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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My 13th day in the Hospital

I have been admitted in the hospital for 13 days already! Sigh! L

I got up from bed at 7.30am this morning as the nurses came to tidy my bed. I took my breakfast after my brushed-up. The breakfast was served with white bread, butter or strawberry jam, a boiled egg and a cup of Milo. I just took 3 pieces of bread with butter and the egg.

I was given my 1st session of the antibiotic treatment at 9.10am. The nurse also came to check my BP and body temperature. The body temperature was 35.5C, no fever for me, good! J After my treatment, I was reading newspaper while waiting for the doctor to come to see me.

By 10am, the 2 doctors came to see me. They were asking how I am doing; I told them I felt good as no more fever. One of the doctors then listened to my chest and said it was clear. They told me I would continue my antibiotic treatment until tomorrow, and then they left then. The whole procedure of the examination and checking by the doctors to me was only taken about 5 minutes.

After that, I was continued reading my newspaper. The visitors of the next bedded patient came to visit her again. There were about 4 of them. They were not making much noise in this morning, I wondered if they had realized that they would disturb others by making noise. Moreover, they only stayed for a short time; I think they left after 30 minutes. Phew, the room was quiet again. J  

By 11.45am, the lunch was served. The food inclusive of a piece of grilled chicken, 2 buns, salad and melon. I finished the grilled chicken and a bun and I kept another bun for my tea time. OMG, the visitors of the next bedded patient had returned after the lunch time. Again, they were making noise. I guess I could not do anything to them and I just pulled the curtain to cover myself from them. They were staying for about an hour plus and then left. One of the young ladies from their group came to apologise to me for they were making noise. I then replied to her by saying that I would appreciate them to keep their voice down next time as it was really a kind of disturb to others. Of course I was telling her in a very polite way, and she had understood what I meant. So, she left. The room was back to quiet again! J

After my lunch, I was surfing net to read some news, read some blogs and MSN with my friend. I then stopped the surfing at 3pm and took my nap. The nurse came to check my BP and body temperature again. My temperature was 36C.

3.30pm was tea time and it was served with a bowl of bubur manis of red bean and a cup of Milo. As I do not like to eat the bubur manis, I did not take it. I ate the bun which I kept earlier and drank a few sips of the Milo to fill-up my stomach. I then started my nap. By 4pm, the nurse came to give me the 2nd session of the antibiotic treatment of the day.

After that, there were 3 medical students came to my ward and asked me if they could examine me. Since I did not have the mood to ‘entertain’ them, I just informed them that I did not wish to be disturbed during my resting time. So they left eventually. Honestly speaking, I really did not want to repeat telling my medical condition to the people who were not related. So, sorry to the medical students.

I received a call from my cousin sister in the afternoon. She was asking how my condition was. So I briefed her about my current condition. She gave me an advice that I should wear a mask whenever I was outside next time, and then she told me to take good care of my health.  Our tele-conversation was lasted for about 5 minutes.

Anyway, I took my shower after my mother had arrived. I took my dinner then. Yes, the home-cooked food. So, I did not take the meal as provided by the hospital. After that, I took some rest again. The ward was very hot since the afternoon due to there was problem for the air-cond. According to the nurse, the whole building was having the air-cond problem. Gosh, I was wondering how I am going to sleep tonight with the hot room. I wish that the air-cond would be resumed ASAP.