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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sufferings from the Chest Bronchoscopy

I returned to the chest clinic of the UMMC for my chest follow-up in last Wednesday. I also did the chest X-ray. The chest specialist told me that my chest x-ray was alright, nothing changes and I needed to continue my treatment still. He then wanted me to go for the bronchoscopy again on the next day, i.e. the Thursday. The reason for the bronchoscopy was that I could not provide the phlegm (as usual), thus by carried out the bronchoscopy would get to know if my lungs would have the bacteria still.

I had to fast for an overnight before my bronchoscopy. On Thursday morning, I went to the Endoscopy Unit of the UMMC for my bronchoscopy procedure. I waited around 9am, and then it was my turn. A Chinese male doctor was carried the procedure for me. He explained the procedure to me and after I understood it, I had to sign the consent form for the procedure.

It was taken about an hour for the procedure. After I was done for it, I felt very weak and sleepy, thus I took some rest at the waiting area of the Endoscopy unit. I felt my throat was aching too and I was kept on coughing, I managed to cough out some phlegm at that time. I think after I rested about an hour, I left the hospital and headed home.

However, I still felt unwell after day. I could not eat the hard food, just a little bit of porridge as my meal. The reason was that my throat was pain. I was feeling cold and badly headache and giddiness. I was having some mild fever too. All those are the effects of the bronchoscopy.

Luckily on the next day, my fever had gone. But I was still having some sore throat and some coughing until today. I wish I could recover from those ASAP as I was suffering stomach pain from my coughing. In the meantime, I have to wait for my bronchoscopy result for 6 weeks time. I would only get to know it during my next chest appointment on the mid of December. I wish my result would be ok!!!

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