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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

生命没有如果 / Make Each Day Count

I have read a book in last year, and the author is a consultant urologist named Dr. George Lee 李永业. Dr. George Lee is a Malaysian who has been living in the UK for more than 20 years and then finally returned to Malaysia for his job.

In his book, <生命没有如果 / Make Each Day Count>, it contains the stories of his childhood life, his life as a student and doctor in UK, and his love towards his parents and children. Since he is a doctor, he also includes some of his stories about his work towards the patients. From his book, it is known that Dr. George Lee is treated his patients very well. He loves his family very much. Overall, I think he is a doctor with heart.

I get to know Dr. George from his articles that published on the local Chinese newspapers. When I read his articles, I found his article is touching and warm, and sometimes quite funny too. For me, I think he is a writer that always expresses his own feelings through his articles. Moreover, I found out that Dr. George Lee looks like a Hong Kong actor, and all his fans agree too! Haha!

So, when I knew that Dr. Lee has published his first book last year, I managed to get one. Now I would like to share it with others, thus I would like to sell out the book as I know that some of his fans are having problems in getting the book. I would like to sell in RM20.00 (excluding the postage fees). Well, if anyone is interested to buy, you may drop me a line.

See ya!


  1. i know is a bit late, may I know is this still available?

  2. Hi Regina! Sorry to inform that the book has been sold out! Thanx for your visiting here! :)