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Friday, February 4, 2011

My 9th day in the Hospital

It’s 2nd day of the CNY today, and it is also the 9th day for me in the hospital.

I was awakened by the nurses at 4am this morning. This was due to I had to shift to another room, which was shifted from 1 bedded room to 2 bedded room. Thus, my mother and I then packed our belongings and went to the 2 bedded room. The patient whom next to me was an old Chinese lady patient. The room that I used to stay was given to another patient who had diagnosed TB and needed to be isolated. After changing the room, I continued my sleep.

By 8am, the breakfast was served; I just took 2 pieces of bread with the butter and the egg. After the breakfast, I started my antibiotic treatment. Then I waited for the doctor to come. By 10.30am, there were 3 medical students came to examine me. They were asking me about my conditions and then listened to my chest.

After that, my doctors came to see me. She was asking how my condition was. I told her that I felt good as no more fever and only having some wheezing sounds once a while. She then told me that I was still required to continue my antibiotic treatment until Monday. As for my wheezing sound, since it was only once awhile thus it was not a series issue, otherwise I needed to put on the oxygen mask for my breathing. The doctor told me that the doctor who in-charge of my case would resume work on next Monday, by then I could check with him if I could be discharged. The doctor also listened to my chest and she said it was ok.

I was not as lucky as my next bedded patient; her doctor discharged her by today. So, she could go back home after the lunch time. She had been hospitalized for 5 days. I am kind of jealous to her! L She left in the afternoon.

By 11.45am, lunch was served. It was as per my request order, i.e. chicken chop with 2 buns, salad and 2 pieces of yellow watermelon. I finished the chicken, 1.5 buns and a piece of the watermelon, very full-filling for me.

After the lunch, I was surfing net for a while. I was alone in the room as my next bedded patient had left. Today’s tea time was served with a cup of tea and a bowl of bubur manis of red bean. But I did eat it due to I do not like to eat bubur manis. Then the nurse came to check my blood pressure and body temperature, it was normal as I had 36.5C, no fever. By 3.50pm, the nurse came to give me 2nd session of the antibiotic treatment.

My mother came at 5.15pm. She brought me some chicken, duck, fish and soup for my dinner. I took my shower before my meal. I did not take the food as provided by the hospital since I got the home-cooked food.

Just as I wanted to rest after meal, a new patient was pushing into my room. It was an old Chinese lady. She told us that she was having heart problem and then she took her nap. Oh boy, I just hope that she would not make any noise during the sleeping time, otherwise I would not able to have some sleep for the night.

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