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Sunday, September 12, 2010

BookFest @ KLCC

I went to the BookFest at the KLCC yesterday. It is the 5th anniversary for the bookfest for this year. It was required to buy the entry ticket for the bookfest. The selling ticket staff was thinking that I'm below age 18 due to my petite size and young look, and he told me ticket is not required for the person who is aged below 18 as it is free entrance. I was happy to hear that he thought that I am young and not otherwise, but in the end, I still bought the ticket as I'm an adult. Haha!
There were many people in the BookFest. Many parents together with their children. It was good to see that so many people like readings. Besides selling books, there was also selling stationery, digital dictionaries, CDs, and VCDs. There was also authors giving autographs.
I had bought some books in the BookFest. Hopefully I could finish those books by end of this year. I also bought a very knowledgeable book for my niece as her gift. I had met the author of the children story book. He is very popular among the school children and his books have became the favourite for most of the school children. Guess what, he is my niece's favourite storybook author too. Due to my niece had travelled overseas, and could not meet her favourite story book author here, I deciced to give her another gift. I bought the latest story book of this author and requested him to give his autograph on the book for my niece and he did for me. I also took the photo of such author and would show to my niece when she comes back to home. I bet she must be very happy and exciting for the book.
After shopped in the bookfest, my legs were sore. But i think it is worth for it as I was able to read many books and also managed to buy the books I wanted to. So, I think I will go again in next year for the BookFest as it is good for reading.

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