I am really, really, really, very upset for this happening! L
I want to make a request here. I sincerely wish that if any of you or your friends know if there is/are any websites available for this manga series “ Ouke no Monshou” with the full story or more than volume 55 regardless such manga series is in English or Chinese languages, please let me know as I really, really want to read this story until the end. At least I would like to know the ending of the story if is it a sad or  happy ending!
Thus, I am counting on you, all my friends, please let me know if there is any outcome. If you know there is anime series for this manga, please also let me know. I wish to hear good news from you. I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!! May GOD bless you! J

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I’ve Caught Flu! :(

Oh Gosh! I’ve caught in flu and coughing badly for almost a week! It is really make me suffer very much, especially at the night time. I couldn’t sleep well for my sleep as I was kept on coughing or nose block.
During the day time, I am having coughing and runny nose too. After taking the medication then feel much better but once the medication is over, gosh, back to sneezing and coughing. I could feel my throat is very “itchy” and dry and makes me coughing badly. I drink very much water but still not help much. L
I am really afraid that history would repeat (coughing too serious/badly and caused the hematemesis)! I really hope that my sickness would heal soon as I am really suffer VERY MUCH from all this sickness. God, please help me!