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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lantern Festival Nite

Last Saturday evening, my niece was having her Lantern Festival Nite at her day care centre together with her tuition teachers and her friends. There were barbecue, singing performance by the students, and games. All the students and their families, the teachers and their families were invited to attend for the night. Thus, there were many people and all the children were enjoying very much. Moreover, there was many food too, ie. chicken wings, grilled prawns, friend meehun, yam cakes, etc..

My niece was one of the performers for the choir group. By 9pm, the choir was started to perform. They sang 6 songs and their tuition teacher was playing the piano as the accompaniment. 5 Mandarin songs and 1 Cantonese songs. I was recording their performance, but I found that my niece was too shy to look at the camera and she kept on turning her head to aside. I think it was very funny and my elder sister (mother of my niece) also said the same thing as I were. After that, I kept on teasing my niece if her head was feeling aching for kept on looking at aside, and she was quite mad for it. She then told me that she was shy to look at the camera, therefore she did not look in front.

When I showed her the video clip the next day, my niece was laughing for herself for what she had done. I then told her to be a brave girl and do not be shy to perform in front of the people.

Well, I wish to see her that she would be braver in her next performance. Hopefully I could have her recording that she would be looking at the camera in a confident way. GO FOR IT, MY LOVELY NIECE!!! 加油!!!

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