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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 7th day in the Hospital

Today is the Chinese New Year Eve, and it is also my 7th day in the hospital. I believe all the people are preparing to go back to their hometowns latest by today. I wish those people to drive safely in order to have a safe journey home.

Anyway, I got a better sleep for last night due to my coughing was lesser as compared to other nights. Moreover, I did not have fever. The nurse came to check my blood pressure and body temperature at 7.20am this morning. My body temperature was 36.4C, no fever, and good! I guess the chances of going home by today was high.

By 8am, I started my antibiotic treatment, this was earlier than yesterday. Anyway, after the treatment, I took my breakfast, i.e. bread with butter with the cup of Milo. After my breakfast, I was reading newspaper and waiting for my doctor to come. I was thinking and wish that I could be discharged by today.

By 9.50am, my Chest doctor came to see me. I was happy to see him.  I asked him if I could go home today as I have no more fever. My doctor informed me that since I had changed to the new antibiotic treatment, it was required to be observed at least for a week as I was only been taken for 3 days. Moreover, my lung had severed infection and required to continue the treatment for 3 times per day for another week at least. The doctor could only give me Home Leave, which is to leave the hospital for few hours and then required to return to the hospital. He said that I could go back home for my reunion dinner. I was shocked to hear that I could not be discharged by today. In fact, I was still required for further treatment. Oh My God!!! After I discussed with my mother, I decided not to take the Home Leave, and to continue staying in the hospital as I want to have proper treatment to have a fast recovery. So I told the doctor that I would not go home then.

After that, the doctors left. I was still feeling shock as I would have my Chinese New Year in the hospital for this year. But what to do?! I recalled that I also had my Christmas in the hospital in year 2004. I think I am always the unlucky person! L

Since there was nothing I could do now but to rest followed the medications and treatments in order for me to have full recovery. Well, my CNY wish is to STAY IN GOOD HEALTH, BE A HEALTHY PERSON!

By 12pm, the lunch was served. It was a piece of fried fish with the lemon sauce, white rice, 2 types of vegetables and a red apple. I made myself to eat the fish and rice in order to boost up my immune system. Maybe one of the reasons that I’m weak was due to I am a picky person on the food.

Anyway, I took some rest after my meal. I received some CNY greetings SMS on these 2 days, one of them was from our PM.  Thus I also sent the CNY greetings to my friends and relatives as the life still goes on!

By 3pm, it was tea time and served with a piece of butter cake and a cup of coffee. I just took the butter cake and let my bro-in-law drank the coffee as he came to visit me with my niece at that time. They stayed for about an hour and then left.

By 5pm, the nurse came to give me 2nd session antibiotic treatment of the day. By 6pm, the dinner was served with chicken, white rice, 2 types of vegetables and 2 pieces of yellow watermelon. I only took some bites of the chicken with the rice as I knew my mother would bring food for me.  

By 6.30pm, my mother had reached here. So I took my shower, wish that all my bad luck would wash away!!! Then we started our dinner. We had salted chicken and duck as our reunion dinner, but the venue was not at home but in hospital! L Anyway, both of us enjoying the meal as we did not want to think any negatives.

So, this is how I spent my Chinese New Year Eve in the hospital. 4 more hours would be entered the year of Rabbit; I am wishing all the Chinese to have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Rabbit Year!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! 新年快乐!恭喜发财!!!   

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