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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today is the 7th day of the CNY, It is also the Ren Ri , 人日(pinyin : renri). It is also known as Man's Birthday. So, I’m wishing everyone Happy Birthday!

Yes, the doctor allowed me to go back home in this afternoon, after my last antibiotic treatment. Finally, I am going home after 2 weeks time staying in the hospital. Hooray!!! J

I was having a peacefully sleep for last night. I did not awake in the middle of the night as I think there was not much noise, thus, I could sleep well. Anyway, I got up from bed at 7.30am, did my brush-up and then took my breakfast at 8am. The staff had delivered the wrong order to me. I had ordered the bread with egg for my breakfast, but he delivered a fried meehoon for me. The food was spicy, so I did not take it. In fact, I was taken a cup noodle as my breakfast.

I had my 1st session of the antibiotic treatment of the day at 8.30am. By 9.20am, the doctors came to see me and they allowed me to back home in this afternoon after I had my last session of the antibiotic treatment at 4pm. The Chest Specialist wants me to come back to the hospital for follow-up after 6 weeks time. The doctor advised me to take vaccination to prevent flu, and she wants me to take good care of my lung, otherwise I would get infections easily since there was scarring in my lung. After that, the doctors left.

I was then doing some newspapers reading. By 11.45am, the lunch was served. It was fish and chips, salad, 2 buns and a green apple. I just ate part of the fish as I think it was not fully-cooked, and I finished the buns and the chips. After meal, I was taking a rest.

By 3pm, I was having my last antibiotic treatment. The tea time was served with a piece of coconut kuih and a cup of Milo. I did not take it due to I did not feel like eating. After my last antibiotic treatment, the nurse helped me to take out the needle from my arm. While I was waiting my mother to settle the payment, I received a call from my friend. She found out about my matter through my blog, thus she called to ask about my condition. Our tele-conversation was taken about 5 minutes and she also advised me to wear mask whenever I go outside. Thus I think I’ll wear a mask then. By 4.20pm, everything had settled, so I left the hospital and headed home.

I was so glad that I could go back home then. In the meantime, I also would like to thank to the nurses and doctors while I was in the hospital as they treated me very friendly and well. Thank you!

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