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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To Continue My Medication :(

I went to UMMC to have my chest check-up for my pulmonary tuberculosis illness this morning. I was thinking that my medication could be stopped since I have been taken the treatment for full 9 months. However, it was not meeting my wish; I have to continue my medical treatment for further 3 months. The reason is that my weight has not been put on, in fact, it has been reduced from my last follow-up about 2.5 months ago. Moreover, I am still having cough for sometime. Thus, the doctor wants me to continue my medical treatment until my next check-up after the medical tests.

I was sad as I was thinking that I could have stopped the medication. But it is not within my control, so I have to continue my medication still. Moreover, I have to put on my weight as advised by the doctor for 2kg to 5kg as I am underweight. Gosh, how am I going to gain weight within 3 months times for about 5kg?! I really don't know! :(

Well, if anyone of you have any suggestions for my weight gaining, please tell me! I am really appreciate for it. OK, that's for now as it is my dinner time. I have to eat more from today onwards. So, 5kg, here I come! :)