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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 11th day in the Hospital

Today is the 11th day for me in the hospital. I did not manage to sleep for last night. This was due to the family of the next bedded patient came to see her in the mid-night and they were making noise again. L

As I was just fall asleep in the dawn, I was then awakened by the nurse at 7.20am to give me the antibiotic treatment. After that, I was continued my sleeping as I was too sleepy. When the breakfast was served at 8am, I just took some bites of the bread and a boiled egg, and then I continued my sleep again.

By 9.30am, the doctors came to see me. I got up from bed then. Today was a Malay guy doctor, named Dr. Najib, came to see me. He told me that today would be my last treatment of my antibiotic. When my doctor in-charge (Dr. Lim) comes back to work by tomorrow, he would decide if I could be discharge. He then listened to my chest and then left.

After the doctors left, I got changed. I was then surfing net for a while. In between, I took some cookies to munch as I felt a bit hungry.

By 11.45am, the lunch was served. It was chicken chop as per my order. I did not able to finish the chicken chop due to it was very oily. I just ate ¾ of the chicken chop, a bun and half a piece of the watermelon. After the meal, I was taken some rest again.

The relatives of the next bedded patient came to visit her in the afternoon. This time, they were not talking as loudly as the other day, a bit better. One of the ladies even approached and talked to me. So being as a polite person, I replied to her. Then they left at around 2pm and only the lady whom talked to me earlier was staying to take care of the patient.

I was surfing net after my lunch. By 2.40pm, it was tea time and it was served with a chocolate muffin and a cup of tea. I finished the muffin as chocolate muffin is my favourite and I also took a few sips of the tea. By 3.40pm, I had my 2nd session of the antibiotic treatment. After that, I took an afternoon nap as I felt sleepy.

My mother reached here at 5.20pm. I took my shower as she brought me the clean clothes for change. By 6pm, the dinner was served; it was fish with tomato sauce, 2 types of vegetables, white rice and a jelly. I did not take the food as provided by the hospital in this evening again as I ate the home cooked-food.  

After the meal, I was reading the newspaper, then I blog about this. As at this time, my room is quiet as there are no visitors for my next bedded patient. Well, I hope that if her visitors come again, please do not make so much noise as I am wondering aren’t they know that they are disturbing others?!

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