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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I got my chest CT scan results on Wednesday from my chest doctor. Well, the result is not good and is not too bad either.  From the CT scan, my right lung has already been ‘injured’ with the scars from my TB sickness. According to the doctor, I would have phlegm and it is advisable to cough it out in the morning. If the phlegm is much and I could not cough it out, then I would need to take medications. Since, I do not have much phlegm at the moment, so medicine is not needed for me.
The findings of my chest CT scan is as followed:-
Multiple thin walls of varying sizes are noted in the upper right lobe with communication with the bronchial tree seen in the larger cavities. There is associated pleural thickening and volume loss. Multiple granulomas are noted within the upper right lobe. Localised traction bronchiectasis are noted in the right upper lobe.
According to the doctor, my chance of relapse of the TB is higher than others as my lung has already injured. Thus I have to take good care of my health now.  Frankly speaking, I feel sad after getting my results, but it is the reality for me. Guess I really have to take good care of my health now I would like to stay healthy.

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