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Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese New Year Shopping Spree

The Chinese New Year Golden Rabbit Year is approaching in less than 2 weeks time. I believe all the Chinese are busy for the preparation of the CNY by cleaning the houses, decorating for the houses and shopping spree. Well, I am one of them too.

I went to the KLCC for the CNY shopping spree yesterday. Well, the KLCC also has its CNY decorations, it is with pink color. I think it is simple and nice. Many people are taking pictures of its decorations, I even saw the Malays are taking picture of it. This truly means Malaysia is a multi-culture country!!!

Anyway, my family and I managed to buy some new clothes, shoes, fruits (ie. mandarin oranges, kiwis), cookies, etc.. Boy, we  have spent so much for the CNY celebration every year. But I guess most of the Chinese will do the same as us as CNY is the major Chinese festive season for us.

After we done the shopping at KLCC, we then headed to another shopping complex, The Curve. The reason was that my sister wanted to buy her clothe from one of the outlets there. Again, we shopped there for sometime.

By the time I reached home, I was so tired as I even have backaching. I think I had walked too much and carried too many bags and caused the aching! :( But I still enjoyed the shopping spree as it is the atmosphere the coming CNY!!!

So, have you started your CNY preparations yet?! :P

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