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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

19th. November 2012

It was my birthday yesterday. But I am not going to tell you my age as you know age is the secret of the lady! Hehe! :P I also received birthday greetings from my friends and cousins. Anyway, it was also the released result day for the primary school UPSR exam. No doubt, my niece is one of the students.
Well, she returned to her school to collect her UPSR results yesterday morning and her results are good. She has As and Bs. My family and I are happy for her results. Thus, she said she wanted to treat me a meal since it is my birthday.
We dined at the Nando's Restaurant for our celebrations, i.e. my birthday cum her exams celebrations. We enjoyed our meal very much. Guess what, I saw there was another table that a lady who was celebrating birthday together with her friends. She had a cake with a candle on it and her friends sang her birthday song. I felt happy for her and I considered the birthday song that they sang for me too! Hehe! :)
Anyway, my birthday wish are to stay in good health always and happy with my family!!! :)

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