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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Weekend!

Last weekend, my uncle and cousins came to visit my family and I together with their families. They all came on the same time, which was on the Saturday evening. Wow, my house was so lively as there were many children around and also many of us. We were chit-chatting with each others, and the children were playing computers games on their own. The children were my nieces and nephews. All of us were enjoying very much. We also taken some pictures since we did not meet each other for sometime.

Then on the next day, which was the Sunday, my mother and I went to the temple for praying. After the prayers ceremony, we went to visit my uncle and aunt (whom belong to my mother's side). Too bad that my aunt was not at at home, so we only managed to visit my uncle. We only stayed there for about an hour and then we headed home. This was due to I felt tired (as i just discharged from the hospital), my mother would not allowed me to stay outside for a long time. Thus, we returned home.

Well, this was how I spent my weekend. I was glad that I was abled to meet my relatives as I did not meet them for sometime as they were busy for their work in the weekdays. The only time we could have gathering was during the holidays! Anyway, i wish we could have more gatherings in next time!

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