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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My 4th Day in the Hospital

Today is the 4th day that I am in the hospital. I did not get a good sleep for last night due to I was kept on coughing and also the patient in the next door was kept on shouting and screaming throughout the night. I think I only managed to have about 3 hours of sleep maximum for last night.

The houseman doctor came to take my blood for the Full Blood Count test at 7.40am. About 10 minutes she was done and left. I was then got up from bed and did my brush-up. The breakfast was delivered to me by 8am. It was a cup of Milo, 5 pieces of plain bread with the butter and strawberry jam, and a boiled egg. I took 2 pieces of bread applied with the butter, finished the egg and drank few sips of the Milo.

Then I was informed by the nurse to take my medicines. So, I was waiting for the doctor to come. By 11am, my doctor came to examine me. She listened to my chest, and told me to provide the sample of my urine for the Urine Feme test again. According to her, if all the tests went well, I could go back home soon.

After she examined me, the doctor left. Again I was alone in my room.  So, I was taking a short nap. Around 11.45am, my elder sister and my niece came to visit me. I was so glad to see them, especially my niece. Well, they stayed for about 2 hours and then left.

My lunch was served, but the food was not tasted well. I could not take it. Luckily my mother brought me home cooked-food, and then I managed to eat something. After my lunch, I was surfing net for a short while and then taking a short nap again as I did not have a good sleep in last night. But I was still coughing whenever I was lying down. I told my doctor about it, she said it is normal, so I was advised to sleep in a higher position, i.e. not lying so low on the bed.

By 6pm, my dinner was served. It was grilled chicken with black pepper sauce, with mayonnaise, and salad and fried potato chips. The grilled chicken was tasted fine for this time so I managed to eat some of it. After my dinner, I just did some newspaper readings.  

As today is Sunday, there are not many doctors around, and this is what I did for the day. So I just have some rest and wait for my scope for tomorrow.

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