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Monday, September 20, 2010

Royale Casino @ Monte Carlo, Monaco

After travelling Italy, I went to the Monte Carlo, Monaco. It is a rich and famous city, and thousands of tourists come to this city for beach resorts, high-class hotels and casino.
We could get a taste of suited lifestyle of the 'Rich and Famous' in Monte Carlo. Admired the labyrinth of narrow winding streets, the 19th century Cathedral, built entirely out of white Turbie stone, which contains tombs of deceased Princes.
Then I also went to the biggest attraction of the city, i.e. the famous Casino of Monte Carlo, which was built in 1870. So, I did try my luck here by gambled. For your information, it is required to buy the entrance ticket to enter the casino, and it is not allowed to take pictures in there. You can try your luck by slotting machines or Roulette. As I am not good in gambling, I was just trying my luck for the slotting machines. However, the luck was not with me that day, I had lose 50 Euro within 30 minutes, how unlucky for me. In fact, my friend had won a lots on that day!
Monte Carlo also famous for the F1 race. During the F1 race, all the high-ways of the city would be closed and use as the track for the F1 race. I also have taken some shots of the road and would be posted later.
I also saw many luxury cars in the Monte Carlo. For example, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Ferrari. All the cars so beautiful and luxury. No wonder the city is 'Rich and Famous'.
After travelled in the Monte Carlo, my next stop is Switzerland. I will tell you next time.

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