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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little MJ Dancers

I went to see the dancing performance show of a dancing school in last Sunday. It is the dancing school that my niece is learning the hip-hop dance. This is the third time that the school is having the dance performance show. I guess its intentions are to let the dancers to have the performance courage and also to do promotion of the dancing school!

Anyway, my niece is having the performance again. This time, the little dancers are dressed in black and white clothes, and wearing with a hat. They are dancing with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s song “Bad”. The little MJ dancers are in a group of 7, with 6 girls and 1 boy. All of them are enjoying very much for the performance, even the audience like their performance too. I just feel happy for them.

Besides the hip-hop dance performance, there are other dance performances. They are ballet dance, jazz, Latin and jive. All the children performers did well for their performance. Personally, I like the ballet dancers as all the 4 girls are very young and they look very adorable especially they dressed as the ‘butterfly’.

After all the children dance performance, the last performance is the belly dance. The belly dancer is the lady teacher of the dancing school and her performance of the belly dance is good. I think she looks sexy for the dancing, and her body movement is so soft. After she is done with the performance, she even invites some of the audience to dance along with her, but the audience are shy to dance with her. Anyway, after watching the belly dancing performance, I feel like I want to learn such dance. But I think I could not shake my body smoothly as my bones are very “hard”. So, I think I can only enjoy watching the performance instead of doing the performance. Haha! :P

Ok, let’s take a look of the photo that I take for the dance performances. Enjoy!!!

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