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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My 10th day in the Hospital

Today is the 3rd day of the CNY, it is also called 赤口(pinyin :chi kou). I have been here for 10 days now.

I got up from bed by 7.30am this morning. Well, I did not able to sleep well for last night. This was due to the family of the next bedded patient came at 2am and they were making some noises. Moreover, they were talking quite loudly. Thus, I was not able to sleep.

Anyway, by 8am, the breakfast was served. I took 2.5 pieces of bread with butter, an egg and half cup of the Milo. I was then reading newspaper. I was feeling sleepy, thus I took a short nap before the doctors came to see.

I was awakened by my sister’s call at 10am, she said she would come to visit me and asked if I wanted to eat anything. As I was also felt a little bit of hungry at that time and felt like eating the wanton noodle, so I told her to buy it for me. I was then reading newspaper while waiting for the doctors.

By 10.30am, the doctors came to see me. The doctor told me the same thing that I still required for the antibiotic treatment, until next Monday. My doctor in-charge would resume work by Monday and then only he would decide if I could be discharge or further extend. So, I guess what I need to do now is to wait until Monday for the further decision. The doctors then left.

My elder sister and her family arrived here by 11am. So I took the wanton mee as bought by her. The noodle was tasted good. They were staying here for about an hour and then left. I started my 1st session of the antibiotic treatment at 11.30am. The lunch was served at 12pm. It was curry fish, 2 types of vegetables, white rice and a red apple. I just took some of the fish with some rice.

After the meal, I wanted to take some rest by getting some sleep. However, it was difficult for me as the family or relatives of the next bedded patient came to visit her. They were many of them, I think around 10 people. Gosh, they were talking so loud and some of them were trying to peep on me even though I have pulled the curtain to cover! L I could not sleep as they were making so much noise.

By 3pm, it was tea time and it was served with a curry puff and a cup of Milo. I took some bites of the curry puff and a few sips of the Milo. After that I was having my 2nd session of the antibiotic treatment of the day. I was still could not take my sleep due to the visitors of the next bedded patient were still around and there was so much noise. After her 1st batch of 10 visitors left, and then came another batch of visitors for her. Again, it was making so much noise in the room. Thus I could not have proper sleep. Since I could not sleep, I was surfing net for a while.

My mother was here by 4.30pm. I took my shower and also washing my hair. I felt fresh after the shower. It was started to rain heavily too, this was the first raining day here since the CNY.

I did not take the meal as provided by the hospital for my dinner due to my mother had cooked the dinner for me. I was having fried prawns and soup for my dinner. Finally I managed to have some rest after my meal as there was no more noise in the room as there were no more visitors for my next bedded patient.

So, I  have my time and blog about this. Tomorrow is Sunday, which is also the last day of the long weekend; I bet many people would come back to KL from their hometowns. I wish them have a safe journey.

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