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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful and Peaceful Lugano, Swissland

After visited Italy and Monte Carlo, my next stop was Lugano, Switzerland. Lugano is the 9th largest city of Swissland by population. This city is in the south of Switzerland, which borders Italy. It lies on the Lake Lugano. It is also situated between the lakes Lago Maggiore and Lago di Como, south of the Alps.

When I reached Lugano, I found it is a very beautiful and peaceful place. When I was walking along the Lake Lugano. I was feeling very peaceful. I also saw the snow mountain at the lake. I had my lunch at one of the cafe in the shopping mall on that day. It was kind of like pasta. It cost quite expensive. After my lunch, I started to walk around at the shopping mall. Thus, shopping time had started! :P

What do you think is famous from Swissland? Swatch? Swiss army knife? Chocolates? Bingo!!! I had bought those items. Since Swatch watch is from Switzerland and I am also a watch collector, how could I miss out such a good chance to buy those watches. Thus, I had bought 6 Swatch watches there, 2 belong to mine and the rest are for my family. The cost of the Swatch is cheaper than Malaysia.

Besides the Swatch watch, I also bought Swiss army knife. I bought a mini Swiss army knife and it cost not cheap too. I also bought some souvenirs too. The shopping mall was already started to sell the chocolates for the Christmas (it was end of November when I visited there). So, I also bought some chocolates there. Chocolates is my favourite too. All the chocolates packing were so beautiful and they were tasted good. My favourite is milk chocolate. I had bought many packs of chocolate there and I think they was weight for a few kilograms. Then I had to carry them to walk around, but since it is my favourite, I did not mind to carry them! :P

There are many branded shops in the shopping mall too and all the shops were having beautiful decorations for the Christmas. I was really excited to see those decorations as it has the feel of Christmas.

The Swiss are very friendly to us. They speak better English than the Italians. After my visit in the Lugano, I wish to visit Switzerland again next time. I think it is a beautiful country and I wish that day would come soon.

After this beautiful city, Lugano. I was headed to Nice and Cannes of France. So, I will tell you more next time.

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