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Monday, February 7, 2011

My 12th day in the Hospital

It is the 1st day of the new week. Today is also the 12th day for me here.

I got up from the bed at 7.20am this morning, and then I did my brush-up. The nurses came to tidy my bed. By 8.20am, I took my breakfast. It was nasi lemak. After that, the nurse came to give me the antibiotic treatment.

After the treatment, I was taken some rest while waiting for my doctor. By 9.30am, the 2 doctors came to see me. I was disappointed that the doctors told me that my doctor in-charge is still on leave. They would check with another Chest Specialist pertaining my case and decide if I could be discharged by today or further extend. Then one of the doctors listened to my chest and said it was clear as I was no more having fever and was having the antibiotic treatment for a week already. Anyway, the doctors told me that they would keep me update in the afternoon after they discuss with the Chest Specialist for my case. Then they left.

I had nothing to say as I really wanted to go home now. I was wondering why is this happening to me?! Couldn’t I go back home?! Please!!! So, I have to wait until afternoon for the decision, if there was any. L

I was then taking a short nap since my mood was not good. There were 3 medical students came to me and said they wanted to examine me. Since my mood was not good and I did not want to be disturbed, I told them I wanted to have some rest and did not want to be disturbed. So they left. By 11.45am, the lunch was served. The food was fried curry fish, 2 types of vegetables, white rice and a pear. I took some of the fish with the rice.

OMG, the noisy visitors of the next bedded patient came again by 2pm. They were again making so much noise once they arrived in the room. My mother and I could not stand it anymore and my mother informed them to keep their voice down. At first they did, but then eventually back to noisy again. I just think they did not realize that they would DISTURB others!!!

By 2.45pm, the nurse came to check my BP and body temperature again. It was 35.5C. Thank God, no fever. By 3.10pm, the Chest Specialist, Dr. Chua came together with the 2 doctors (whom came to see me this morning) came to my ward. One of the doctors explained to the Chest Specialist about my medical condition, after that, the Chest Specialist told me that I could not be discharge yet as I still needed to continued my antibiotic treatment for another 2 days. According to him, since I was allergic to the previous antibiotic and then only changed to the current antibiotic that I was having treatment, it is required for 10 days of the course of treatment. The Chest Specialist said that as I still looked very pale, it is not advisable that I could go back home. He promised to discharge me by this Wednesday. Moreover, he was joking with me, as the CNY was not over yet, so I still could celebrate the CNY in later days. I told him that I was so unlucky as I was having my birthday celebration in the hospital in my last admission and now I was having my CNY in the hospital instead. The Chest Specialist was just smiling when he heard it.  Anyway, I hope the Chest Specialist, Dr. Chua keeps his promise that I could be discharge after 2 days. But I was shocked when I heard he said that I could not go back home by today, so was my mother. Both of us were shocked to hear it.

Anyway, I had my 2nd session of the antibiotic treatment by 3.40pm. After the treatment, I took my shower. By 6pm, the dinner was served; it was grilled chicken with black pepper sauce, 2 buns, salad and a green apple. I just finished ¾ of the chicken and the buns.

After meal, I took some rest again and I started to blog about this. I guess I need to hold on for 2 more days in the hospital now. I really wish that I could go back home by this Wednesday.

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