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Saturday, November 17, 2012

RIP, Grandma!

I was shocked to hear the sad news about my grandmother yesterday afternoon. My cousin sister called us to inform the sad news that my grandmother had passed away in the morning. It was a sudden matter.
It was been told that my grandmother was eating her breakfast who was feeding by the maid and suddenly out of breath and then gone. According to my aunt, my granny did not suffer when she gone. Thus, it was a relieved.
My granny was having difficulty in walking in the old days, but she still could talk, listen and see well although she was age 98. She was just celebrated her birthday few days ago. She was dead due to old age then.
My granny had many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Sometimes she could not recall the names of them, but when I met her, she could call out my name. Guess my look is always the same, thus she could recognise me. :P
Anyway, since my granny is not around now, I would like to tell her "RIP, Grandma! You'll be missed by your family!"  

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