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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My 6th day in the Hospital

Today is the Public Holiday for the Federal Territory and it is also my 6th day in the hospital! L

Thank God, I did not have fever last night (as I was having fever for the last 3 nights). I think the new antibiotic is working for me. But I still have the coughing while I was sleeping. L

As usual, I got up from bed at 7.30am this morning. After my brushed-up, the breakfast was served. It was fried meehoon in a Malay style with a cup of Milo. I tasted the fried meehoon, quite spicy. I did not like the taste so I did not eat it. I just took some bites of the peanut butter bread which bought by my mother for me.

After the meal (around 9am), the nurse came to give me medication. I was then taking a short nap. This was due to I did not have a good sleep in last night.

By 10.30am, the doctor came to examine me. It was a Chinese lady doctor, Dr. Loh. She told me that she saw me before and she asked if I could recognize her. After I did some recall, I remember her too. When I was admitted for a full month in 2009, Dr. Loh has come to see me before and she was a friendly doctor. Anyway, she was asking about my condition and I told her that I did not have the fever in last night. I asked her if I could be discharged. But the doctor said since I just changed to the new antibiotic from yesterday afternoon, I still require to be further observed. Thus she could not discharge me by today.  So I have to stay here for another day! Sigh!

I was reading newspaper after the doctor left. By 11.45am, the lunch was served. Eating time again. This time I have the appetite due to it was served with fish and chips with 2 buns, salad and a green apple. I finished the whole fish and chips and I kept the buns for later. I guess this was the only meal (provided by the hospital) that I could eat with full satisfaction since my admission because the taste of the food was suitable for me. I took some rest after my meal. Guess staying in the hospital were only rest, sleep and eat.

I was in between to surf net for a short while or listening to the music during my rest time. I also took a short nap. By 4.30pm, my mother was here. I then took my shower. By 5.30pm, I took my antibiotic medication again. My next session of the medication would be by 10.30pm tonight.

The dinner was served by 6pm. It was lemon fish with white rice, 2 types of vegetables and a pear. I did not eat it due to my mother has brought me the home-cooked food. I always prefer the home food.

After my meal, I was doing some newspaper readings. Then I was blogging for this. I wish that I could be discharge by tomorrow as I truly wish to celebrate my Chinese New Year with my family in my house and not otherwise. So, my friends, please pray for me, let me have full recovery soooon and have good health!!!

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