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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh My God, I’m Admitted!!! :(

Gosh, I’ve admitted in the hospital on last Thursday night due to coughing out blood too series. I started to cough out blood since last Tuesday morning, for about 3 times. Then I returned to see my chest specialist on Wednesday to inform about my condition. The chest specialist told me not to not worry as it was the bacteria from my lung, if coughed out, it would be better. Well, I also thought so as I felt much better after I coughed out the blood, but I would feel chilling after that for a while. The symptoms are I was having itchy for the throat and then followed by breathing very ‘horsley’, and then started to cough harshly before I coughed out the blood.

So I did not cough out blood again after I seen my chest specialist as I also did not take any medication for the bleeding or chest. The doctor told me if I got any problems again, I may went back to see him on Friday. So, on Thursday morning, I did cough out blood again for 2 times, not much this time. I saw the blood was in dark red colored and with the combination of phlegm I think. I even got the mucus with blood when I sneezed. After that, I was feeling good for the whole day. However, around 8.30pm on the day, when I was talking to my mother, I suddenly felt that I got phlegm and would like to cough out, so I rushed to the toilet to spit out. Gosh, it was dark-red colored blood again, this time was so much as compared to the first few times. I was become so weak and told my mum to hold me as I was afraid that I would fall down and then I was having difficulty in breathing and I felt chilling and shivering so much, even my teeth were shaking. I put on clothes to keep warm and my niece said I looked so pale at that time. I was suffered so much. Finally, my family sent to me to the UMMC for the treatment as all my medical records are there.

I was admitted through the Accident and Emergency Trauma Unit; I was waited for some time to be my turn. After that, I was lying on the bed in the ward of the Emergency Unit for about 15 hours then only I managed to transfer to the patient ward. I reached there at about 10pm of 27/1/2011 and then transferred to the patient ward at 4pm of 28/1/2011. I could not sleep well in the ward of ER due to I was suffering so much, I was kept on coughing and nausea. In between, there were doctors came to examine me and then told me to do Full Blood Count, Chest X-ray, urine and feces tests.

The doctor then gave me antibiotic for my chest. After the doctors read my test results, they suspected it was my stomach problem to cause the coughing out blood instead of my chest problem. The reason was I was history for the gastric problem. So I was required to do the procedure of the bronchoscopy on next Monday. I could not do in on these two days due to there was no service for it on the weekend.

So, now I am in the ward, waiting patiently for my Monday test and also having my medications for the moment for my chest and stomach. I really wish that I would be alright as the CNY is approaching soon. I do not wish to have my CNY celebration in the hospital! L So, wish me luck and pray for me my friends!

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