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Monday, January 10, 2011

Deputy Class Monitor

The new school year has commenced for a week already. I guess all the students have got used to the school life now and so are the parents for busy sending and fetching their children to and from school.

My niece is in Standard 5 this year. Well, she has been appointed as the Deputy Monitor for her class in last Friday. She came back home by wearing a red necktie and showing it to us. I was thinking that she has been appointed as the librarian. Then she was telling us that she has been appointed as the Deputy Monitor and the Class Monitor is a good-looking boy! She is very happy for it. My family and I also can see that my niece is very happy for her post in the class. Guess what, she was humming songs for the whole day. I bet my niece must be very, very happy! Haha!

Besides feeling happy for my niece, I also told her that she must be having responsibility for her role. I explained to her that being a Deputy Monitor is not an easy nor too difficult role, she must be clear for her role. I really hope that she would know the the responsibility of it. Anyway, I wish that she will become a more responsible and better student by such 'training' and wish she would enjoy her school days!!! Ganbattei my lovely niece!!!

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