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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 8th day in the Hospital

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Today is the 1st day of the CNY, year of Rabbit! This is also my 8th day here. I got up from the bed at 7.30am this morning as the nurses came to tidy the bed for me. The Malay nurse wished me Kong He Fatt Choi. She said it was a pity for me to stay in the hospital for the festive season. I told her that since I got sick, no choice.

Anyway, after my brushed-up, I took my breakfast. Since today is the 1st day of CNY, I have to become vegetarian for the day as according to my family culture. Thus I only took 3 pieces of plain bread with Milo as my breakfast.

I took a nap after my breakfast. By 9.30am, the doctor came to examine me. It was a Malay lady doctor. She also wished me Happy CNY. She explained to me that due to I was still under the new antibiotic treatment, therefore I could not go back home as the treatment was required 3 times per day. I then replied to her that it was ok that I am more concerned for my health than anything. The doctor listened to my chest and she found it ok. Then she left.

By 10.30am, I felt hungry, and it was about 2 hours more for the lunch time. So I took a vegetarian cup noodle to fill-up my stomach. By 12pm, the lunch was served, i.e. Fish, white rice, 2 types of vegetables and a mandarin orange. The mandarin orange was packed in a beautiful bag. As I mentioned I am a vegetarian today, I did not take the food as provided by the hospital. I waited for my mother to bring the food from home.

By 12.30pm, my mother was here. So I took my home-cooked vegetarian food. It was tasted good and I ate with full satisfaction. I always think my mother’s food is the best of the world! :) Anyway, after my lunch, I started the antibiotic treatment. Then I took my shower and then took some rest.

When I tried to get some sleep, I could hear the Indian lady patient next door was crying very loudly and I heard she kept on saying that she wanted to go back home. I tried to peek to her room, and I saw her relatives or friends were standing by her bedside and talking to her, but she kept on saying that she wanted to go back home. I felt sorry for her. Since I could not do anything to her, I continued my nap. I tried to tell myself that I must not affected by her as although I also wanted to go back home sooooo much, especially it is the festive season. I tried to keep my mind clear.

Anyway, I took my dinner at 6pm, it was still the food from my home. After that I took my 2nd session of the antibiotic treatment of the day. I guess the next treatment would be by 11pm tonight. Maybe I would do some readings before I go to bed tonight.

So, this is how I spent my 1st day of CNY. 

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