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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Attacked by the Dogs

There is a sad news that an Irish tourist had mauled to death by the dogs in Teluk Bahang, Penang yesterday. When I read such news, I was shocked by it. I know that the dogs would attack their 'enemy' when they are starving, or protecting their loved ones. But when I read the news that 2 dogs were attacking the man and bitten him to death and I think it is scary.

I know many people like dogs very much. They can play with them and some even let the dog sleep in the same room with them. Personally, I am very afraid of dogs and cats since my very young age. Yes, I still afraid of those now. This is due to I have some scary experiences with those animals when I was around age 4 or 5.

I recalled that I went to visit my grandmother who was living in a village, there were many stray dogs around that area. So, on that day, my cousin and I went to the nearby store to buy candies. The store was only about 10 houses away from my grandmother's house. When we were walking back home, there were 3 stray dogs were following us and then started to sniff us. As I am afraid of dog, when the dog was approaching me, I was so frightened and then started to run. Guess what, the dogs were started to chase us. So, my cousin and I were running very fast back to our grandmother's house. Luckily the dogs stopped follow us go inside the house once we reached my grandmother's house. But I was already scared to death and crying very much! :(

Another incident was happened in my uncle's house. My uncle was having a cat (quite big) in his house. My family and I used to visit my uncle and his family every weekend when I was young. So, that was the day. I was sitting together with my family and my uncle's family in the living room. I was sitting on one of the sofa, I still recalled that my mother was sitting next to me. So, my uncle's cat was coming its way to the living room from the kitchen and I saw it coming. Then suddenly the cat was jumped up to my sofa and starring at me and meowed. Oh my God, there were so many people were sitting there and this stupid cat had picked on me. Again, I was scared like hell and started to cry out. I remembered that one of my cousin quickly took the cat away but it was too late as I was frightened as being 'attacked' by it already. Guess what?! I had fall sick on that night after this scary incident. Since then, every time when I visited my uncle, he would put the cat in the cage as he knew that I was afraid of the cat.

So, those are my scary experiences for the dogs and cats. I am still afraid of them now whenever those animals get nearby me but I would try to stay calm and not to have any big movements. I would try to avoid to go near to those animals. Anyway, I wish that those scary experience would not happen again and the animals would not hurt the humans again.


  1. Dogs don't bite people for no reason.

    Somehow, it was not reported in The Star newspaper that the Irishman went into the farm by himself when the owner was not there.

    I read it from here.

    Any pet dogs would attack anyone who enter into their compound.

    I am more afraid of pet dogs than stray dogs. Pet dogs are more dangerous because they are usually caged or tied up.

  2. As long as they are dogs or cats, I will feel afraid of them, regardless of pets or strays.