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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Favourite Singer, Jacky Cheung - God of Songs

A few days ago, I have read the news on the newspaper about my favourite singer, Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau. The news was about that he has hold the records for the highest price of the concert tickets in the China. The highest price of the concert ticket costs around RM2000 each ticket. It is AMAZING!!!

Well, I started to listen to Jacky's songs since my high-school days. The first song that I got to know him is through the song '情已逝' (Qing Yi Sai). I found that song is nice and the singer was sing good too. Since then I started to listen to his songs. Jacky Cheung has released many albums and most of his songs are very nice to listen. Therefore, he has been known as the Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) or the God of Songs (歌神) by the media. I am sure most of the Chinese around the world know him. Overall, I think Jacky Cheung is one of the best performers.

Personally, I have been to his concerts when Jacky Cheung opened his concerts in my country since 90s. In fact, his concert is my first experience of attending a concert in my life time. So far, I have been attended his 3 concerts and a broad-way style musical show, Snow.Wolf.Lake (雪狼湖). I really enjoyed very much whenever I attended his musical shows.

As Jacky Cheung has performed many songs all these years, my most favourite song of his is '爱是永恒' (Oi Si Wing Hung). I just think this song has beautiful melody and I like it very much. Besides this song, I also like my other songs that performed by him. The lists is as below :-
  1. 只想一生跟你走 (Zi Xiong Yat Sang Kan Ni Zao)
  2. 每天爱你多一些 (Mui Tin Oi Ni Do Yat Seh)
  3. 你的名字,我的姓氏 (Ni Di Ming Ji Or Di Sing Xi)
  4. 吻别 (Wen Bie)
  5. 情书 (Qing Shu)
  6. 想和你吹吹风 (Xiang He Ni Chui Chui Feng)
  7. 朋友 (Peng You)
  8. 讲你知 (Kong Ni Ji)

Besides the list of songs above, there are many more songs are my favourite but I would not write them down as it would be a long list! :P

As Jacky Cheung is having his world-tour concert again in next year. I hope he would come to Kuala Lumpur for his concert and hopefully I could could see him again. So, will you go to his concert if Jacky Cheung comes to open his concert here?! Do you like his songs as I do?!

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  1. I was just randomly googling and ran onto this blog and felt that I just had to reply. 1-5 of your list are some of my favourites too. Another really great song is 李香蘭, his old stuff is good too such as 遙遠的她 and 月半彎。 And a really good song that isn't well known is 當愛變成習慣。