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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Pen-Pal

Pen-pal or penfriend is the person who regularly writes to each other via postal mail. I think it is very rare people to have pen-pal nowadays as the exchange emails is much faster than postal mail.

Well, I used to have a few pen-pals during my high school days, they are from Sweden, Australia, Canada and France. The reasons for me to have foreign pen-pals are that I like to meet friends all over the world, to learn about their countries and lifestyles and to make friendships. Moreover, by writing in a foreign language, it could help me to improve my English language.   

The time in exchanging letters with those pen-pals was fun. We used to write about our interests, lifestyles, cultures and country information. We even exchanged our photo with each other. All my pen-pals are ladies and we are in same age. We also were sending Christmas cards during the festive season. It was really fun. We’ve been exchanging letters for many years.

However, I have lost contact with them one by one after we graduated from high school. This might due to each of us were busy for our studies and have lesser time or patience to write to each other anymore. Since then, I did not hear from them. However, there is only one that I am still contacting as at nowadays, my Canadian pen-pal. After we did not write to each other, we started to exchange emails instead. But in between we also have stopped for sometime to contact each other.

Well, my Canadian pen-pal has married with a son already and of course she has sent me her family photo before. I know she is happy with her life now. We only exchanged email once a while to talk about our recent life. To my surprised, I received her Christmas card yesterday via post. Although the card is late to me, I feel happy as she said that it has been ages for us to write to each other in pen instead of by typing on the keyboard. I do very agree with her as when I received the physical copy, I have the feeling that it is ‘warm’ for the letter and I have made my mind that I would start to write to her again by sending the postal mail. I think we would have the fun that we used to have and to keep our friendship, and this is the actual meaning of pen-pal. I wish that our friendship with each other will last forever.

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